Gaolbreak (aka Jailbreak)

Date: 1962
Director: Francis Searle
Production Company: Butcher’s Film Service

Stars: Peter Reynolds, Avice Landone, David Kernan, Carol White, John Blyth, David Gregory  
Location(s): London



A family of burglars and safecrackers plan a heist at a jewellery store. When one of the family, who is the safecracking expert gets arrested and jailed, they hatch a plan to break him out so he can take part in the robbery.

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

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The police are closing in so the safe robbers make a run for it. The ‘Bank’ has featured as such in many films including 'The Embezzler', 'Delayed Action' and 'Strongroom'.

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Now demolished and incorporated into the Twickenham Studio's complex.

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Behind the credits a police car travels through the West End streets of London. Knightsbridge, Harrods to the left and Lancelot Place to the right.

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From the safety of the pedestrian island.

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Interest moves to an art auction to introduce gang leader Martinetti, (André Mikhelson). Waterloo Place, London

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Not really that quiet, I was just lucky.

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Ron Wallis (David Gregory) is sent to prison for six months. Wandsworth Prison. The same film sequence was used in 'Emergency'.

image no 4

Not a bad angle given walls and parked vehicles.

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Arrangements are made to “spring” Ron and Wally (Robert Fyfe) from prison at the rear of a dance hall. John (Stewart Guidotti) and Eddie Wallis (Peter Reynolds) arrive by car. A "serendipities" moment for Dave W identifies this as Richmond Ice Rink, sadly demolished in 1992. The tennis courts in Clarendon Road remain however.

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The customary shot of New Scotland Yard to show that the police are involved following the escape. Derby Gate, Embankment, London SW1

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Not such easy access these days.

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Carol Marshall (Carol White) goes to ‘St. Vernon’s Nursing Home’ to visit her escaped boyfriend Len Rogerson (David Kernan) who also “went over the wall” with Ron and Wally. This property was also seen in 'Passport to Treason'.

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Eddie arranges for an ambulance to take Ron and Wally away from the nursing home under cover of darkness.