Gideon’s Day

Date: 1958
Director: John Ford
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Columbia British Productions

Stars: Jack Hawkins, Dianne Foster, Cyril Cusack, Andrew Ray
Location(s): London



A day in the life of a Scotland Yard Inspector begins on the wrong side of the law before murderers, escaped patients and robbers are brought to justice.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Gideon of Scotland Yard’ (US Title)

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Through the titles, iconic views of London are seen. Looking across the River Thames at New Scotland Yard, now known as the Norman Shaw Buildings, on Victoria Embankment.

image no 1

The buildings of Scotland Yard continue to dominate. (RL)

Tower Bridge appears, standing out in an unfamiliar landscape.

image no 2

The commercial activity has given way to tourism. (RL)

The unchanging Trafalgar Square in WC2 with St Martin-in-the-Fields church to the right.

image no 3

The same view without the credits. (RL)

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Facing east on Ludgate Hill EC4 with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the centre distance.

With breakfast over, Mrs. Kate Gideon (Anna Lee) says goodbye to her husband Chief Inspector George Gideon (Jack Hawkins). Farm Avenue in Cricklewood NW2 claims Paul Canty.

image no 5

Here's the proof in this picture from Paul.

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George approaches his car to find Sally Gideon (Anna Massey) sitting in the driving seat whilst Jane and Ronnie (Mavis and Malcolm Ranson) wait in the back.

Sally moves over as her father climbs into the Hillman Minx. Farm Avenue with shops on Cricklewood Lane in the right distance. Located by by Paul Canty.

image no 7

Paul took this from the pavement to avoid being arrested for trespassing.

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Just as the bell is ringing, Jane and Ronnie are dropped off at school. Summerswood School on Furzehill Road in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

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With his youngest children delivered to lessons, George hurries to complete his next task.

The Regent's Park is driven around on the way. Facing west at the junction of Outer Circle with York Gate and York Bridge in London NW1. Identified by James Hammond . . .

image no 10

. . . who also provides this contemporary view.

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As the high ranking Policeman races to get his eldest daughter to music college, the Drop-head Coupé turns the corner of Outer Circle and enters York Gate.

York Gate in Marylebone with York Terrace crossing in the centre.

image no 12

James Hammond follows the route of the car around the corner.

York Gate found by James Hammond, with St. Marylebone church in the left distance.

image no 13

A similar view captured by James Hammond.

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At the junction ahead, the traffic lights change through amber to red. In front of St. Marylebone church at the junction of York Gate and Marylebone Road.

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George looks back to see if anything is approaching. York Gate in NW1.

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Ignoring road traffic law, George pulls away against the traffic signal. The junction of York Gate and Marylebone Road.

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P.C. Simon Farnaby-Green (Andrew Ray) spots the Hillman as it passes the red light. In the background stands the Royal Academy of Music on Marylebone Road.

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The Constable waits as George turns onto the forecourt of the Royal Academy of Music. Looking west along Marylebone Road.

As George brings the car to a stand, the Officer approaches. The Royal Academy of Music also features in 'Incense for the Damned', ‘Sapphire’ and 'Say Hello to Yesterday'.

image no 19

More proof from James Hammond.

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After issuing a summons to her father, Sally asks P.C. Farnaby-Green to see that a forgotten concert ticket is delivered to him. Outside the Royal Academy of Music.

Chief Inspector Gideon continues on his way to Scotland Yard. Whitehall in London SW1.

image no 21

All the buildings appear to have had a facelift. (RL)

As he enters Derby Gate, the Flying Squad officer wonders whether there will be a parking space for him.

image no 22

Look no scaffolding......OK it is in the background now! (RL)

The Chief Inspector travels to St. Etherbert's in the Marsh to question an informant, 'Birdy' Sparrow. Christopher Matheson identifies a 677 trolleybus at West India Dock turning circle and St. Peter's Danish Church which were on Ming Street (previously called King Street) in London E14. The church is also seen in 'Saturday Night Out'.

image no 23

This Google Earth view is the best that Christopher Matheson could provide given that the turning circle is now absorbed into the Limehouse Link. (RL)

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Escorting Mr .Walker on his company's pay run from his bank, petty crook Paul Delafield (Ronald Howard) stops the car when coming across his accomplice Feeney (Donal Donnelly). This is highly likely to be a studio set.

With bells ringing, the Chief Inspector is driven to the film's Westwood Court and the home of Detective Sergeant Kirby. Whitehall SW1 with The Red Lion public house on the corner of Derby Gate.

image no 25

The shot I overlooked when I was last there. The scaffolding has clearly moved backwards. (RL)

The camera follows the car onto Whitehall, bringing The Cenotaph into view on the left.

image no 26

A view across Whitehall with the Cenotaph to the left. (RL)

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Having been tipped off by Birdy about Detective Sergeant Eric Kirby receiving bribes and dealing in drugs, Gideon arrives outside the expensive flats where corrupt officer lives with his wife. Osnaburgh Terrace in NW1 with Albany Street in the left background and The White House on the right.

Inside the apartment, the Chief Inspector tells Mrs. Kirby about his findings before news is received that her husband has been killed in an apparent road accident. The White House is currently known as Meliá White House with an address on Albany Street and also appears in 'Tread Softly Stranger' and 'Escapement'.

image no 28

A longer shot of the same building by Peter.

Having escaped from a ‘mental institution’ in Manchester, Arthur Alexander Sayer (Laurence Naismith) returns to his former lodgings in London. Belmont Street in NW1, according to Adrian Grepnold, with the roof of the, then disused, railway roundhouse in the centre distance. The building to the left of the roundhouse still stands.

image no 29

Adrian admits that this comparison shot isn't the right place, which was pulled down, but here's a row of matching terrace from round the corner. Adrian adds that "Until I saw this I couldn't believe I'd got the right place!".

Sayer stops outside the house of Mrs. Saparelli before knocking at the door. Belmont Street in Chalk Farm.

image no 30

Adrian Grepnold found all that remains now is the Roundhouse, a bit of stepped wall and the end of a house hidden by the tree to the left.

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After murdering Mrs. Saparelli’s daughter Dolly, Sayer alights from a bus whilst making his escape. This has the appearance of another studio set.

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Sayer drops his copy of the Manchester Guardian as he makes his way towards a theatre. Palace Theatre on Clarendon Road in Watford, Hertfordshire which is also seen in ‘Murder Most Foul’.

Having picked up the newspaper, PC Farnaby-Green follows Sayer towards the theatre. Holloway Road N7 identified by David Neicho.

image no 33

David Neicho took this shot from outside Marlborough House, site of the old Marlborough Theatre.

The young Constable enters the theatre where he discovers Sayer in one of the lavatories. Looking southward on Holloway Road.

image no 34

Tris captures this modern view of the same location.

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Gideon arrives at Mrs. Saparelli’s house. Noticing the end wall of the building to the right, Mike Bradford confirms this as Belmont Street in NW1.

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Pushing through the Press, the Chief Inspector enters the house where he finds the grieving mother. Facing north on Belmont Street, Chalk Farm.

Gideon and his men head back to Scotland Yard, stopping off at his house for lunch on the way.

image no 37

Christopher Matheson places this as Commercial Road, London E1 at the Arbour Square and Albert Gardens junctions and provides this Google View as evidence.....proven! (RL)

In the middle of his hectic afternoon, George is driven to court in one of the Met’s Wolseys. Facing south on Old Bailey in the City of London EC4.

image no 38

The new build is protected by bollards. (RL)

As his name is being called, the Chief inspector rushes into the building to give his evidence. Outside the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey. The location also appears in ‘Dr. Crippen’, 'Appointment with Crime', 'The Naked Edge', 'Brothers in Law' and 'Hostile Witness'.

image no 39

The old building is protected by double yellow lines. (RL)

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For the earlier tip off, Detective Sergeant ‘The Duke’ Ponsford (John Loder) passes an envelope containing money to Herbert 'Birdie' Sparrow (Cyril Cusack). The top of the steps leading down to the platform at Aldwych station below the streets of WC2.

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Two hoodlums spot Birdy talking with The Duke as a train arrives in the platform. The platform and passageways of Aldwych station feature in many films including ‘Creep’, ‘Death Line’, ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘Tube Tales’ and ‘Prick Up Your Ears’.

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Andy 'Simmo' Simpson (Dervis Ward) and Feeney watch as Birdy pushes through passengers to get onto the train. Aldwych station was on the Piccadilly Line at the southern end of a short branch from Holborn.

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The Duke turns to leave the station as the train departs. Opened in 1907, Aldwych station closed in 1994.

With a warrant in his pocket, Chief Inspector Gideon sets out to arrest Joanna Delafield. The colourful advertisements illuminate Piccadilly Circus in London W1.

image no 44

And Coca-Cola remains dominant. (RL)

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After another call from Scotland Yard, George Gideon is driven back to the office by PC Simon Farnaby-Green, who used the concert ticket to see Sally perform, before Constable (Stuart Saunders) stops the car after it passes through a red traffic light.