Give My Regards To Broad Street

Date: 1984
Director: Peter Webb
Production Company: MPL Communications, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Stars: Paul McCartney, Bryan Brown, Tracey Ullman
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


The master tapes for Paul McCartney’s new album have gone missing and an employee with a questionable background is suspected. Most of the film takes place in flash-back with fantasy sequences inserted.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Soon after the start of the flash-back, Paul McCartney arrives in his customised 1950's Ford Popular.

image no 1

Blomfield Road, London W9 identified by the trees alongside the canal. The tree in the centre of the screen grab is the one on the left of this image. The location was also seen in '11 Harrowhouse'.

  • 'Now' required

Paul Linton has been researching this film and has learned that this shot and grbs003 was actually an Art Deco facade built on a backlot of Elstree Studios. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

A facade built on a backlot at Elstree Studios, see grbs002. (RL)

Paul sets off for Elstree. Blomfield Road in Maida Vale.

image no 4

Tree spotting again.

  • 'Now' required

Paul arrives at Elstree Studios, Shenley Road Borehamwood. Then owned by Thorn-EMI.

Paul and entourage en route to a band rehearsal on Butlers Wharf.

image no 6

Shad Thames, London SE1. The van is actually driving away from the road entrance to Butlers Wharf!

Arriving at the location of the rehearsal.

image no 7

Butlers Wharf, London SE1 looking towards Shad Thames.

Steve (Bryan Brown) on Bulters Wharf.

image no 8

A tidier Butlers Wharf, London SE1.

  • 'Now' required

Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

Sandra (Tracey Ullman) heads home. Reverse shot of image grbs009. Unidentified location.

Steve in Butlers Wharf, London SE1 on the south bank of the Thames near Tower Bridge.

image no 11

A drier day and Olympic Rings visible on Tower Bridge.

Big Bob (Luke McMasters) on Butlers Wharf.

image no 12

The same location now.

Crossing Tower Bridge, London SE1.

image no 13

Ruth Patterson sent in this picture of the south tower of Tower Bridge looking north.

The BBC's Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London W1.

image no 14

Now: also seen in Once A Jolly Swagman and Love and Death on Long Island. SJ

Steve arrives at Broadcasting House.

image no 15

In front of the Langham Hotel. SJ

During the extended Eleanor Rigby sequence. The Temple of Music, West Wycombe Park, Buckinghamshire. The location was also used in 'Another Country' and 'To the Devil a Daughter'.

image no 16

The same Temple.

During the extended Eleanor Rigby sequence. Paul Linton has advised that this is The Temple Of The Winds in West Wycombe Park.

image no 17

And this shots supports the identification.

View of Battersea Power Station across the Thames as Paul drives around London looking for the lost tape.

image no 18

The same view now from Peter.

Paul drives along Bermondsey Wall East.

image no 19

The background is now in the process of being redeveloped.

Paul arrives at The Old Justice . . . .

image no 20

. . . . at the corner of Bermondsey Wall East and Farncombe Street, London SE16.

The base of Centre Point, the corner of Charring Cross Road and New Oxford Street, London WC1.

image no 21

No busking now! and no Charring Cross Road either whilst a new underground station is built.

  • 'Now' required

Paul drives towards Broad Street station. The station closed in 1986 and the area has been completely redeveloped.

Driving along Old Broad Street with the titular station in the background.

image no 23

The same location now in London EC2.

Paul passes the currently named Railway Tavern as he drives along Liverpool Street, London EC2.

image no 24

Methinks there's some construction work going on!

  • 'Now' required

Paul on the concourse of Broad Street station.

Dream sequence of Paul busking outside an Underground station.

image no 26

The former Little Newport Street entrance to Leicester Square underground station on the corner with Charring Cross Road.

Back in the 'present day' and Steve greets Paul as he arrives at MPL headquarters. Queen Annes Gate, London SW1.

image no 27

Not a drop of rain in sight.

Closing shot of MPL headquarters.

image no 28

Queen Annes Gate, London SW1.