Glad Tidings

Date: 1953
Director: Wolf Rilla
Production Company: Victor Hanbury Productions

Stars: Barbara Kelly, Raymond Huntley, Ronald Howard, Jean Lodge, Terence Alexander
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


As the local golf club faces a crisis, a retired Colonel’s children cause problems with his new partner.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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  • 'Now' required

There's trouble at Hazelbourne Golf Club when the RAF want to build on one of the greens. This is Burhill Golf Club on Burwood Road in Hersham near Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

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Flight Lieutenant 'Spud' Cusack (Terence Alexander) is driven to the Air Base by Corporal Nicholas Brayne (Ronald Howard).

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In town, Derek Forester meets his sister Miggs for tea when he arrives back from school. Thames Street in Hampton, Greater London with the tower of St. Mary's Church in the distance.

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Through the tea shop window, Derek sees their father Tom Forester (Raymond Huntley) with Kay Stuart (Barbara Kelly).

Josephine Forester (Diana Calderwood) heads to meet with the man that she's having an affair with. The roadway on the south side of St. Nicholas' Church on Church Square, Shepperton, formerly in Middlesex.

image no 5

I found a gap where a section of wall can be seen. SD

After learning that her lover has a new job and is moving to Kenya with his wife, Josephine walks away. This is Church Square in Shepperton with the Warren Lodge Hotel to the extreme right.

image no 6

You can have lots of fun trying to line up a shot in a busy car park . SD

Ahead, Josephine spots 'Spud' in his car. In the background stands St. Nicholas' Church in Church Square, Shepperton. The location was seen in 'The Dog Outwits the Kidnappers'.

image no 7

Without that bollard they could park there too. SD

The Flight Lieutenant offers Josephine a lift. Looking onto Chertsey Road from Church Square.

image no 8

At least one of the parked cars has proved helpful to match the shot. SD

The shot pans as 'Spud' Cusack drives away. Facing south-west on Chertsey Road from the junction with Church Square in Shepperton.

image no 9

Church Square was also seen in 'Bond Of Fear' and 'Emergency Call'. SD

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Corporal Brayne arrives at the Forrester's house.

When Josephine is brought home after spending the afternoon with 'Spud', they find that Kay has left, intending to return to the States.

image no 11

Now. The house was on Bridge Street, Walton On Thames, and was demolished along with Nettlefold Studios. SD

Distraught at the thought of his fiancée returning to the States, Tom decides to head for her hotel in London.

image no 12

Bridge Street, Walton On Thames. Now the car park for the flats on Wellington Close. The location was also seen in 'The Naked Truth' and 'The Sleeping Tiger' SD

Tom arrives at The Dorchester Hotel to discover that Kay has left to catch the boat-train to Southampton. The junction of Park Lane and Deaney Street in London W1.

image no 13

Best taken in winter when the tree doesn't obscure the hotel. SJ

An establishing shot of Waterloo station where the guard of the boat-train prepares to depart. The station stands on Waterloo Road in SE1.

image no 14

The same busy location, captured by Peter.

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The whistle is blown and the train leaves for Southampton. Waterloo station in SE1.

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Tom's children and 'Spud' are driven to Southampton by Corporal Brayne. This looks more like Stage 37 than Dock 37 and is likely to be at a studio.

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'Spud', Derek (Brian Smith), Josephine, Miggs, Nicholas and Celia (Jean Lodge) all call up to Kay on the Queen Elizabeth.