Glass Cage, The

Date: 1955
Director: Montgomery Tully
Production Company: Hammer Film Productions, Lippert Films

Stars: John Ireland, Honor Blackman, Geoffrey Keen, Eric Pohlmann, Sid James, Liam Redmond, Sydney Tafler
Location(s): London



Crowds flock to a sideshow to see “The Starving Man” who claims he can go sixty-five days without eating. However, the police get involved when murders occur before the show.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.

Also known as ‘The Glass Tomb’ (US Title)


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Pel Pelham (John Ireland) leaves his bookmakers office after a loan of £250 has been obtained.

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The showman pulls a cheque from his pocket that will pay for Sapolio to attempt to break the world record for going without food.

A suitable plot of land is found to stage the show. St. Paul's Cathedral stands to the left. This area, along with St. Giles Without Cripplegate, was also seen in 'The Weapon'.

image no 3

Just occasionally, long lost views are opened up by demolition work. It's difficult to say whether this is from the correct angle, but Peter took the opportunity and captured this shot of St. Paul's that will once again disappear after construction in completed.

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Pelham meets with estate agent Rutland (Arthur Howard).

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The promoter negotiates for the derelict site. In the left background can be seen the last building left standing on Jerwin Crescent EC2. Spotted by RL.

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Pelham eventually persuades Rutland to donate the land. RL advises that all that remains of Jerwin Crescent can be seen on the extreme right.

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Whilst the show's tents are being erected, Rutland tries to place a sign highlighting his generosity. This is in the vicinity of Monkwell Street EC2 as to the right can be seen the south side of the tower belonging to the parish church of St. Giles Without Cripplegate on Fore Street.

After a murder is committed at a party held before the show opens, Harry Stanton (Geoffrey Keen) makes his way across Trafalgar Square in London W1.

image no 8

Peter took this comparison.

Stanton descends into Trafalgar Square Underground station. The entrance now takes one into Charing Cross Underground station which was created in 1979 when Strand and Trafalgar Square stations were merged.

image no 9

Taken from memory, by Peter.

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On the platform, Stanton meets with his blackmailer, Rorke (Sydney Tafler). A studio set, included just to show Sydney Tafler.

Stanton considers pushing Rorke under an approaching train. The sign reads "Bakerloo Line Platforms 5 & 6 and Southern Region Station" which makes this the southbound Northern Line platform at Embankment, then known as Charing Cross.

image no 11

And as it is today. (RL)

Loudspeakers on top of a van announce Pelham's forthcoming show. The clock tower of St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Paul's Churchyard EC4.

image no 12

Peter provides this comparison.

The van travels through London advertising Sapolio's record attempt. Trafalgar Square with St Martin-in-the-Fields church in the right background.

image no 13

The famous location now, by Peter.

Stanton leaves Rorke's seedy bed-sitting room. Found by Ray Glenister, this is the corner of Brad Street and Windmill Walk in London SE1.

image no 14

This area still seems to appear in black and white! (PW)

The camera follows Stanton as he walks away but stops to focus on a squad car turning into the road. Ray Glenister from the comfort of his Sydney chair found this one, facing the junction of Roupell Street and Windmill Walk in SE1 where, sixty years later, scenes for 'Legend' were shot.

image no 15

Ray adds that an apartment block has been built where the church stood but on the corner to the left the Kings Arms public house still stands . . . and here's the proof from PW, replacing Ray's Google image.

The police car draws up outside Rorke's flat. Whilst perusing SE1 Ray managed to locate this one as well. Brad Street SE1 looking down towards Cornwall Road and Alaska Street running under the railway to the left, beneath the arches of Waterloo East Station.

image no 16

Replacing Ray's Google image with one of our own. (PW)