Date: 1964
Director: Guy Hamilton
Production Company: Eon, Danjaq

Stars: Sean Connery, Gert Frobe, Honor Blackman, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, Harold Sakata, Cec Linder, Martin Benson, Bernard Lee
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Switzerland, Florida, Kentucky

Region(s): ,


Bond pursues Goldfinger, who wants to irradiate Fort Knox, thus enhancing the value of his own private supply of gold. SJ

Additional Information:

Pending a grab, here’s some info from Eddie Clegg.

Whilst the CIA agents are following Mr Solo on his way to the car crusher, the film is shot from the intersection on Opa-Locka Blvd at the intersection of NW 27th Ave. Note the stone bridge over the canal.


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A Mexican oil refinery, apparently in Hanwell, Middlesex.

Establishment shot of the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami also seen in Hole in the Head, The Bellboy, Scarface, The Specialist and The Bodyguard.

image no 2

An artistic sun is all very well but RJ should've booked a higher room!

But a legitimate location as Cec Linder was actually there though the next scenes show Connery in the studio.

image no 3

Nearly a good match. RJ

The clubhouse of Stoke Poges golf club.

image no 4

Or rather from the clubhouse, no longer there. SJ.

The 16th hole.

image no 5

This plaque commemorates the golfing sequence near the 17th hole. SJ

The 18th hole.

image no 6

Still is. SJ.

This is standing in for Royal St George's, Sandwich.

image no 7

Nice statue. RJ.

Stoke Poges has been seen in Bridget Jones' Diary, Tomorrow Never Dies, Layer Cake, Otley, Dead of Night among others.

image no 8

But the weather wasn't so nice for younger brother. RJ.

There's the clubhouse in the background.

image no 9

But it's no longer there. SJ

Looks like the golf club but isn't.

image no 10

And here's the proof, albeit from wrong angle. Pinewood Studios. RJ.

Hotel Belvedere, west of the Furka Pass in the Uri canton of Switzerland.

image no 11

Jon Opstad send this picture following this recent visit. (RL)

Jon Opstad adds this additional screen grab.(RL)

image no 12

.......and adds this shot recently taken, no Aston Martin in sight. (RL)

Hotel Galenstock on the Furka Pass.

image no 13

Photographed by Jon Opstad on the Furka Pass. (RL)

The Furka Pass west of the town of Realp.

image no 14

Jon Opstad with a head for heights. (RL)

The Furka Pass west of the town of Realp.

image no 15

Jon Opstad must jinx the appearance of Aston Martin's.(RL)

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The Furka Pass west of the town of Realp.

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The same area.

Jon Opstad couldn't quite get the angle for 016 so he sent this screen grab to match his own. I've never thought of doing that! And it's a bonus shot of Tilly Masterson. (RL)

image no 18

The matching angle captured by Jon Opstad. (RL)

East of Realp.

image no 19

Goldfinger's Tilly Masterson returns to Furka Pass. It is from Nov 2010. This is the garage in front of the Aurora hotel in Andermatt. Google pics are rare on this. So here is a pic taken from the magazine web article. Neil Rigby

Establishment shot of the Pilatus Aircraft Factory posing as Auric Enterprises just to east of Stans near Lake Lucerne.

image no 20

Now. It's next to Buochs airfield, north of the Engelberg exit from the 2/E35. The clearing on the hill has new growth. SJ.

But Gert Frobe and Burt Kwouk are actually at Pinewood.

image no 21

On the case. RJ.

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Northolt Aerodrome, Middlesex.

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The "Kentucky" stables, a set? Rob Beckwith confirms that this was a set, in particular, the Pinewood back lot northern end. (RL)

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The "Kentucky" stables, a set? Rob Beckwith confirms that this was a set, in particular, the Pinewood back lot northern end. (RL)

Meant to be Kentucky but probably Miami where Linder filmed other scenes. This may well be a still standing KFC on Royal Castle and 7th Avenue.

image no 25

It's KFC still! The "701" gave it away. 701 Northwest 119th Street, Miami, Florida 33168-2334, at the corner with Range Line Road. And there's the same curved corner detail. Thank you, Google and Neil Rigby.

A Miami highway.

image no 26

Neil Rigby has established that by this stage filming had actually moved from Miami into Kentucky and that the Ritz Motel is now a storage facility. 31W Dixie Highway, Muldraugh, Kentucky. An interesting Website covering this film and providing some of Neil's supporting evidence can be found via our Menu, Links ? Film Location Related Sites ? Goldfinger. (RL)

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Fort Knox, Kentucky. Establishment shot only.

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A Fort Knox mock-up near Pinewood, possibly the old favourite Black Park.

Some extra Miami scenes (standing in for Kentucky) provided by Neil Rigby, who says, "The original still for 027 has the street name on it. Opa-Locka Boulevard. It is at the junction with Northwest 27th Ave Miami."

image no 29

Neil and Google

Chronologically this and the last still come around the 024 of the film.

image no 30

Information for 028 was a web search for J D Ball, Ford dealers which gave the 1960's address. A new dealer operates under the name Metro Ford. At 9000, NW 7th Ave Miami Florida 33150. Great detective work from Neil.

112 highway with the 95 highway bridge crossing over. Near Moore Park Miami FL33127.

image no 31

Nial and Google at work for all to admire and enjoy.

Sakata drives into the car crushing plant. "Solo's pressing engagement."

image no 32

3200 Northwest, North River Drive, Miami, Florida. Neil and Google.