Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The

Date: 1966
Director: Sergio Leone
Production Company: Arturo Gonzalez, Konstantin, PEA

Stars: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee van Cleef
Location(s): Italy (studio), Spain

Region(s): ,


All three make and break partnerships in a quest to find a horde of gold coins all the meanwhile avoiding the American Civil War raging around them. Clint is il buono, Eli il brutto and Lee il cattivo: the order was changed from the original Italian for a more harmonious translation. SJ

Additional Information:


The first town where Wallach is turned in by Eastwood for hanging is not in Spain, but rather a western town set at Elios Studios, near Rome. It was used for many other spaghetti westerns, including “Django” (for which it was given muddy streets!). Info from Glenn

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Possibly Las Salanillas, Tabernas in the Almeria region of Spain

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As above

Caserio del campillo de Dona Francisca

image no 3

This is down a dirt road east of Los Albaricoques, then a left turn when the front of the house is seen. But this is the back so it's easy to miss. SJ

van Cleef (the bad) rides in from the north

image no 4

Now: lawn needs a mow. SJ

image no 5

Now a holiday villa. SJ

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Le Pedriza de Manzanares el Real. While in the region, explore the castle of the Mendoza seen in films such as el Cid.

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Manzanares el Real near Madrid. The rock formations resemble a mini-Alabama Hills, found in California.

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Wallach about to be hanged before Eastwood shoots the rope. Filmed at a set in the Manzanares region so may be diffcult to take a "now"

Wallach and Eastwood divide the loot in the Rambla Alfaro, desierto de Tabernas

image no 9

This took me ages to find. One drives past it on the autovia A-92 just south of the turn off to the N-340a. Take that turning for the service station, drive through it onto a dirt road heading southwest then stop before the bridge. Best to enter the ramblas always keeping to the right and keep looking back up to the road. However I scrambled over the top from the road to take this. I'm not sure how the film crew managed. SJ

As above.

image no 10

Roger Auclair and friends had little problem with the location but also noticed the erosion. (SJ)

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Eastwood and Wallach flee, after the hanging which nearly goes wrong. Also near Tabernas, close to Mini Hollywood.

Wallach, disappointed over the broken partnership.

image no 12

A great match from Roger (SJ).

Eastwood rides off regardless, and this is the same area as the opening shots (literally) in For A Few Dollars More.

image no 13

I think I need to be more to my left for this one but it will have to do for now. This is east of the autovia A-92 and north of standing film set Western Leone where Leone returned to film C'era una volta il west. (11/1/18) SJ

No locations like an old one. A revisit to Mini Hollywood which featured hugely in For a Few Dollars More

image no 14

Buildings on the left and right are the same. SJ

Wallach takes a rickety bridge to Mini Hollywood

image no 15

It's still there and still rickety. One can see just past the car park and entrance of the theme park. Not easy to match the ssme height. SJ

Wallach now emerges, in a cut, into Mini Hollywood street. The bridge is behind him, but much further than suggested.

image no 16

Buildings change, hills don't. SJ

Thirsty work, these deserts

image no 17

Uaing the continuity of the film here for this one and the buildings have altered. SJ

Same hotel as van Cleef's in For a Few Dollars More. Wallach's turn now.

image no 18

Same style of woodwork even. SJ

A good shot of Mini Hollywood taken above gbu017.

image no 19

Taken from the balcony above. SJ

Also seen in For A Few Dollars More. East of Mini Hollywood in the Sierra Almahilla

image no 20

A fine match taken by Roger Auclair. (SJ)

And here it is again. For the adventurous, turn off the Tabernas road, pass Mini Hollywood, and take the fourth turning on the left. It shows up on the first real curl/switchback of this track.

image no 21

And again: with thanks to Roger. (SJ)

Probably in the same area of Sierra Alhamilla

image no 22

Yes, the same distinctive rock on the near horizon. Taken by Roger who adds that Clint rode down here in For A Few Dollars More, and behind him was the spot where he shot 3 of Indio's men. (SJ)

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Cortijada Higo Seco, north east of Los Albaricoques. Eastwood prepares to save his hew partner from a hanging.

A hanging in front of Cortijada Higo Seco, north east of Los Albaricoques (the apricots). cortijada is a variation of cortijo/farmhouse so Dry Fig farmhouse. End of Spanish lesson.

image no 24

Same spot as 23. Location confirmed by David Lippiatt in Sept. 2013. (SJ)

Reverse pov from the two above. Wallach starts his revenge on Eastwood for terminating their partnership

image no 25

Couldn't find the cortijada but this is the correct hill. SJ. David (DL) adds that if one stands near here, one can see 24 & 23 so I should have looked a little harder! See capture 49. (SJ)

Same as no. 25 but repeated for a reason.

image no 26

If one stands at 25/49, one is looking at 24. This shot is a considerable improvement on my effort sent by David, taken in September 2013. (SJ)

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dunas de las Amoladeras, Mazarulleque, just west of Rambla Morales

Wallach surveys the dunes.

image no 28

The dunes have disappeared and been overgrown but is is definitely the same spot: Dunas de Las Almoladeras, Almeria. Taken by DL in Sept 2013. (SJ)

The side of the cortijo del Fraile, the monk's farmhouse

image no 29

This is on the road northeast of Los Albaricoques, and east of the caserio del campillo de Dona Francisca, seen in gbu003. SJ

The front

image no 30

Now with palm. SJ

A closer view as Eastwood and Wallach leave.

image no 31

Now, in decay. SJ

Leaving the cortijo

image no 32

Now: this is on Ruta B of the "Ruta del Cine," established by the inspired Andalusian tourist board. SJ

And further on

image no 33

Now. SJ

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rambla Lanujar, north of gbu009

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The reverse shot as the Union army approach, so dusty as to look like Confederates

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The prison camp. Carazon near Burgos, Madrid

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Guadix area.

Estacion La Calahorra: the station is north of the A-92 whereas the town of La Calahorra is south.

image no 38

Take the GR-6103 north off the A-92 and there's the station after ten or so minutes. Unfortunately this shot is taken from the wrong side. (11/1/11) SJ

Same area as above, one way to break handcuffs

image no 39

Just a short walk along from the station at Calahorra (also the station and town in Once Upon A Time in The West). I found a rivet that was lying on the ground and took it home - a little piece of Tuco. Another gem from David. (SJ)

The train does it for one.

image no 40

And again from DL. (SJ)

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The bridge being fought between the Unions and Confederates. Covarrubias, near Madrid.

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Eastwood and Wallach at Covarrubias (Red Cave)

Betweeen Contreras and Santo Domingo de Silos

image no 44

As the sign says "Sad Hill" taken by Carlos Garaban in August last. (RL)

A repeat of Capture 44

image no 45

DL's elegant widescreen shot. (SJ)

The cemetery where the gold is buried... this is just northwest of Carazo where the prison camp scenes were filmed (Captures 36 and 37)

image no 46

David says, "This was a revelation. The location has been restored to its cinematic splendour by The Sad Hill Cultural Association who have financed it via crowdfunding. I donated Eur 10 a year or so ago and was astonished to get an email with an image of a cross with my name on it, All donators get their own crosses - an amazing effort!" And a great shot from David taken in September 2017. (SJ)

The draw for the gold

image no 47

Carlos Garaban captured a rather less tense scene in August. (RL)

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Ever so slowly reaching to the melodies of Morricone.

Wallach fills his hand.

image no 49

Same tree, unfortunately dead, although the graves have been rebuilt and renamed. DL again (SJ)

And a repeat shot of 49

image no 50

Repeated to show that location hunting can be a collaborative effort. And long may it live. With thanks to David Lippiatt for his shots. (SJ)

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And Clint Rides Off.