Grass is Greener, The

Date: 1960
Director: Stanley Donen
Production Company: Grandon Productions Ltd.

Stars: Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, Jean Simmons
Location(s): London, Middlesex, Surrey

Region(s): ,


A couple who are suffering financial problems, to the extent that they allow tourists to take guided tours of their stately home, end up in a love triangle when one visitor, a millionaire oil tycoon, takes a liking to more than the house.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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  • 'Now' required

After a montage of aerial stills of stately homes during the titles, the camera settles on the house of the Earl and Countess of Rhyall. Osterley Park in the London Borough of Hounslow.

The shot moves closer to show the couple as they ready their children for a visit to their Aunt. Osterley House, Jersey Road in Isleworth, Middlesex.

image no 2

Dave Wood captured the same location from ground level.

Governess Miss Mathews waits patiently as Earl Victor Rhyall (Cary Grant) and Lady Hilary Rhyall (Deborah Kerr) say goodbye to their offspring Phillip and Emma.

image no 3

Playing the roles of the Rhyall children are Dave Wood's boys Josh and Dan.

Butler Trevor Sellers (Moray Watson) stands by as the children are waved off. Osterley Park, Middlesex.

image no 4

An almost identical shot from Dave.

The Earl comments that he can't believe that he won't see Miss Mathews for two whole weeks.

image no 5

Another recreation from Dave Wood.

As the Earl and Lady get back to daily business, Coaches arrive bringing visitors to the house. Osterley Park, Isleworth.

image no 6

Dave advises that the roads and ponds were removed by the National Trust to restore the layout the that of the 17th Century.

After American tourist Charles Delacro (Robert Mitchum) finds his way into the private apartments, he and Lady Hilary talk as they leave the house.

image no 7

The same spot now from Dave Wood.

Charles reveals that he is an oil tycoon as the two discuss families and umbrellas whilst they wander through the grounds. IMDB also lists Lacock Abbey, Lacock in Wiltshire as a location.

image no 8

But Dave found what appears to be the same tree at Osterley Park.

After the Earl finds his Wife and the American in their apartments, Charles is escorted back to his car. The house was also seen in 'Billion Dollar Brain' and 'A Study in Terror'.

image no 9

Josh and Dan reprise the roles in this image by Dave.

Inside, Lady Rhyall muses over the moments spent with Charles as he drives away to return to London. Osterley Park, Middlesex.

image no 10

Dan is the modern actor, but no car. Picture from Dave Wood.

Hilary notices that she is wearing odd shoes after the couple leave church. Not Hambleden, not Denham . . . .

image no 11

.....but Little Marlow St. John the Baptist, Little Marlow, Bucks. says Neil Rigby who provides this Google shot to confirm. (RL)

Behaving indifferently, Victor helps his Wife into the car. Little Marlow St. John the Baptist, Little Marlow, Bucks. (RL)

image no 12

Identified by Neil and confirmed by Google as per gragr010n (RL)

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Victor and Hilary stand on the platform as the train for London arrives. This is Baynards station in Surrey which was on the line between Christ's Hospital and Guildford.

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As they say goodbye, the Earl warns Hilary not to speak to strangers. Baynards station on Station Road near Baynards Park, Surrey. The station was also seen in 'Rotten To The Core', 'They Were Sisters', 'The Horsemasters' and 'Monster of Terror'.

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Hilary looks back as the train departs but the two miss each others glances.

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Victor walks from the station. Baynards station once again. The station closed in 1965.

After finding out where she may be visiting, Charles waits for Hilary outside her hair stylist's salon. Jules Ballantyne spots another one, South Audley Street, London circa Nos: 66/67 (RL)

image no 17

Identified as 67 in London Movie Guide, which I hope is correct. SJ

Hilary leaves the salon. South Audley Street, London spotted by Jules (RL)

image no 18

Some railings missing. SJ

Charles 'accidentally' bumps into Hilary. It was the columns of the Grosvenor Chapel that gave it away to Jules. (RL)

image no 19

A much filmed street. SJ

  • 'Now' required

The two spend time together whilst, at home, Victor asks an old female friend to stay. Unidentified location.

A complicated situation involving Victor and American heiress Hattie Durant (Jean Simmons) and Hilary and Charles is resolved and the two couples part company. Osterley Park.

image no 21

Dave Wood says "This took some finding, but I spotted railings on left".

Sellers goes to help the children from the Austin Countryman as their parents cross to meet them.

image no 22

Josh plays Sellers in this shot from Dave.

A parting view of the home where normality has been restored. Osterley Park, Isleworth, Middlesex.

image no 23

Dave Wood noticed that the shot had been reversed for some reason.