Gregory’s Girl

Date: 1981
Director: Bill Forsyth
Production Company: Lake Films, National Film Finance Corporation, Scottish TV

Stars: John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan, Chic Murray
Location(s): North Lanarkshire, Strathclyde



A teenage boy is infatuated with a female classmate and must work to win her affection.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson and John Tunstill.


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During the titles we see a shot of the school that Gregory Underwood attends. Robert Struthers advises that this is Abronhill High School, Cumbernauld in Dunbartonshire, Scotland.

image no 1

Jonathan provides evidence that Abronhill High School is no more, demolished in 2014, but still mentioned on a Larch Road roadsign. The Oak Road Football Pitch now has a fence round it which prevented him from getting back as far as he would have wished. The capture and he were of necessity at ground level. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

School football coach Phil Menzies (Jake D'Arcy) looks on as his team fail to impress.

Goalie Gregory Underwood (John Gordon Sinclair) and the other players prepare to leave the pitch after the game.

image no 3

Site of school building behind looking towards the Capture 1 site. Goalposts still in place on the Redgra (a gravelly surface) pitch. The ground is decidedly soft so an artificial pitch was wise says Jonathan. (RL)

The shot pans with Gregory as he heads for the changing room.

image no 4

Jonathan also provides this shot, looking across towards houses in Larch Court/Road. Not the correct angle but shows the bungalow and the start of the row of houses behind Gregory. (RL)

As Gregory outlines the plans that Menzies has for the team to Andy, Dorothy runs across a nearby bridge. Jonathan identifies this as looking up Jane's Brae with the footbridge between Kenilworth court and Hillcrest Avenue. (RL)

image no 5

Jonathan supports his location identification with this Google Earth capture. (RL)

On another day, Charlie (Graham Thompson) and and Andy (Rab Buchanan) make their way to school.

image no 6

Jonathan has provided this shot of the same place now advising that the underpass is beneath Seafar Road close to the junction with Island Road. Our Lady's High School is behind the camera and we are looking towards Downafield Road and the tower blocks in Berryhill road. He further advises that the building between Charlie and Andy in the Screen Capture as "The Kingfisher", a derelict former pub and Indian restaurant. (RL)

Whistling is heard as girls pass by.

image no 7

Jonathan send this shot revealing that the steps appear to have changed. (RL)

The camera follows as the pupils head for a subway.

image no 8

An excellent comparative shot from Jonathan of the underpass that is beneath Seafar Road close to the junction with Island Road. (RL)

Andy smiles and gestures to the whistling boys as they make their way to school.

image no 9

Jonathan provides a slightly wider comparative shot some 37 years on. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Gregory picks his way through a multitude of toddlers as he leaves home to make his way to school. Jonathan has pinpointed this as 29 Netherwood Place, Cumbernauld. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The whole street appears to be littered with young children. And also in Netherwood Place Jonathan finds Nos 1 and 2 (RL)

Gregory is almost run down by Mr. Clarke, a learner driver being taught by his Father (David Anderson). Moss Road near the southernmost junction with Blackthorn Road, Cumbernauld.

image no 12

The greenery on the bank has grown as captured by Jonathan who took this shot from the entrance to a small car park. (RL)

A little late for class, Gregory enters school.

image no 13

Jonathan provides the view today taken through the pallisade fencing. (RL)

Dorothy (Dee Hepburn) is reluctantly trialled to replace under-performing members of the football team.

image no 14

Jonathan took this shot of the football pitch (now without white lines) looking towards the houses in Oak Road. (RL)

After proving herself as a potential team member, Dorothy argues her performance with the Coach who is obviously looking for male players.

image no 15

The same view from Jonathan but with more birds. (RL)

Dorothy practices her skills. The skyline is Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire.

image no 16

Jonathan believes the location to be somewhere on the hillside above Lenziemill in Candlecrigg Country Park and supports with this Google Earth view. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Whilst in goal, Gregory praises the newcomer to the team, Dorothy. Having visited the area, supplied so many "now" shots for us and rewatched the film, Jonathan believes that this is the Oak Road football pitches looking towards the houses in Oak Road. (RL)

A young lad watches as he waits outside school for Gregory's sister Madeline, the girl that he is sweet on. Whitelees Primary School, Whitelees Road, Cumbernauld. Information from

image no 18

Jonathan confirms the already identified Whitelees Primary School now surrounded by palisade fencing. With the caretaker's house alongside he did not feel comfortable pointing the camera through the fence, even at 8pm! (RL)

Madeline Underwood (Allison Forster) looks back as she leaves the premises. Facing Whitelees Road from the school.

image no 19

A similar view from Jonathan showing the loss of the pathway. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

More children leave school at the end of classes.

Billy (Douglas Sannachan), a former pupil who left school and became a window cleaner, brags about girls to his friends.

image no 21

Jonathan identifies and provides a "now" shot of an area between Spruce Road and Ash Road, Abronhill. (RL)

His friends are not overly impressed by the high life as a window washer.

image no 22

Jonathan accepts that this is a little off angle but was rather self conscious after lurking with a camera on an estate for so long! (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The group continue on their way as Billy describes the advantages of his job. Jonathan tells us that this footbridge over Blackthorn Road leads to Pine Place and Abronhill shopping centre. The start of the railing can be seen on the far lower right of his Capture 21. If only he "had turned around" he says...........we all do it! (RL)

Adolescent descriptions of sights seen through windows are passed on.

image no 24

Jonathan identifies the location for us, looking towards the Pine Place. Follow the path round to the right for the Abronhill Shopping Centre. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Gregory and his sister leave the group and head for home.

  • 'Now' required

Madeline gives advice to her older brother. Jonathan has found that this Variety Florists were and are on Forth Walk, Cumbernauld Centre. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Gregory and Andy walk to school together. Unidentified location.

A physical exercise class continues as Gregory and Dorothy practice football.

image no 28

Jonathan is once again on the football pitch looking towards Oak Road. (RL)

After plucking up the courage and asking Dorothy on a date, Gregory waits under the clock at the Plaza. The St Enoch Clock in New Town Plaza, Cumbernauld. The area has been redeveloped.

image no 29

The St Enoch Clock in its relocated position on a link between the Cumbernauld Centre and the Anotine Centre. Its current location is closed off due to development changes. The sign by the barrier said "Should you wish to view the Anotine Clock please ask a member of staff who will gladly provide access" so Jonathan did! And we are very grateful to all, thank you. (RL)

After Dorthy sends a message that she can't make the date, Gregory and Carol (Caroline Guthrie) walk to the chip shop together. Ash Road, Cumbernauld.

image no 30

Ash Road as already identified, with added bollards provided by Jonathan. (RL)

Carol asks Gregory to wait as she nips into a phone box.

image no 31

Jonathan took this shot of Ash Road turning left from Capture 30. The telephone box has gone. (RL)

The pair continue along the street after Carol has changed clothes. Ash Road again.

image no 32

Evidence of the "throw away culture" provided by Jonathan. (RL)

A reluctant Gregory buys chips for Carol. Abronhill Shopping Centre.

image no 33

Jonathan provides this evening shot proving that it is still a chippy. He has also provided evidence that a "Gregory's Girl" poster is displayed inside. (RL)

After Carol 'hands' Gregory over to Margo (Carol McCartney), more chips are purchased. Abronhill Shopping Centre on Larch Road, Cumbernauld.

image no 34

A similar shot from Jonathan showing the location today. He has also provided evidence that whilst the neighbouring shop facade has changed, that earlier, eastern style facade, can still be seen around the side. (RL)

Margo leads Gregory through the estate.

image no 35

The rear of Abronhill Parish Church which faces the chip shop in the shopping centre, found by Jonathan. (RL)

Gregory hands the empty chip wrapper to a young lad.

image no 36

Follow the steps in Capture 35 down and we reach the end of Pine Place. A case of "deja vu" for Jonathan, the reverse view of Capture 24. (RL)

The pair continue their walk.

image no 37

Bear slightly right under the link upper storey arch and from the front (footpath side) one looks back towards the road part of Pine Place and the more distant shopping centre. Another location found by Jonathan. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Margo continues to lead and Gregory follows. Jonathan has also found, courtesy of Flickr, Pine Road - Broom Road under Blackthorn Road, Cumbernauld. (RL)

Carol brings Gregory to meet Susan (Clare Grogan) . . . . . Park Way, Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

image no 39

Park Way. Not many of the original flat roofs remain. According to a nearby information panel in Cumbernauld park at the end of the street these were built to house the Cumbernauld Development Corporation's team of architects, surveyors, planners etc whose offices were in the grounds of Cumbernauld house. Thank you for the up to date shots Jonathan and the additional information. (RL)

As an addendum, Jonathan provides this capture off the information board in Cumbernauld House Park which advises that the tree he took for the "now" was the one in the film. (RL)

image no 40

Jonathan's shot of the tree itself. (RL)