Half Light

Date: 2006
Director: Craig Rosenberg
Production Company: Lakeshore Entertainment

Stars: Demi Moore, Henry Ian Cusick, Hans Matheson, Kate Isitt, James Cosmo, Joanna Hole, Therese Bradley, Mickey Wilson
Location(s): Cornwall, London, Anglesey, Gwynedd (Wales)

Region(s): , ,


Her son’s death sends a novelist to a remote Scottish village for recuperation but strange things start to happen to her mind and in reality, probably as she’s not in Scotland at all. SJ.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and ‘comparison shots’ by SJ initially and then RJ came along and added a lot more

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A self-proclaimed "sea shack" at Millook, 5 miles from Bude, Cornwall.

image no 1

Taken from the road just to the south. The "then" must have been a very high tide but then the surfing is much celebrated here. SJ.

Another angle and yours to rent.

image no 2

And this is from a cliff path to the north off the road to Widemouth Bay. A former tea room and rent is currently £1,500 per week. SJ.

  • 'Now' required

Cornwall or Wales.

Moore walks from her Cornish cottage round the corner at Porthdinllean, Wales. This is on a peninsula jutting out to the Irish Sea, west of Nefyn and Anglesey.

image no 4

Bit of a scramble over rocks if the tide's high from the public car park off Lon Golff (Golf Lane) or a walk along a private road. RJ

image no 5

RJ matches the houses but not the all important rocks.

A sign on the pub. An Taigh (Gaelic for house) something inn: semi-tautological?

image no 6

Actually the sign's covering the Ty Coch Inn, i.e. the Red House Inn. RJ

image no 7


image no 8


image no 9

Sea, sand and wall. RJ

Bradley with Moore reflected in the window of the inn to the porch's right.

image no 10

The plants have jumped onto a different bench. RJ

Porthdinllean, Wales.

image no 11


image no 12


Close-up of Bradley.

image no 13

It's the further windows and drainpipe we're interested in. RJ

Bradley and Moore

image no 14


Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllean, Wales.

image no 15


  • 'Now' required

Llanddwyn Island (only at high tide), Anglesey. The jetty was specially built. The stone wall is popular for tombstoning.

Mainland beach next to Llanddwyn.

image no 17

This is where Moore and Matheson ride. SJ.

Llanddwyn Island.

image no 18

The lighthouse is the key to the plot. SJ. But my original was not a great angle and the sky was less blue so the fraternal RJ version reigns supreme much to my chagrin.

Moore meets Matheson

image no 19

image no 20


image no 21

Good match. RJ

image no 22

Much plainer in real rather than half life. RJ

image no 23

RJ is a poor substitute.

Ynys Llanddwyn.

image no 24

Now. SJ.

Isitt at Leadenhall Market, London EC3.

image no 25

The same corner now, more visible, from Peter.

Isitt at Leadenhall Market, London EC3. I watched this scene being filmed on a Sunday morning.

image no 26

And Peter sent in this shot of the same location now.

The chapel ruins at Llanddwyn, which itself means church of St Dwynwen

image no 27

The original SJ "now" again fraternally replaced. RJ

image no 28

The very spot. RJ

The very spot again.

image no 29

Celtic cross has shrunk! RJ

image no 30



image no 31

RJ (will you please hold the camera straight!)

Not an even a digital, just as well, as that would spoil the story.

image no 32


Llanbadrig: church of St Patrick, to the north of Anglesey.

image no 33

A hill shot. RJ

Llanbadrig, Cemaes, Anglesey.

image no 34

A crane shot so not easy to replicate. RJ

Wilson as the rector

image no 35

image no 36


image no 37


  • 'Now' required

Beach just to the south of the lighthouse on Llanddwyn.

The interior of Llanbadrig.

image no 39

Just the same. RJ

image no 40

Same pew and there's some photographs from the film. RJ

Porthdinllean, Wales.

image no 41


Moore arrives for party at pub.

image no 42

Popular wall. RJ

Hole emerges from pub.

image no 43


Hole greets policeman husband Cosmo and Moore.

image no 44

Wrong angle, nice lamp. RJ

Moore enters the pub's interior

image no 45

Looks the same. RJ

Back to Llanbadrig.

image no 46

Horizon still looks wonky. RJ

Nice shot of Moore looking for graves.

image no 47

Same gravestones. RJ

Panning right.

image no 48

RJ doing same.

image no 49

More gravestones. Not props at all. RJ

More camera focus trickery

image no 50

And another inclined horizon. RJ

Wilson and Moore.

image no 51


Regent's Park Road near the corner of St Mark's Crescent, Primrose Hill, London NW1.

image no 52

Now. SJ