Half Moon Street

Date: 1986
Director: Bob Swaim
Production Company: Edward R. Pressman Film, Geoff Reeve Enterprises, RKO

Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Michael Caine, Patrick Kavanagh, Faith Kent, Ram John Holder
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


A researcher who works as an escort in her spare time becomes entangled in political intrigue.

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Screen captures uploaded by JT


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The London Central Mosque, Regent's Park, London. We need a drone to capture this shot, please use our donation button to assist in its purchase.

image no 1

Pending the drone, here's the next best thing. This was shot from the Outer Circle given the angle of the crescent but a tree means I had to step further south. SJ

Same place from Park Road, London, NW1

image no 2

They must have been using a strange lens for this shot, as well as being quite high. Looking southeast down St John's Wood High Street, NW8. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Weaver runs through a small well appointed square, so perhaps the mosque previously shown may well be opposite the Victoria and Albert Museum and she is in South Kensington.

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Still running and dodging traffic.

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Could this be Marylebone High Street?

  • 'Now' required

Well, could it?

  • 'Now' required

These buildings look more like Marylebone rahter than South Kensington.

And if there is continuity, she's now in Rathbone Place, Bloomsbury. Peeping Tom country.

image no 8

Not much continuity going on. Barrow Hill Road on the corner of Greenberry Street, NW8. And that closed boarded police station has appeared in Clegg. SJ

Yes, Rathbone gets my vote.

image no 9

Now JT we argued about this over a convivial flagon of sack in The Traveller's Tavern. NW8 I say. This corner was also seen in The Diplomatic Corpse back in 1958. SJ

Perhaps looking towards Charlotte Street.

image no 10

And those two red telephone boxes were there in 1958 as well. Gone now though. No sign of Weaver either: looks like she didn't get knocked down by the taxi after all. Looking east along Bridgeman Street, NW8. SJ

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Which part of London paints, or painted, their lamp posts blue with a black base?

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And another blue lamp post. Wasn't there a film with a similar title?

An Underground station exit? Ladbroke Grove identified by Steve Cook, who was only reading about the Dub Vendor shop this week!

image no 13

No, stop, Sigourney, you're going the wrong way for the next shot. SJ And the Dub Vendor shack moved away after the 80s.

Bayswater, Maida Vale?

image no 14

One of the columns is still not level. SJ

...or are we now back in Bloomsbury? No, we're not, Powis Square W.11, Notting Hill, and we've been here before. You don't remember? Do a search.

image no 15

Sorry, JT, it's Colville Gardens, W11, but indeed very close to Powis Square. SJ

That's big isn't it? Identified by Peter as St. Helen's at 1 Undershaft in EC3. The skyscraper was previously known as the Aviva Tower and the Commercial Union building.

image no 16

Peter found that little has changed.

The workplace ... Chiswick Town Hall, W4, has those wraparound railings. (SJ)

image no 17

On Heathfield Road. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Looks Victoria, South Ken-ish.

Smart looking.

image no 19

Car's still in the same place. Bedford Sqaure, WC1. SJ

We've probably been here before.

image no 20

Yep, the corner of Talbot Road and Colville Square, W11. SJ

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But not here.

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Nice block of flats, even in the rain.

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Close up of nice porch belonging to nice flats.

Probably the theatre at the east end of Sloane Square, The English Stage Company.

image no 24

Peter confirms with this shot of the Royal Court theatre in Chelsea SW1.

Yes ESC it is.

image no 25

The same spot by Peter.

One of London's more famous bridges, even YOU should know this one. Answers on a postcard please handed in to the usherette. Remember them?

image no 26

Peter provides this daytime view from ground level.

  • 'Now' required

Those nice flats again.

Were we here before?

image no 28

26 Colville Square. On the left of this shot, the houses on Colville Terrace appear to have exchanged colours! SJ

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And this is the fictional Half Moon Street. At the far end is an archway and maybe a church behind it. And the wiggle in the road looks similar to where the lad in 'The Weapon' was standing.

  • 'Now' required

Those nice flats again.

Weren't we here with Dracula, or was it the Devil? Yes, it's High Canons on Buckettsland Lane, Well End near Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. Also seen in 'Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World', 'You Must Be Joking' and 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

image no 31

If Geoff Dodd had known that this shot was required when he visited High Canons a couple of years back he wouldn't have gone so close. (RL)

Happily he's not here today.

image no 32

Another shot from Geoff Dodd when he was there two years back. (RL)

Could this be the Aldwych? The entrance to the hotel, where afternoon tea dances were once held.

image no 33

Peter took this shot of the central entrance to the hotel as he found that it has three identical doorways!

  • 'Now' required

A smart gaff. Identified by Geoff Dodd as Wrotham Park between Hadley Wood and Potters Bar, also seen, he says, in Gosford Park and Jeeves and Wooster. (RL)

The workplace again.

image no 35

Chiswick Town Hall, Heathfield Road, London W4. SJ

  • 'Now' required

...and a reverse shot.

Tube station far right, could it be on the corner of Petty France, and we're looking from Tothill Street, Victoria? . . Close enough, round the corner on Broadway, SW1. (SJ)

image no 37

And this is the confirmation from Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Golf course club house. One of you enthusiasts will know which one, I was limited to crazy golf on the pier.

Another smart building, maybe north of Oxford Street? ... yes Bedford Square, WC1. (SJ)

image no 39

47 to be precise. SJ

Panning right.

image no 40

Light fading fast. SJ

Still moving right.

image no 41

Very fast ... one has to be quick for nows in mid-December. SJ

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A nice house in the county. Did you read what I said about buying a drone. Did you donate?

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Same nice house from a more pedestrian viewpoint.

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Is this Battersea Heliport? And, if so, we've been here on several occasions. Use the "SEARCH" facility to find out when.

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Slightly better view of the background.

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The admin offices.

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And this is Half Moon Street. Real or a set?

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Remember the arch and the church that I mentioned earlier? Well, there they are.

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Very clean, and recently painted, lamp post.

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Reverse view.

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Just above the post box it states Half Moon Street, so it must be real, mustn't it?

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And there's an arch and a church.