Hands of the Ripper

Date: 1971
Director: Peter Sasdy
Production Company: Rank/Hammer

Stars: Dora Bryan, Jane Merrow, Derek Godfrey, Eric Porter, Marjorie Rhodes
Location(s): London, Ireland, Scotland

Region(s): , ,


Yet another “Son of……” but this time it’s a daughter.

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Says Berner Street, but it ain't. Real, with a false name, or a set?

image no 1

Im pretty sure all the street shots in this film use the Baker Street set built at Pinewood the previous year for Billy Wilder's "Private Life of Sherlock Holmes". The set is also used in Carry On at Your Convenience and UFO. David.

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Georgian houses. Alan Hoare confirms that the majority of this film was shot at Pinewood Studios, on a backlot set built for 'The Private Life of Sherlock Homes'.

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Supposedly the same street, but very different houses.

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A station. The station scenes were shot at Windsor & Eton Central advises Richard Rogan.

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Windsor & Eton Central station, showing the former royal waiting room in the left background. Location recognised by Richard Rogan.

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Windsor & Eton Central station has been seen many times before including in 'Left, Right and Centre', 'That's Your Funeral', 'Lease of Life', 'A Run for Your Money' and 'Doctor in Trouble'.

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Nice street......

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Other side of the street.

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Nice house, No 27 they say.

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Nice house, cream, on the left.

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View of the nice street, and the nice house.

A mystery "Ministry" building, with footguards outside.

image no 12

This is the Horseguards set built at Pinewood for "The Breaking of Bumbo" the previous year. Also turns up in The Persuaders and UFO. David. Seriously well spotted. Seems they are using the same guardsmen also!

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A churchyard.

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........and a church.

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Another shot of that nice house.

...and another church, St Paul's, Ludgate Hill, London.

image no 16

Now. SJ

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Period street.