Haunted House of Horror, The

Date: 1969
Director: Michael Armstrong
Production Company: Tigon, Tigon British Film Prods., American International

Stars: Frankie Avalon, Jill Haworth, Dennis Price, Mark Wynter, George Sewell
Location(s): Hertfordshire, Lancashire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): , ,


Looking for thrills, a group of teenagers spend the night in an old mansion.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Horror House’ (US Title)


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Setting the scene, facing north on Carnaby Street in swinging London W1.

image no 1

Carnaby Street in not so swinging 2017, by Peter.

Gary Scott (Mark Wynter) and Dorothy Pulman (Carol Dilworth) run across to the boutique where their friend Sylvia Fuller works. Looking across to the corner of Carnaby Street and Marlborough Court.

image no 2

Peter found that the corner is slightly more visible these days.

After Gary and Dorothy head off for a coffee, Sylvia notices her ex-lover Bob Kellett (George Sewell) waiting on the other side of the road. A closer view of the corner of Carnaby Street and Marlborough Court.

image no 3

Any closer and the glare might burn out Peter's camera!

Cut to the foot of the steps to William Blake House on Marshall Street in W1 where a pan starts to bring a coffee shop into view.

image no 4

Not much change in Peter's up to date image.

Continuity is good and this is inside the coffee shop on Marshall Street with buildings on Ganton Street visible in the right background. Christopher Matheson advises that "coffee shop" is actually Cranks Restaurant that moved to Marshall Street from Carnaby Street in 1967. The distinctive dishes bring back memories for Christopher. (RL)

image no 5

Peter arrived at lunchtime so this the shot was taken from outside the Masala Zone restaurant in Marshall Street.

An establishing shot begins. Looking along Kingly Street from Great Marlborough Street with Liberty department store to the left.

image no 6

Slightly off angle but the same location. (PW)

The camera focuses on the clock to indicate that the work day is over. The Clock on the archway over Kingly Street on the exterior of Liberty department store.

image no 7

A closer view of the clock. (PW)

After an argument with Bob, Sylvia Fuller (Gina Warwick) gets out of his car and makes her way home on foot.

image no 8

Not a difficult one for Neil Rigby Lyndhurst Ave., Edgware, London NW7 and a Google Earth shot to support. (RL)

That evening, Henry (Robin Stewart) and his Pal (Nicholas Young) help a drunken Gary from the pub before heading to Chris's party. The Case is Altered public house on Old Redding, Harrow Weald in Middlesex which, Julian Manhood tells us' also featured in 'The Blood Beast Terror' a year earlier.

image no 9

Julian provides this comparison shot showing alterations to the building.

As Sylvia makes her way to the party, Bob opens the door of his Ford Zephyr in front of her.

image no 10

Neil, on a roll places this as Regent's Court, Stonegrove, Stanmore HA8 with a shot from Google Earth showing that lights, cameras and notices have been added over the years. (RL)

A passing Couple say hello to Sylvia before she gets into the car.

image no 11

Whilst "in the area" Neil provides this additional Google shot of Regent's Court, Stonegrove, Stanmore HA8 (RL)

Bob drops Sylvia outside Chris's flat.

image no 12

Neil Rigby also knows where Chris's flat is, the sign says Daneglen Court and it is in London Road, Stanmore, HA7 Google Earth has been there as well. (RL)

Watched by Bob from his car, Chris (Frankie Avalon), Peter (Richard O'Sullivan), Gary, Sylvia and the other guests leave the flat.

image no 13

Neil Rigby didn't attend the party but he knew where it took place. Corner of Oxford Road and York Road, Birkdale, roughly half a mile from the Palace hotel where most of the interiors were shot. (RL)

The Zephyr pulls away to follow the teenagers as they drive off to a supposedly haunted house.

image no 14

A further Google Earth shot from Neil confirming the location of Daneglen Court, London Road, Stanmore HA7 (RL)

Peter and Chis turn their cars into the lane that leads to the house.

image no 15

Neil Rigby has found the lane within metres of hahoho009 (Old Redding, Harrow Weald) as evidenced by this capture from Google Earth but in reality he says, Bank Hall is off a major road. (RL)

As Bob arrives and parks in the woods, the party guests get their first view of the spooky house. Bank Hall on Liverpool Road, Bretherton near Leyland in Lancashire as indicated by IMDB.

image no 16

Neil Rigby provides us with a now shot showing the restoration work under way. He has made a diary note to return in two years! (RL)

The teenagers begin to explore as Chris fetches a torch and blankets from his car. The grounds of Bank Hall, Bretherton in Lancashire identified by Neil Rigby.

image no 17

Neil had to explore on his own, maybe he will have better luck in two years time. (RL)

Emerging from the woods, Bob spots the house. The Grim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, London identified by Neil Rigby. (RL)

image no 18

Julian Manhood captured a similar view of the hotel during a recent stay.

As the night progresses the friends explore the building. The roof of the Birkdale Palace Hotel in Southport. Better views of the property were seen in ‘What’s Good for the Goose’. The hotel had closed in 1967 and was demolished shortly after filming.

image no 19

With supporting evidence, Neil Rigby provides this shot of the Fisherman's Rest public house that stood to the side of the Hotel. The foreground roofing in 019 could well be the roof of the public house. (To help with the location orientation). (RL)

Still snooping outside, Bob hears pop music coming from inside the house. Once again the Gim's Dyke Hotel, Old Redding, London HA3 as identified by Neil. (RL)

image no 20

The ivy is creeping. SJ

Following Gary's demise at the hand of an unknown assailant, the Police investigate his disappearance.

image no 21

Our informant Neil Rigby tells us that this is Falconer Hall, Falconer Road, Bushey WD23 and provides picture evidence from Google Earth. (RL)

Inspector Bill Bradley makes enquiries around Gary's workplace. The psychedelic design once adorned the wall above Lord John at the western corner of Carnaby Street and Ganton Street.

image no 22

Here's the not so groovy building now, taken by Peter.

The branch of Ravel on the right stood on the south corner at the junction of Carnaby Street with Granton Street and Beak Street can be seen in the left distance.

image no 23

Peter visits the same corner.

  • 'Now' required

Outside the Police Station, Madge (Veronica Doran) and Peter see Chris, Sheila and Richard off after they have been helping with enquiries. Falconer Road, Bushey WD233 says Neil Rigby. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Henry (Robin Stewart) arrives and asks what has happened. Falconer Road, Bushey WD233 says Neil Rigby. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The three turn and enter the Police Station. Falconer Road, Bushey WD233 says Neil Rigby. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Sergeant Pelley (Clifford Earl) stops Dorothy in the street. This wall can be seen in image 024 opposite the building used as the Police Station. Falconer Road, Bushey WD233 says Neil Rigby. (RL)

The Sergeant sits with Dorothy in the car and asks questions about Gary.

image no 28

Falconer Road, Bushey WD233 Neil and Google Earth (RL)

  • 'Now' required

The action moves to an Art Gallery in town. Actually Cardinal Vaughan School, Addison Road, London W14, see hahoho030n.

Inside the Art Gallery, Sheila runs away from Richard after recalling the night of Gary's death.

image no 30

Not so much an art gallery says Neil Rigby but Cardinal Vaughan School, Addison Road, W14 which he supports with this shot from Google Earth. (RL)

The camera starts a zoom towards the windows of Richard’s flat where he talks with Sheila. Looking north along Newburgh Street with the White Horse public house to the left and Foubert’s Place in the distance.

image no 31

From a similar viewpoint. (PW)

The Police rush to the scene as Richard and Chris face each other in the haunted house.

image no 32

A Google Street view from Neil showing, he says, "the clock tower on the old (demolished) Bridge House, WH Smith building on Albert Embankment. Also Lambeth Bridge just in view."(RL)