Date: 1975
Director: Don Sharp
Production Company: American International Pictures, Hennessy Film Productions

Stars: Rod Steiger, Lee Remick, Richard Johnson, Trevor Howard, Peter Egan, Eric Porter
Location(s): Belfast, London

Region(s): ,


After the death of his family during a riot in Belfast, a former IRA man comes up with a plan to assassinate the British Royal Family by blowing up the Houses of Parliament

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by John Tunstill and Phil Wilkinson.


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Shots of Belfast, possibly stock, are shown during the title sequence.

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Patrolling soldiers pass a lookout post and then move onto waste ground. An unknown location but perhaps this area is also seen later as the site of a riot.

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As the title sequence continues, footage of troops manoeuvring through Belfast streets is shown. Unidentified location.

The troops continue their journey through the city centre. Behind the title is Arthur Square, now Arthur Place, in Belfast with Ann Street to the left and William Street South on the right. (PW)

image no 4

The pedestrianised square is popular with buskers. (PW)

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Meanwhile, explosives expert and past IRA man, Niall Hennessy prepares for a demolition. The site of the former Albert Bridge flour mill on Anhalt Road in Battersea.

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On his way from the job, Hennessy is stopped in the road by Sean Tobin (Eric Porter). Battersea Church Road in SW11 with the Morgan Crucible factory to the right. Also seen in 'The Man in the White Suit'.

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Tobin signals Hennessy to follow him inside a workshop where he refuses to supply gelignite for a job. Battersea Church Road.

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Outside Hennessy's daughter's clinic, a group of youths run toward an army patrol. This appears to be facing east within Southall Gasworks and, looking at Google Streetview, the building to the left seems to survive.

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As they near the patrol on fictional White Street, the youths pick up bricks to use as ammunition. White Street in Southall looking towards the Great Western Main Line and the White Lion public house.

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The soldiers raise riot shields and prepare to fire rubber bullets as they are attacked. The former White Street in Southall.

  • 'Now' required

Rioting youths approach the patrol. White Street was demolished and the site now lies inside the gated Southall Gasworks complex.

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An army land-rover speeds past Hennessy as he drives to pick up his wife and daughter. Outside Battersea County School on Battersea Park Road with the corner of Beechmore Road to the left.

  • 'Now' required

The soldiers call for support and use gas canisters against the growing group of youths. White Street in Southall, also seen in episodes of 'Dr Who' and 'The New Avengers'.

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Hennessy follows as the army land-rover finds the road blocked. The Straight in Southall, which runs between the Gasworks and the railway line.

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Hennessy gets out of the car and looks through the dispersing gas towards where he is meeting his family. Looking west on The Straight. The road is not open to the public.

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Maureen Hennessy (Diana Fairfax) and her daughter Angie Hennessy (Patsy Kensit) leave the clinic. Again, this is a building within Southall Gasworks.

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As the rioting moves away from the clinic, the pair decide to make a run for it. The Straight, now inside the former Southall Gasworks.

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Many are left dead or wounded after a soldier is hit by a brick and his machine gun is fired aimlessly as he falls. White Street, Southall with the tops of buildings on Spencer Street in the background.

Niall Hennessy (Rod Steiger) arrives on the scene to find that his wife and daughter have been killed. The White Lion public house on the corner of White Street and The Straight in Southall, Middlesex.

image no 19

Same gas holder, same location.

  • 'Now' required

Devastated, former British army Captain Hennessy returns home to where Maureen and Angie lie at peace in their coffins. Whitton Dene at the corner of Constable Gardens in Hounslow, Middlesex.

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Inside, Niall Hennessy says goodbye to his family and plots revenge. Opposite the former allotments on Whitton Dene in Isleworth. Located by members of the Britmovie Forum.

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After flying to London, Hennessy is met by Boyle (John Hallam) and Tilney (Patrick Stewart).

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When Tobin discovers that Hennessy has left Belfast, the two IRA men are sent to find out Hennessy's plans.

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On Tobin's orders, Tilney interrogates Hennessy as Boyle drives them all from the airport. The location also appears in 'Time Without Pity' and 'The Vicious Circle'.

After killing Tilney and letting Boyle go, Hennessy drives on to London.

image no 25

The same location now. Town Hall Avenue on Turnham Green facing Chiswick High Road in London W4.

The car is left with Tilney's body slumped in the back. Town Hall Avenue with Christ Church in the background. London W4.

image no 26

Renovation work in progress now. (PW)

Hennessy continues his journey by taxi.

image no 27

Turnham Green as seen from the entrance to Chiswick Town Hall on Heathfield Terrace in W4. (PW)

The cab pulls up outside Kate Brooke's shop. Portland Road, London W11, identified in Simon James' book, London Movie Guide.

image no 28

Just snapped in time before that yellow van blocked the next shot. SJ

A customer browses through the clothes inside the shop. Looking out onto Portland Road.

image no 29

Taken from outside the shop. SJ

Hennessy gets out of the taxi and heads to his Sister-in law's shop. Facing north and the junction of Hippodrome Place on Portland Road in W11

image no 30

The pedestrian area has greatly expanded. SJ

The camera follows Hennessy as he walks to the door. Portland Road W11.

image no 31

Now. SJ

Undertakers arrive after Tilney's body is found in the parked car.

image no 32

The same spot now, Town Hall Avenue, Chiswick. (PW)

The police take fingerprints.

image no 33

Town Hall Avenue looking towards Chiswick High Road in W4. (PW)

At Scotland Yard, Commander Rice gets news of the dead Irishman. A stock shot of the building on Broadway, London SW1.

image no 34

The new position of the sign where once was a basement Italian restaurant. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Special Branch Inspector Hollis (Richard Johnson) and Commander Rice discuss Tilney, making the connection with Hennessy. Looking out of, supposedly, Scotland Yard.

  • 'Now' required

As the police circulate pictures of the now wanted man, Hennessy looks through the window at his Sister-in law's apartment.

Niall asks Kate if the mews is a dead end. Osten Mews, London SW7. Identified in London Movie Guide by Simon James.

image no 37

Not exact but there's the bend at the end of the mews and the brick exposed house has lost its blue garage doors. And no, it's not a dead end as one can circle around. SJ

Hennessy continues to check through the windows and Kate agrees that he can stay.

image no 38

Wrong angle, but I only realised later that Steiger is now looking out of the back facing west whereas the previous shot looks north. SJ

In Belfast, Tobin suspects that Hennessy is going to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

image no 39

Peter found building work going on but the flag still flying.

A back street garage, where Inspector Hollis is about to arrive to enquire about the car found in Chiswick.

image no 40

Christopher Matheson provides the location, Codrington Mews, London W11 off Blenheim Crescent and a comparative shot. (RL)

The Inspector's car draws up in the yard where, during a search, he finds Maguire, a known IRA man who is 'encouraged' to talk.

image no 41

Christopher Matheson reveals that the garage in Codrington Mews, London W11 has long gone. (RL)

As Hennessy continues planning, Inspector Hollis identifies Covey (David Collings) as a likely informant.

image no 42

The corner of Bourne Street and Ebury Street in Orange Square captured by Peter.

Covey returns to his taxi where the Inspector and Williams wait to question him.

image no 43

Peter located Orange Square on Pimlico Road in London SW1.

Hennessy pays a visit to Tipaldi, a provider of disguises.

image no 44

This is Evelyn Street in Deptford, London SE8. Image originally added 28/09/13 (PW)

  • 'Now' required

Hennessy follows a van containing explosives to a quarry whilst, in Ireland, Tobin realises the implications for the IRA if he succeeds with his plan.

  • 'Now' required

A view from inside Hennessy's car as Tobin orders that he is to be killed. Southlands Road, Denham with Quarry Cottages visible in the background (see also The Sweeney, The New Avengers). Geoff Dodd.

  • 'Now' required

Covey drops off a passenger. Bermondsey Wall West in London SE1.

The Inspector approaches Covey, accompanied by Williams (Peter Egan). With Tower Bridge in the background this is Bermondsey Wall West at the junction with Flockton Street SE1.

image no 48

Richard Lovejoy took this shot adding 'At least the door to St Saviours House and the round window are as was!'

Covey has no information to give Hollis. Bermondsey Wall West SE1.

image no 49

'There is always something in the way to stop getting the right angle'. The same place now by Richard.

Williams watches as Hollis prepares to run his car into Covey's taxi as a means of persuasion. Bermondsey Wall West at the junction with George Row in SE1.

image no 50

Richard Lovejoy on the scene. George Row confirmed but can't see Tower Bridge now.

Covey looks on as Hollis speeds towards his cab. Bermondsey Wall West.

image no 51

Yes, the old Chambers Wharf in London SE1. The facade has changed to accommodate residential living but the four in a line wall ties remain. Now image from Richard Lovejoy.

A rally against pollution is held outside the Royal Albert Hall. London SW7.

image no 52

The same location now by Peter.

  • 'Now' required

Hennessy stands in the crowd as spectators agree with the speaker. This film wasn't widely shown in Britain on release, not because of it's political content but because of images of the Queen used from newsreels.

Stephen Burgess M.P. (Hugh Moxey) speaks as Hennessy records his voice and watches his mannerisms. The Royal Albert Hall and it's environs appear in 'The Thirty Nine Steps (1978)' as well as 'A Touch of Class', 'The Mutations', 'The Seventh Veil', 'The Ipcress File' and 'To Catch a Spy' to name but a few.

image no 54

Peter found a bit of modern Albert Hall refurbishment.

After obtaining explosives from the quarry, Hennessy watches Stephen Burgess' house. St Johns Gardens in London W11. Located by Simon James.

image no 55

Less colourful now. SJ

Burgess leaves for the Houses of Parliament.

image no 56

Now. SJ

The camera pans with the taxi whilst Hennessy gains access to the house. Looking southward on St Johns Gardens W11.

image no 57

This is the corner seen in 'Omen III: The Final Conflict'. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Tobin appears in Hollis' flat and tells him that the IRA has nothing to do with Hennessy's plot to blow up Parliament.

  • 'Now' required

Hollis tells Commander Rice (Trevor Howard) about the threat. Unidentified location.

  • 'Now' required

Rice authorises the use of firearms and arranges to meet with the Home Secretary.

Hennessy drives to see Tipaldi.

image no 61

Evelyn Street in Deptford SE8. (PW)

After arriving early, Hennessy goes inside to collect his disguise from a nervous Tipaldi.

image no 62

Abinger Grove, London SE8. (PW)

Shortly after Hennessy's car is parked, Covey pulls up behind a nearby pub. The public house standing in the right background is named The Globe.

image no 63

Looking from Abinger Grove towards Evelyn Street at the junction with Sayes Court Street and Prince Street in Deptford. (PW)

Covey sits in his taxi and waits.

image no 64

A cluttered view of Prince Street behind the former pub. London SE8. (PW)

From inside the flat, Hennessy sees Tobin, Maguire and Hawk arrive.

image no 65

This may not be exactly the same window but the building is on Evelyn Street SE8. (PW)

Tobin and his men get out of their car.

image no 66

Evelyn Street in the London Borough of Lewisham SE8. (PW)

Hennessy escapes as Tobin, Maguire and Hawk search Tipaldi's flat. Unconfirmed location.

image no 67

Looking along a very different Abinger Grove now. (PW)

Covey sets off after Hennessy as Tobin questions Tipaldi.

image no 68

The junction of Abinger Grove, Evelyn Street, Sayes Court Street and Prince Street in London SE8. (PW)

Hennessy arrives back at Kate's shop, watched by Covey.

image no 69

To the left is Julie's, seen in 'Match Point' and 'American Roulette'. SJ

After Covey alerts Tobin as to Hennessy's whereabouts, the fugitive from the police and his former colleagues leaves the shop to carry out his mission.

image no 70

If I remember rightly this is supposed to be the rear of Portland Road. It is in fact Elgin Mews, W11 a fair distance. Evidence of the old windows still remains in the brickwork. SJ

Covey looks through the shop's windows for Hennessy.

image no 71

Still the same central column in the middle just behind the glass frontage. SJ

Tobin and the boys rush to stop Hennessy carrying out his plan. The Portland Arms at the junction of Penzance Place and Portland Road in London W11. Also seen in 'The Knack, and How To Get It'

image no 72

Now renamed Cowshed. SJ

Covey runs over to meet Tobin and they all enter Kate's shop.

image no 73

Nice blossom. Minder fans will recognise the door to the Winchester, as seen in series 2,4,5 & 6. SJ

Tobin runs out onto the street when he finds that Hennessy has gone before returning inside and telling Kate about the plot.

image no 74

Looking north on Ladbroke Grove, W11 with Elgin Mews out of shot, east, to the right. SJ

Hennessy walks through Waterloo station concourse to collect items from a left luggage locker before phoning Kate who tells him to go to her apartment.

image no 75

All very different now. (RL)

Tobin, his men and Kate arrive at her apartment. Emperors' Gate in London SW7 identified by Geoff Dodd. Also seen in 'The Sweeney'.

image no 76

Now. SJ

The car is taken into the mews at the rear of the building as Hawk (Stanley Lebor) looks for a hiding place. Emperors' Gate facing the entrance of Osten Mews in SW7.

image no 77

Also seen in 'Darling'. SJ

Hawk conceals himself and waits for Hennessy.

image no 78

Now. SJ

In the mews, Boyle enters a basement flat.

image no 79

This is where Osten Mews merges into McLeod's Mews, SW7. SJ

A taxi arrives. Emperors' Gate looking towards Grenville Place, London SW7. Found by Geoff Dodd.

image no 80

New building to the right where the space for the plot is, in the "then". SJ

Hennessy tells the taxi driver to wait for him. Emperors' Gate SW7.

image no 81

Slightly off angle to show the end of Greville Place as it meets Cromwell Road. SJ

Hawk watches the front door to Kate's apartment building. Emperors' Gate identified by Geoff.

image no 82

No36 is the same front door as Bogarde's in 'Darling'. SJ

Tobin watches from a window as Hennessy makes his way in through the back of the building. McLeod's Mews / Osten Mews located by Geoff Dodd.

image no 83

Still a generous cladding of ivy. SJ

After Kate is shot when she raises the alarm, Hennessy kills Boyle before making his escape. Osten Mews, London SW7 identified by by Geoff Dodd.

image no 84

Now, with bend in drainpipe intact. SJ

Hawk climbs a wall to pursue Hennessy as Tobin calls for him to return to the car.

image no 85

Now. SJ

Tobin, Hawk and Maguire flee as neighbours call for help. Geoff Dodd identifies Osten Mews again.

image no 86

Looking north with ivy-clad cottage to left and (out of shot) basement to right. SJ

Hollis searches Kate's apartment and makes a connection that leads him to Burgess' house where Hennessy has already gained access and taken the M.P.'s place. Lansdowne Crescent in Notting Hill W11.

image no 87

Now. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Tobin also makes the connection with Burgess and a car chase ensues after Hollis sees the IRA men arrive outside the M.P.'s house.

  • 'Now' required

Tobin, Hawk and Maguire escape after shooting at Hollis' car, causing him to crash.

Newspaper billboards announce the State Opening of Parliament and heightened security.

image no 90

The east side of Westminster Bridge, London SE1. Image by Peter.

The Guard's Band marches through the streets as Hennessy continues to prepare himself at Burgess' house.

image no 91

Looking from Parliament Square towards Whitehall, SW1. The cenotaph is behind a bus in the now but visible in the then. Railings seem to have been added to the Houses of Parliament (to the right out of shot) and what with buses and tourists on a warm October 31st not easy to reproduce. SJ

Onlookers gather to watch the Queen pass on her way from Buckingham Palace.

image no 92

Peter found King Richard I, without the crowds.

Dignitaries from all over the world begin to arrive.

image no 93

Peter sent this image of the same location now.

Having incapacitated Stephen Burgess and now disguised as the M.P., Hennessy leaves for Parliament.

image no 94

The house seen in 'The Passenger' in the unclear background. SJ

Laden with gelignite, Hennessy is shown to a waiting car.

image no 95

The trees have swelled. SJ

Members of Royalty and the Archbishop of Canterbury arrive.

image no 96

Peter captured the House Of Commons from ground level, with token demonstrators.

Hollis arrives to find Stephen Burgess tied up and learns of the plan to blow up Parliament.

image no 97

Now. SJ

The Inspector speeds off towards Westminster. Looking onto Lansdowne Crescent and St. John's Garden W11. The area is also seen in 'The Hostage', 'Seven Days to Noon', 'Steptoe and Son' and 'The Blue Lamp'.

image no 98

Passing St. Johns church. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Hennessy arrives at the staff entrance to the Houses of Parliament.

As the Queen arrives to open Parliament, Maguire (Paul Brennan) and Tobin watch helplessly from the crowd.

image no 100

Hmm, some trickery going here. This is the Royal College of Mines, SW7, seen in 'The Ipcress File', rather a long way from the Palace of Westminster. SJ

Inspector Hollis shows his ID to get through the police line.

image no 101

This is closer but still the wrong side of Parliament Square. Johnson is outside Middlesex Guildhall, home to The Supreme Court, shared with the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, on the west side of the square on Broad Sanctuary, SW1. SJ

  • 'Now' required

After being found by Hollis, Hennessy runs from Parliament into Victoria Tower Terrace. Location identified by Simon James.

Hollis shoots Hennessy which triggers the explosives strapped to his body . . . . . . . .

image no 103

The Burgers of Calais sculpture is still off its plinth and Victoria Tower is clear of refurbishment but work on the adjacent building is in progress. Information and picture from Peter.