Hide and Seek

Date: 1964
Director: Cy Endfield
Production Company: Albion Film Corporation

Stars: Ian Carmichael, Curd Jürgens, Janet Munro, George Pravda, Hugh Griffith, Kieron Moore
Location(s): Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


A reserved British astronomer is drawn out of his quiet life and into an affair of international espionage.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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The film begins on the morning after the Russian's have launched a satellite into space.

image no 1

Now, with Henry VIII dominating the tower. SJ

Professor David Garrett (Ian Carmichael) cycles away from an all night session monitoring the spacecraft. The camera tilts down the gateway to Trinity College on Trinity Street, Cambridge.

image no 2

On a wet autumnal day. SJ

The astrophysicist dodges the titles as he rides through Cambridge. Facing north on St John's Street with St John's College to the left.

image no 3

Titles vanquished. SJ

Trumpington Street, Cambridge with the tower of The Pitt Building in the centre distance.

image no 4

Bang on: looking south. SJ

The Professor's car also drives through the city's streets. Looking towards Trumpington Street from King's Parade.

image no 5

That modern glass grates the eye somewhat. SJ

The camera pans to follow the car. King's Parade, Cambridge with King's College to the left and the Senate House ahead.

image no 6

Now. SJ

Facing King's Parade from Senate House Hill, Cambridge.

image no 7

From ground level. SJ

The car turns to follow David Garrett as he starts to fall asleep on his bike. Senate House Hill with Great St. Mary's Church to the left.

image no 8

Now. SJ

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The Chauffeur parks up and makes her way into the quad to wait for the professor.

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Professor Garrett nears his destination.

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As they talk whilst walking, two students part when David rides between them.

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Masters (Tony Quinn) hands David his overcoat and chess set as the Chauffeur (Judy Parfitt) waits.

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The Chauffeur and the Professor head to the car for the journey to London.

David sleeps until the car nears Paddington Temperance Hall. Passing Latimer Road School on Latimer Road, or nowadays, the Thomas Jones Primary School on Freston Road W10.

image no 14

It's done well to survive in this area. Taken from a footpath at the end of Freston Road. SJ

This is the long lost corner of Latimer Road and Blechynden Street in Ladbroke Grove. The area was also seen in 'Operation Third Form'.

image no 15

The houses in the background have been replaced by Frinstead House and the wall has grown. SJ

The car is brought to a stand. The junction of Latimer Road and Blechynden Street in W12. Everything in the shot has disappeared.

image no 16

Continuing the pan brings little into view apart from the towering Frinstead House. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Professor Garrett gets out of the car to attend a chess display. Facing the junction of Blechynden Street with Latimer Road and Bard Road beyond.

  • 'Now' required

When she asks, the Chauffeur is told that David will be about an hour. The Britannia public house in the background stands at the corner of Bard Road and Latimer Road W10 and was demolished to make way for the West Cross Route. The junction is also featured in 'The Blue Lamp'.

  • 'Now' required

The Professor walks East European chess master Dr. Franz Melnicker (George Pravda) back to the car. Facing north-east on Blechynden Street. Various parts of Blechynden Street appear in ‘Robbery’, ‘Leo the Last’, ‘Operation Third Form’ and ‘The Touchables’

Dr. Melnicker is given a lift to his hotel. This is Endsleigh Gardens, London WC1.

image no 20

The same location with added trees. (PW)

After passing a cryptic comment to his friend, Melnicker looks at two men waiting near the hotel entrance. Endsleigh Gardens in Bloomsbury facing Gordon Street and the junction with Gower Place.

image no 21

Rush hour traffic replaces the Professors car. (PW)

As David is driven away, he looks back to see two agents (Monty Warren and Cyril Cross) speaking with Melnicker. Endsleigh Gardens with the corner of Taviton Street in the centre. The Endsleigh Hotel was demolished and replaced with Wates House, part of UCL, in 1975.

image no 22

Not quite such a charming looking building. (PW)

Professor Garrett is driven to his two o'clock meeting at the Ministry of Defence. Looking to the north-west on Gower Street WC1 with the corner of Grafton Street on the extreme left.

image no 23

Peter took this shot which shows the University College Hospital building where the construction site was.

The camera follows the car as it passes. Gower Street facing the junction with University Street. The street was seen in 'Full Circle' and 'Raising the Wind'.

image no 24

From ground level with added students. Picture from Peter/

David enters the building for his interview where Major McPherson questions him about his association with Dr. Melnicker. Not exactly the Ministry of Defence, this is the entrance to the Anatomy Building of University College London on Gower Street.

image no 25

Peter found the same doorway with a cigarette break in full swing outside.

  • 'Now' required

When David finds cash and a black knight in his chess box, he quickly returns to the Paddington Temperance Hall. The hall is actually the Latymer Mission on Blechynden Street.

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Finding the match cancelled when Melnicker failed to return after lunch, David rushes off after remembering the Doctor's cryptic message. Looking along Blechynden Street W10 with Mersey Street to the right, Oldham Road to the left and the junction with East Mews Road in the distance.

A taxi takes the Professor to King's Square, 4 in Chelsea. The street sign is a prop and this is Markham Square.

image no 28

Peter found the location.

When the bell is rung, a young woman called Maggie (Janet Munro) appears at the window and throws down a key. Markham Square again.

image no 29

The same windows and balcony by Peter.

Later that afternoon, the bride and groom leave Maggie's house after a wedding party where David sees Paul, a man remembered from the chess match. Markham Square SW3.

image no 30

Peter found a parking suspension sign outside No.35 . . . . for a wedding perhaps!

Guests follow the happy couple as they are driven away. Looking towards King's Road on Markham Square.

image no 31

Peter is spot on but the grey box-like structure spoils the shot.

After writing down Maggie's telephone number, David Garrett leaves the now empty house. Markham Square SW3, but the other side of the green to image hidse031.

image no 32

A lot more downpipes have been added since the film was made! Picture by Peter.

Two Thugs (James Houlihan and Leslie Crawford) start to follow the Professor. The west side of Markham Square, facing King's Road.

image no 33

The same location by Peter who noticed that the pavement has been raised, hence the shallower first steps.

David quickens his pace when he becomes aware of his pursuers. Markham Square at the junction with King's Road in SW3.

image no 34

Peter provides this comparison.

  • 'Now' required

The two men start to run after David, but lose him in the film's Royal Chelsea Gardens.

When he calls Maggie, the Professor is told to meet her on platform 12 at Watford Junction station. Yes, Watford Junction station looking north on the former Platform 12.

image no 36

Still recognisable today. (PW)

The young woman is nowhere to be seen. Facing south at Watford Junction. Confirmed by Robert Shrives.

image no 37

The sight is a little less friendly in this comparison! (PW)

As David looks back down into the subway, a train arrives with Maggie on board. Watford Junction station on Station Road, Watford in Hertfordshire.

image no 38

Now a disused platform, which serves as access to the current platform 11. (PW)

  • 'Now' required

David joins Maggie and the train departs for Yorkshire. This is stock footage of the 'up' Royal Scot passing over Bushey water troughs in Hertfordshire. The shot was also used in 'Beat Girl' and 'Left, Right and Centre'.

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Having jumped from the train when the two agents were encountered, David and Maggie say goodbye to Wilkins (Hugh Griffith) after spending the night on his narrow-boat.

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The two make their way onto the main road.

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Maggie spots a signpost pointing the way to Flamborough.

  • 'Now' required

When Maggie disappears and he thinks that he's killed Paul at Flamborough Head, a Constable (Cardew Robinson) takes David to the Portland Inn to call for help. Jules Ballantyne felt that the "Inn smacked of Home Counties" and as a result found it now to be The Berystede Hotel & Spa, Bagshot Road, Sunninghill, Ascot Berks.

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Hubert Marek (Curd Jürgens) watches as the Professor tries to flee his kidnapping plot. See Capture 43

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Another escape from the hotel is attempted. See Capture 43

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Marek explains his plan. This scene appears to involve a little cinematographic trickery.

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When his plot is foiled by David and Maggie, Marek admits defeat.

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David and Maggie kiss before the closing credits appear.