Hireling, The

Date: 1973
Director: Alan Bridges
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, World Film Services

Stars: Sarah Miles, Robert Shaw, Peter Egan
Location(s): Berkshire, Somerset, Wiltshire

Region(s): ,


A chauffeur grows fond of his employer and a close bond develops that threatens to transcend social boundaries.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson from source material provided by John Tunstill.


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Paralyzed by grief after her husband's death, Lady Helen Franklin (Sarah Miles) stands in the grounds of the institution where she is a patient. Unknown location.

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A Nurse busies herself inside the conservatory.

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Another Nurse looks out from an upper doorway of the hospital.

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Lady Helen sees a patient looking through a window as she is driven home by Steven Ledbetter, a hired driver and his car.

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On the journey, Steven Ledbetter (Robert Shaw) chats with Lady Helen. Unidentified location.

Ledbetter draws the Rolls Royce up near Lady Helen's home. Lansdown Crescent, Bath in Somerset.

image no 6

Higher up the hill than the more famous Royal Crescent. SJ

Lady Helen stares at the house she shared with her recently deceased husband. Lansdown Crescent in Bath.

image no 7

Towards the west side. SJ

Ledbetter carries Lady Helen's luggage and the two approach the front door. Lansdown Crescent, Bath, Somerset.

image no 8

Just capturing the base of the grade 1 listed arch between 20 Lansdown Crescent and 1 Lansdown Place West. SJ

A Manservant opens the door to Lady Helen Franklin. Off Lansdown Crescent.

image no 9

And this is no 20 with its entrance just off the crescent. SJ

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Ledbetter calls to mechanic Davis (Ian Hogg) in the yard that houses his small car hire business. Unknown location.

Lady Helen walks with Ledbetter. In the background is the Lansdowne Monument on Cherhill Down, between Calne and Beckhampton, Wiltshire.

image no 11

Clive Rideout found the base of the monument fenced off, doesn't show too much from this distance! (RL)

Ledbetter unloads a picnic basket. Cherhill, near Calne in Wiltshire with Cherhill White Horse, also known as Oldbury White Horse, in the background.

image no 12

Clive then found the White Horse looking more like a Grey Mare. (RL)

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Lady Helen is driven home. Sutton Place, Surrey recognised by Mark Eastment.

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Another driver's eye view of Sutton Place, three miles north-east of Guildford located by Mark.

Captain Hugh Cantrip (Peter Egan) and Lady Helen are driven to an engagement at The Avon Hotel. According to Roger Cullingham and the RWWS Forum "The Avon Hotel" was actually, The Old House Hotel, Thames Street, Windsor, now the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa. This shot however shows High Street, Eton viewed from Eton Court. (RL)

image no 15

A capture from Google Earth supports Roger's identification of the background. (RL)

Ledbetter sees that Sir Hugh and Lady Helen are growing closer and visits a pub whilst he waits for them. Roger Cullingham, Editor of RWWS Forum identifies this as The George Inn, now The Prince George Inn, 77 High Street, Eton. (RL)

image no 16

No longer living in the area Roger provides this Google shot to support his identification. (RL)

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The couple leave The Avon where Sir Hugh has announced that he is standing for parliament. What was The Old House Hotel, Thames Street, Windsor. See hire016 above. (RL)

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Another view of the yard where Steven Ledbetter runs his business from. Unidentified location.

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After talking with Lady Franklin's staff, Ledbetter leaves by a back door. Identified by Mark Eastment, this is Sutton Place in Sutton Park.

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Whilst driving another Lady, Ledbetter makes an excuse to stop the car near Lady Helen's house and call on her. A longer shot of Sutton Place in Surrey identified by Mark Eastment.