Holiday, The

Date: 2006
Director: Nancy Meyers
Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Relativity Media

Stars: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, Eli Wallach
Location(s): Los Angeles, USA, Shere, Surrey, London, Oxfordshire

Region(s): , ,


Couple of single girls, one in LA and the other in romantic English countryside, swap houses and find holiday love. SJ

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Winslet is depressed over losing Sewell. South Bank, London SE1

image no 1

Not so much South bank as more Lambeth Palace Road. SJ

Making her way home. A familiar location seen in The Earth Dies Screaming and The Wedding Date.

image no 2

Signpost a prop, maybe. Rain has replaced the fake snow. SJ

Diaz arrives at the same spot as the above to picturesque Shere, Surrey, with snow and The White Horse sign.

image no 3

The horse is rearing the other way now. SJ

And pans right towards St James's Church.

image no 4

In a different season. SJ

Diaz is dumped by the taxi on the corner of Church Hill and Church Lane.

image no 5

Now. SJ

Winslet's beautiful cottage, alas a set.

image no 6

The trees are real though. SJ

But there's the church spire to find the field the set was built in. Interiors were in LA.

image no 7

Find this by follwowing a public footpath and the site is in a private field next to the path.

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Winslet arrives at Diaz's place in LA. 1883 clearly visible.

Diaz has driving issues in (possibly) Godalming, Surrey.

image no 9

Definitely Godalming. Church Street. SD

same as holi008: Black drives into no 1883

image no 10

imdb tells us it's Orlando Road, San Marino, backed up by Google. SJ

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Cornwell Manor, Cornwell near Chipping Norton. Cynically one imagines this is a second unit shot.

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But no. That's Law and Diaz on location.

Diaz runs over a snowy bridge.

image no 13

The old Rectory bridge, off Lime Walk, Shere, Surrey, with a lot more holly now. The bridge leads to the old Rectory. SD

And up the field to the fibreglass set.

image no 14

The set today. SJ