Hostile Witness

Date: 1968
Director: Ray Milland
Production Company: Caralan Productions Ltd.

Stars: Ray Milland, Sylvia Syms
Location(s): London



A distinguished barrister is suspected of taking revenge when his daughter is killed.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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The feature opens with a shot of the often seen dome of the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey EC4 which also appears in 'Dr. Crippen', 'Appointment with Crime', 'Escape', 'Brothers in Law' and 'The Long Dark Hall'.

image no 1

Peter returned to the well used location to grab some comparison shots.

Inside the court, Simon Crawford QC successfully sees another apparently guilty client acquitted.

image no 2

Fortitude and Truth flanking a Recording Angel by Frederick William Pomeroy, captured by Peter.

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Major Hugh Maitland (Geoffrey Lumsden) thumbs through a newspaper outside his house in fictional Gordon Mews.

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When he arrives home, Simon Crawford QC (Ray Milland) asks the Major if he has seen his daughter Joanna.

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The successful barrister enters his neighbour's house to deliver a huge birthday card to Justice Gregory’s wife moments before his daughter Joanna is fatally injured by a hit and run driver.

Junior clerk Percy (Julian Holloway) arrives at chambers to witness the distressed Crawford attack the Private Investigator he has hired to find his daughter's killer. Brick Court in Middle Temple, London EC4. The location also appears in ‘The Battleaxe'.

image no 6

The same location in colour from Peter.

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The day after Crawford is hit over the head by a mystery assailant, Lady Gregory returns home to Gordon Mews.

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Lady Phyllis Gregory (Dulcie Bowman) enters the house to discover her husband’s lifeless body.

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The distraught Lady Gregory runs outside and hammers on Crawford's door.

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After starting his investigation, Superintendent Eley (Richard Hurndall) calls on Crawford.