Hour of 13, The

Date: 1952
Director: Harold French
Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios

Stars: Peter Lawford, Dawn Addams, Roland Culver, Derek Bond, Leslie Dwyer
Location(s): London



A jewel thief tries to mislead police who suspect that his theft of a valuable emerald is related to the serial murder of eleven policemen.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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After buying a newspaper MacStreet (Colin Gordon) climbs into the hackney carriage driven by fellow gang member Ernie Perker (Leslie Dwyer). Although many large sets are seen in this production, this has the 'feel' of a real location.

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Following the theft of the Calgurie Emerald from Mrs. Chumley Orr, Nicholas Revel and Ernie Perker discuss their next move after the crime is connected to a series of murders. The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens, London SW7 which also appears in 'The Assassination Bureau Limited', 'Jubilee', 'The Million Pound Note' and many more.

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Nicholas courts Jane Frensham, the fiancée of Sir Christopher Lenhurst.

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Dressed as a policeman, Nicholas is driven to riverside warehouses in an attempt to catch the killer known as 'The Terror'. Shad Thames in SE1 recognised by Ray Glenister.

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Nicholas Revel (Peter Lawford) creeps through the dark, narrow streets. Ray identifies this as looking westward along Shad Thames in Southwark. The location features in 'The French Lieutenants Woman', 'Clegg', 'Give My Regards To Broad Street', 'Terry On The Fence', 'Pool of London' and 'The Alf Garnett Saga'.