Hour of Decision

Date: 1957
Director: C M Pennington-Richards
Production Company: Tempean Films

Stars: Jeff Morrow, Hazel Court, Carl Bernard, Anthony Dawson, Lionel Jeffries
Location(s): London



An American reporter, Joe Saunders (Jeff Morrow) finds out that a mystery woman wanted by the police for the murder of an unpleasant columnist’s murder is in fact his own wife. Joe sets out to find the real killer and clear his wife Margaret (Hazel Court).

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Screen captures and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy.


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The scene is set, Piccadilly Circus and London’s club land.

image no 1

Much busier now, night or day.

Gary Bax (Anthony Dawson), the unpleasant columnist, is joined for drinks at his table by “Peggy” (Hazel Court). He, shortly after, collapses and dies, whilst she goes off to his flat to try and recover some old letters. Barrie House, Lancaster gate, London W2 where she enters with a key.

image no 2

Now, by daylight. They seem to have disposed of the "Out" sign.

The scene is further set with the apartment block where “Peggy”, Margaret Saunders lives before cutting inside. The morning paper tells of the death of Gary Bax with a photograph of Peggy’s fur and notable bracelet. Kings Court, Hamlet Gardens, London W6 which also features in 'Night of the Prowler'.

image no 3

I couldn't get quite as far back as I would have wished due to a scaffolding trailer which clearly was there for the duration.

By good fortune Joe Saunders (Jeff Morrow) is assigned to report on the case by his newspaper so armed with Peggy’s key to Gary’s apartment he heads off there. Barrie House again. Remember those tree trunks painted white so they could be seen during the blackout? The location appears in 'Front Page Story' and 'The Battleaxe'.

image no 4

Still a nice place to live with a new tree.

Having found the letters the police begin to build a picture of who they are looking for. Joe realizes that he must speak to everyone else at the club that night to find out who did poison Gary and goes off to see the estranged Mrs Olive Bax (Mary Laura Wood). St Peter’s Square, London W6

image no 5

Still the only house in the square that does not have urn or similar between those curls, maybe that is why they let the greenery grow.

  • 'Now' required

She is not at home but he overhears that she is at the “Grayson Nursing Home”. Now The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Curzon Street, London W1 identified by Andrew Jackson. (RL)

His next stop is Kings Court, Kings Street/Hamlet Gardens, London W6 to see Mrs Eileen Chadwick (Vanda Godsell) A different angle to 003 to suggest a different location.

image no 7

That pillar has gone but not much else has changed.

They talk on her balcony. The balcony ironwork looks to be the same as seen in “Blackout” Capture 19.

image no 8

Christopher, having found "Blackout" Capture 19, it naturally resolved this location as well. Same larger balcony but this time using the Edgware Road "side" and the junction with Kendal Street behind Joe's back. Forset Court on the corner of Edgware Road, London W1 and Nutford Place. Supported with this Bing Bird's Eye View. (RL)

Joe heads off via Piccadilly Circus…..

image no 9

OK, so they moved "Eros".

Buckingham Palace….

image no 10

The crowds are a little less ordered now.

The Monument…….

image no 11

There is hardly room to walk there now let alone park.

The Albert Embankment, to find the “American Tourist” J. Foster Green (Alan Gifford), who was with the Chadwick’s at the Sapphire Club when Gary was poisoned.

image no 12

A little clearer and more colourful.

Peggy and Joe wonder if it isn’t time to question why the Bax’s had not divorced and were all happy with the “triangle”. Joe visits Somerset House, Strand.

image no 13

The name plaque has been moved and the gates moved back but apparently you no longer have to drive slowly.

Olive Bax discharges herself from the Nursing Home and returns to her home in St Peter's Square, as does Joe.

image no 14

I seem to have spent much time in this square in recent years, I wish I could afford to move in.

Finding no answer he breaks in (rather too easily) to find the third part of the triangle Andrew Crest (Anthony Snell) dead. Thereafter the plot unfolds in the studio set Sapphire Club.

image no 15

I couldn't gain access to there basement to take the shot.