I Could Go on Singing

Date: 1963
Director: Ronald Neame
Production Company: Barbican Films

Stars: Judy Garland, Dirk Bogarde, Jack Klugman, Gregory Phillips, Aline MacMahon
Location(s): Kent, London

Region(s): ,


A successful singer travels to London for an appearance and meets up with an old flame with whom she had a son, fifteen years earlier.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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A taxi carries American singer Jenny Bowman to the home of David Donne, a prominent physician.

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The cab comes to a halt outside the house where Miss Bowman calls on the man that she met many years before.

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Jenny persuades David to let her see their son who has been brought up in England. The King's School, The Precincts in Canterbury, Kent.

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David and Jenny watch a rugby match at the public school that Matt Donne attends.

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Having been introduced to Miss Bowman, Matt shows her around his school. The ruins of the Infirmary Chapel at Canterbury Cathedral.

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Matt tells the American visitor about the school's history. Canterbury Cathedral in The Precincts.

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Believing to have been adopted, Matt (Gregory Phillips) talks with Jenny.

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The three turn a corner and the Cathedral comes into view.

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The choir is heard practicing inside. Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury.

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The Cathedral was also seen in 'Last Orders' and 'A Canterbury Tale'.

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Matt asks if they can go up the tower. The main entrance to Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, Kent.

Leaving Canterbury without his father's knowledge, Matt attends Jenny Bowman's performance at the London Palladium. Outside the famous theatre on Argyll Street W1, which was also seen in the 1935 version of 'The 39 Steps'.

image no 12

Peter provides a similar daylight view.

While he's visiting London, Jenny takes Matt on a river trip. The River Thames with the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank SE1 in the left background and Hungerford Bridge to the right.

image no 13

In this view by Peter, the London Eye now entices visitors.

Matt points out St. Paul's Cathedral before the two go to find a seat inside the boat.

image no 14

It was a brighter day when Peter took this shot of a changed skyline.

The boat leaves the Tower of London after Matt decides to spend more time with Jenny. Tower Pier, London EC3 with Tower Bridge in the background. The location was used in 'Three Hats for Lisa' and '23 Paces to Baker Street'.

image no 15

Peter returned to the location to take this shot.

The two arrive at Jenny's hotel. The Savoy Hotel's rear entrance on Savoy Place, London WC2. This entrance was seen in 'Night of the Demon'.

image no 16

The same location in this picture from Peter.

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The next day, after waking late and missing a promised trip to the Science Museum with Matt, Jenny has a better idea. The London Heliport off Lombard Road in Battersea SW11. The location was also seen in 'The Strange Affair', 'The Deadly Affair' and 'Doomwatch'.

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The helicopter takes off, taking the two on an aerial tour of London. This is the now demolished Fulham Power Station. The chimneys were seen in 'Alfie (1966)', 'Melody' and 'Up the Junction'.

The helicopter lands near St. Giles' Church in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire.

image no 19

Di Davies travelled there in a more conventional means of transport and advises that the church used to have a spire that was removed many years ago. (RL)

Matt tells Jenny that this is where Gray wrote his elegy. St. Giles' Church on Church Lane, Stoke Poges.

image no 20

Di didn't know that she needed to be the other side of the bush when she took this shot. (RL)

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David arrives home from Italy to find Jenny waiting at the airport. Heathrow Airport in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Visible in the top left is the Control Tower that also appears in 'Three Hats for Lisa', 'Blind Date' and 'Jet Storm'.

Following the discovery that David and Jenny are his parents, Matt walks alone. Queen's Walk SE1 with Westminster Bridge spanning the River Thames to the right.

image no 22

I decided to elevate myself above the teeming tourist masses to match a clearer view. SJ

The young man nears a telephone box. In front of the former County Hall on what was previously called River Walk.

image no 23

Appearing not quite so busy. SJ

Matt pauses before calling his mother. Looking across from River Walk to Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament beyond.

image no 24

A bit of shrouding on Parliament. SJ

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A taxi arrives at a hospital's casualty department.

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David gets out and enters the hospital where a very drunk Jenny has been admitted.