I Give It A Year

Date: 2013
Director: Dan Mazer
Production Company: StudioCanal, Anton Capital Entertainment, Starcrossed

Stars: Rafe Spall, Rose Byrne, Anna Faris, Simon Baker, Alex Macqueen, Stephen Merchant, Jane Asher, Minnie Driver, Olivia Colman, Jason Flemyng, Nigel Planer
Location(s): London, Hertfordshire

Region(s): ,


Mismatched couple’s approaching their first wedding anniversary may wobble. SJ

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A wedding for Byrne and Spall.

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The reception at Wrotham Park. This has also appeared in Peter's Friends, King Ralph, What a Girl Wants, White Mischief and Gosford Park among many others.

A Bloomsbury feel here.

image no 3

And thanks to Simon Williams who narrowed it down to Bloomsbury Square/ and Bloomsbury Place looking east to Southampton Row, WC1. Photo by SJ.

And this.

image no 4

As above, no.24. SJ

Spall and Byrne's flat: SW3ish

image no 5

W8 actually, and Kensington Court in particular with Roxburgh Mansions centre identified by Neil Rigby. Within 24 hours I just happened to be there. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Baker's factory: looks Greenwichy.

Formosa Street at the bend, London W9.

image no 7

Businesses still going strong. SJ

Cambridge Circus, London W1.

image no 8

Different sign on the The Spice of Life wall. The Cambridge I seem to remember suffered a bomb in the IRA days. SJ

The Spice of Life, Soho, London W1.

image no 9

Also seen in Sid and Nancy. SJ

Foubert's Place approaching Kingly Street, London W1.

image no 10

Taken from the one remaining bollard looking east. SJ

The Blue Posts, there indeed being one in Kingly Street, but this is another one nearby. 22 Berwick Street at Broadwick Street, W1.

image no 11

Now. SJ

The gleaming new St Pancras, NW1

image no 12

Taken during the day as opposed to the film's night. SJ

Reverse pov.

image no 13

And I turned around too. SJ

Another shot.

image no 14

Now, a little further back as the platforms are ticket-only. SJ