I Only Arsked!

Date: 1958
Director: Montgomery Tully
Production Company: Granada Film Productions, Hammer Films

Stars: Bernard Bresslaw, Michael Medwin, Alfie Bass, Geoffrey Sumner, Charles Hawtrey, Norman Rossington, David Lodge
Location(s): Berkshire



Trying to cadge themselves an easy posting, a group of inept army recruits are transferred to the Middle East.

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Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson

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At No. 3 Surplus Ordnance Depot near Nether Hopping, Corporal Springer (Michael Medwin), Popeye Popplewell (Bernard Bresslaw), Private 'Professor' Hatchett (Charles Hawtrey) and Excused Boots Bisley (Alfie Bass) march into view as the titles finish.

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Sergeant ‘Potty’ Chambers (David Lodge) strides towards Major Upshott-Bagley’s office.

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Having been tricked into volunteering by the Sergeant, Corporal Springer and his section are posted to the Middle-East protectorate of Darawa.

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A car brings Sir Redvers, the British Ambassador, to King Fazim’s palace.