I Was Monty’s Double

Date: 1958
Director: John Guillermin
Production Company: Film Traders Ltd., Setfair Productions Ltd.

Stars: John Mills, Cecil Parker, Leslie Phillips, Michael Hordern, Marius Goring
Location(s): Gibraltar, Kent, London, Surrey

Region(s): , , ,


The true story of how an actor was recruited to impersonate General Montgomery and mislead the enemy about his intentions before the Normandy campaign.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Hell, Heaven or Hoboken’ (US Title)


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The South Coast of England. Spring 1944. Melvyn Hull spotted that this is the lighthouse that stands on the South Breakwater of Ramsgate Harbour in Kent.

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Major Harvey (John Mills) alights from a train after returning from a mission on the Continent. Liverpool Street station, Liverpool Street EC2.

The Major passes through the ticket barrier unaware that he is being followed. Liverpool Street station.

image no 3

Oliver Fosker sends this shot of Platforms 4 & 5 with the new 379 units on the Stansted Express service replacing the Steam Locos. (RL)

The Intelligence Officer becomes aware of his pursuer.

image no 4

Looks like the same location at a brighter Liverpool Street but it isn't. The staff at station pointed out via Twitter that this is a new landing built to the same design as the old one that once stood a few yards to the north. (PW)

Newspapers and magazines are browsed as a Suspicious Man (Ronnie Stevens) loiters in the background.

image no 5

There's more space in the redeveloped station and again, this is in the new section of the station that opened in 1991. (PW)

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In an effort to remain unnoticed, the Man turns away. The location was seen in 'The Elephant Man', 'The Entertainer' and 'Suspended Alibi'.

A group of soldiers pass by, blocking sight of Harvey. Liverpool Street station in EC2.

image no 7

With all the redevelopment of the station Oliver Fosker sends this approximate location based on the exit portal of the station (seen in the film background). Platform 1 on the extreme left of his shot behind the shop fronts.(RL)

The Man heads for the exit. Liverpool Street station on Liverpool Street in the City of London.

image no 8

A roadway now passes outside rather than an alleyway. The exit in the screen capture is actually located further to the right along this wall. (PW)

Harvey is found outside the station, running along a passageway. This is Sun Street Passage that once ran between Liverpool Street and Broad Street stations.

image no 9

Harvey is seen between Liverpool Street Station and what was Broad Street Station, now long redeveloped. Oliver Fosker sends this shot showing the changes. (RL)

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After finding that the man was an inexperienced agent, Major Harvey arrives outside the offices of Colonel E. F. Logan.

Inside the Leicester offices of Royal Army Pay Corps works Lieutenant M. E. Clifton James, a professional actor before being called up. Identified as Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey by Michael More-Molyneux who remembers watching the filming when "Monty" went there. (RL)

image no 11

With sincerely thanks to the More-Molyneux family. (RL)

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Major Harvey sees Colonel Logan off after plans are made for Lieutenant James to impersonate General Montgomery.

The Adjutant is far from happy when Clifton James is called to London. Loseley Park, Guildford, Surrey. (see iwmd011) (RL)

image no 13

Once again, sincere thanks to the More-Molyneux family. (RL)

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Following training, 'Jimmy' James, in the guise of General Montgomery, is driven to RAF Northolt for a plane to Gibraltar.

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Colonel E. F. Logan (Cecil Parker) and Hester Baring (Barbara Hicks) say farewell to Harvey and Jimmy.

Major Tennant (Leslie Phillips) and other high ranking officers stand to attention as the 'General's' plane taxis to a halt. Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar.

image no 16

Taken from the outside viewing gallery attached to the departure lounge at Gibraltar Airport by Lionel and Cynthia Sear.

As Montgomery, Meyrick Edward Clifton James (Himself) steps from the plane. The Rock of Gibraltar stands in the background and was also seen in 'Wonderful Things!'.

image no 17

The same view of 'The Rock' by Peter.

After being introduced to the officers, 'General Montgomery' is driven to meet the Governor. Gibraltar Airport was also seen in 'The Running Man'.

image no 18

Peter captured this good comparison.

The 'General' arrives at the Governor of Gibraltar's Residence. The Convent on Main Street, Gibraltar.

image no 19

Lionel and Cynthia Sear took advantage of a new airline service to capture this up to date shot of the Convent. for us. (RL)

'Monty' salutes after getting out of the car. Outside The Convent on Main Street.

image no 20

An updated shot of the location from Lionel and Cynthia. (RL)

In on the deception, the Governor of Gibraltar (Michael Hordern) shakes hands with 'General Montgomery'. The Convent, Main Street.

image no 21

The Convent once again, captured by Lionel and Cynthia. (RL)

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Garcia (George Eugeniou) takes news of the General's arrival to his contact.

The informant waits outside the offices of Karl Nielson.

image no 23

Lionel and Cynthia were declined access to the Royal Navy Dockyard and so had to be content with this long distant shot from on the north of the rock but the galleried structure is clearly seen. They advise that it also appeared in the "New Tricks" episode "The Rock" in 2013. (RL)

Karl Nielson (Marius Goring) arrives for dinner with the Governor and the General. The Convent on Main Street with Convent Place to the top right.

image no 24

Lionel and Cynthia were only able to replicate the shot from ground level. (RL)

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Colonel Mathers (Patrick Allen) meets 'Montgomery' and Harvey when they arrive in Algiers.

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With only a few days to go before the landings, the two are driven away at speed.

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Crowds gather to watch as the convoy passes through the streets.

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The high speed ride continues.

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As the enemy are taken in, the 'General' is driven from the town.

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Colonel Logan awaits their arrival at Allied headquarters.

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Morale is boosted whilst visiting the troops in North Africa.

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'Monty' continues his tour as spies report on his whereabouts.

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Having served his purpose, the 'General' is driven to a secure villa.

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When he realises that he's been tricked away from Jimmy, Harvey rushes back to the villa.

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The enemy attack on Jimmy is thwarted.

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Back in London, Jimmy is bumped into by a passer-by (Harry Fowler) as he, Harvey and Logan leave a cinema.

The three walk from the cinema, having watched newsreels reporting the success of the D-Day landings led by the real General Montgomery. Molly says that this is facing north, on the extreme left of the row of shops on the left of Madam Tussauds, London

image no 37

And Peter provides this comparison.