If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

Date: 1969
Director: Mel Stuart
Production Company: Wolper Pictures

Stars: Ian McShane, Suzanne Pleshette, Mildred Natwick, Murray Hamilton, Sandy Baron, Michael Constantine, Norman Fell and many guest appearances
Location(s): London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Germany, Switzerland, Venice, Rome

Region(s): , , ,


Whirlwind coach tour through Europe along with various adventures. SJ

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Joan Collins doing a guest spot in London.

image no 1

The rebuilt corner of Jubilee Place and Kings Road in SW3. Identified and captured by Peter.

While Marty Ingels gleefully films her.

image no 2

Peter found the junction of Radnor Walk and Kings Road with more rebuilding going on.

Kings Road Cellars could just be a clue.

image no 3

Another image from Peter of Kings Road at the junction with Radnor Walk SW3.

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Site of scaffold, Tower of London, EC3.

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Patricia Routledge in front of the (?) V & A, SW7

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A cheese market in Amsterdam, don"t think it's the Alkmaar... but I'm wrong. See added stills, all thanks to Manuel's hard work.

Shelly (Hilarie Thompson) and Bo (Luke Halpin) nearby the entrance to the Cheese Museum at the Waagplein in Alkmaar. The building in the background on the left side has since been demolished.

image no 7

Now there’s a modern apartment house on the opposite side of the square. Google/Manuel in a dream team. (SJ)

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In the queue in front of the museum: Shelly's parents (Murray Hamilton and Peggy Cass) are tasting the famous Edam cheese.

Hilary Thompson and Luke Halpin still in the streets of Alkmaar, at the corner of Oudegracht and Baangracht.

image no 9

Manuel/Google. (SJ)

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The Atomium, Heysel Park, Brussels built for Expo '58.

Mannekin Pis/Petit Julien, on the corner of Stoofstraat/Rue de L'Etuve and Eikstraat/Rue du Chene, Brussels.

image no 11

The same location now. (PW)

Town Hall, de Grote Markt/Grand-Palace, Brussels.

image no 12

From not so high up. (PW)

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Mardasson Memorial, Bastogne, Brussels, built to commemorate the Battle of the Bulge.

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The tourists are sitting in the former restaurant of the Casino at Boulevard Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with a view of Luxembourg's Passerelle Bridge behind Murray Hamilton's head. This is a different view from the same restaurant seen in capture 42. Information from Manuel Gurtner.

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Switzerland...The bus stands on the plain of the Rhone Valley, probably in the area between Aigle and Roche, with thanks to Manuel Gurtner.

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Grand Canal, Venice, Italy.

Venice was all we had for 5 years, but now found by Manuel Gurtner. Sandy Baron stands in front of the palazzo at the corner Sotoportego Widmann/Rio Terà dei Biri o del Parsemolo, in the background the Ponte Widmann across the Rio de Ca'Widmann. (SJ)

image no 17

Matching Google.

Venice. "McShane and Pleshette are sitting at the restaurant on the Fondamenta Dandolo: in the background on the left side the Ponte del Cavallo over the Rio di San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti," Manuel adds.

image no 18

Google from Manuel.

McShane dancing his way to Pleshette's heart. Unknown location for the time being... but not for long. Manuel has found the view from the Palazzo Querini Stampalia down to the nameless piazza at the Rio de Santa Maria Formosa.

image no 19

And here's Manuel's matching Google (SJ)

Same square as iftb019. The romance of Venice.

image no 20

The same square seen from a different angle. The camera stands on the Ponte Pasqualigo e Avogadro across the Rio de San Zanirovo in the corner of the Fondamenta del Rimedio, with Google provided by Manuel (SJ)

The Vatican, Rome.

image no 21

Just in front of the Piazza San Pietro, so outside the Vatican. SJ

The Vatican, Rome.

image no 22

Looking south from the same spot. SJ

Spanish steps.

image no 23

On the north side, halfway up. SJ

Spanish steps.

image no 24

Now. SJ

Robert Vaughn guests... Manuel adds, "While guest star Ben Gazzara had already returned to the US, the likeable Vaughn was still in Italy, where he had previously shot the final scenes for "The Bridge at Remagen" in Castel Gandolfo near Rome. Part of the bridge was rebuilt there on the shores of Lake Albano to complete the filming. Afterwards Vaughn traveled to England and Spain for his part in "Julius Caesar".

image no 25

Now. SJ

Baron and Catherine Spaak.

image no 26

Piazza del Popolo, correctly suggested by JT. SJ


image no 27

And again. SJ

Thompson and Halpin at the Colosseum.

image no 28

Now: the east side. SJ

Rome street...Jack Harmon (Michael Constantine) calls from the news-stand at the Piazza Pitagora, found by Manuel after a long search.

image no 29

The former palazzo in the background stands on the corner of Via Antonio Stoppani and Via Antonio Bertoloni. SJ

Looking over the remains of the Roman Senate and Forum (from the via dei Foro Imperiale as initially thought) but no it's south-west of the Forum on a road called Foro Romano.

image no 30

This proved too tricky to reproduce so I've taken this from a higher elevation (via Monte Tarpeo). The grass promontory off Foro Romano is now inaccessible and this is where I reckon Aubrey Morris is standing. SJ

Pleshette causes a road accident with a Fiat 500. Manuel has found Piazza Mincio, at the intersection to the Via Brenta

image no 31

Piazza Mincio, looking north-west up Via Brenta, still one way. SJ

Yes she's about to fall into the fountain. Manuel and Google found the Fontana delle Rane.

image no 32

There are four almost identical cherubs to this fountain but this, as one of two closest to the via Brenta, looks the best bet. SJ

But the dress is quickly dry for a romantic interlude with McShane.

image no 33

The park of Villa d’Este at Tivoli, about 16 miles east of Rome. In the background the Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain), seen in better detail in capture 54. Provided by Manuel.

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The couple walks along viale delle Cento Fontane (the Hundred Fountains), also a location for “Ben Hur” in 1959, as well as Three Coins in a Fountain, To Rome with Love and The Way of the Dragon.

A hotel room with a view ... Found by Manuel who writes, "A gorgeous Pleshette on the terrace of a penthouse at the Piazza dei Coronari, with a view over the rooftops towards the Vatican. Opposite the square the basilica church Santi Celso e Giuliano at Via del Banco Santo Spirito can be seen. In the background, already on the other side of the Tiber, the dome of St. Peter's Basilica on the left side and on the horizon at the right the Musei Vaticani with the Torre dei Venti and the Casino del Belvedere.(SJ)

image no 35

OK, not an exact match by any means but a good view which can be replaced if anyone goes closer. This was sent in by Patricia Bradley. (SJ)

This is the Hotel Forum.

image no 36

And it's still there by the foro di Augusto, on the via Tor de' Conti. SJ

The airport, Ciampino or Fiumicino.

image no 37

This Google shot from Manuel proves Ciampino Airport, now modernised apart from the tower. South-east of Rome. (SJ)

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Taken from the PO Tower with the coach probably on Charlotte Street, London W1.

The following captures are additions, all from Manuel Gurtner our Swiss representative. This one takes us back to The Netherlands. Alkmaar with a view to the Waagplein. (SJ)

image no 39


Certainly Alkmaar again: the traditional cheese market with “Hollands Kaas Museum” (cheese museum) in the background.

image no 40


And this is Luxembourg. The bus drives over the Adolphe Bridge, that crosses the Pétrusse river. On the left side the clock tower of the “Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État” can be seen.

image no 41

And there it is on the left in the Google.

The protagonists are sitting in the former restaurant of the Casino at Boulevard Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the background the north end of the Adolphe Bridge.

image no 42

Google, looking west though the north end of Pont Adolphe is hidden by foliage on the left, with the ex-restaurant to the right.

And now to Switzerland. Tunnel de la Sarse (length 382 m), built 1938-1940 for the mountain road from Corbeyrier to Les Agites.

image no 43

Google reverse pov.

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A view to the south over the Rhone valley.

The bus is on the Route de Corbeyrier above Yvorne, with Maison Château Blanche on the left side.

image no 45

Very nice matching Google shot.

The fountain in front of the market place of Gruyères. The protagonists are coming from a side street to Rue du Bourg.

image no 46

And an excellent exact match by Manuel and his camera. (SJ)

The market place of Gruyères, with a view towards the château, a hilltop fortress from the 13th-century.

image no 47

The square today, in bright weather but, as in Zermatt, vehicle-free. Manuel (SJ)

The view west from the Canal Grande, silhouetting the church Santa Maria della Salute

image no 48

A google shot looking the same way.

A grab just before no16. Still on the Canal Grande, in the background on the left the Palazzo Giustinian can be seen

image no 49

Matching Google

A view to the Fondamenta Bonlini with the Ponte Trevisan on the right side. The gondolas with the Americans are on the Rio dei Ognissanti, in the background the Ponte de la Scoasera.

image no 50

Another discovery from Manuel who provides this Google shot. (SJ)

The scene with the beautiful Elsa Martinelli was filmed on the Fondamenta de Borgo. Interestingly, Martinelli goes over the bridge twice.

image no 51

Matching Google

Fondamenta de Borgo.

image no 52

Matching Google

Fontana dell’Ovato (Oval Fountain), Villa D'Este, Tivoli, a grab which belongs chronologically just before no33.

image no 53

Google, with thanks to Manuel for all these additions. (SJ)

And another added one from Manuel ... Shortly before the road accident i.e. choronologically before capture 31, a completely disoriented Pleshette drives her Fiat 850 around the Piazza Mincio and passes the Banca Consulia, opposite the Palazzo del Ragno

image no 54

Replacing Manuel's proving Google shot. SJ

While the phone call a bus of the ATAC (Azienda Tramvie e Autobus del Comune) from Line 52 passes the news-stand towards the Viale Bruno Buozzi. An added capture which follows 29 from Manuel, delighted to find this.

image no 55

This shot is not a match (see 29 for that) but to show that nowadays the newspaper kiosk is a few meters further to the right. Google/Manuel (SJ)

Afterwards Bo drives on his Honda motorcycle along the Baangracht towards the Kwerenbolwerk, Alkmaar. This capture comes after no9 chronologically.

image no 56

Google/Manuel. (SJ)