Date: 1963
Director: Peter Maxwell
Production Company: Butcher's Film Productions

Stars: Conrad Phillips, George Pastell, Ballard Berkeley, Linda Marlowe
Location(s): Hertfordshire, London

Region(s): ,


A newspaper reporter is framed by a crooked Soho nightclub owner against whom he has written a series of articles. During his two year prison sentence, with the help of his cell mate, he plans his revenge.

Additional Information:

Screen grabs and uncredited NOW shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy

The majority of the action takes place in the MGM, Borehamwood studios.


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Crooked nightclub owner Sebastian ‘The Duke’ Dukelow (George Pastell) fears that crime reporter Jack Moir (Conrad Phillips) is “getting too close” and sets out to frame him. He send two of his men to “set him up’. Bricket Wood Station, Hertfordshire

image no 1

Now very much an unmanned station.

They take a look to see if Jack is there already. Looking SW towards Watford Junction. The station was also seen in 'Night of the Demon', 'Up the Creek', 'Double Confession' and 'She'll Have to Go'.

image no 2

At least a service still operates.

Jack Moir arrives at the station following up a lead against ‘The Duke’.

image no 3

And it is still free to park!

Jack meets with Mr Wally Wheeler (Richard Klee)

image no 4

I met nobody during my visit.

They agree to talk, “down here” and once down the lane Jack is coshed and abducted. Later thrown in a deserted lane. He finds his way back to the station only to find the police waiting for him. Inspector Pratt (Mike Pratt) and two officers.

image no 5

Vehicles still fill the foreground.

Maury Parfitt (Edward Ogden) confirms that he saw Jack and his car locally when the Mail train was robbed, a situation made worse when mailbags containing registered letters etc are found in the boot of Jack’s car.

image no 6

Parking has to be a little more orderly these days.

Jack is sent to prison and waits for the day of release to get his revenge. Wormwood scrubs Prison. In due course he gets his revenge via studio sets.

image no 7

It is easier to park at Bricket Wood station these days.