Inn for Trouble

Date: 1960
Director: C M Pennington-Richards
Production Company: Hyams and Lloyd Productions

Stars: Peggy Mount, David Kossoff, Leslie Phillips, Charles Hawtrey
Location(s): Surrey



Impeded by a tradition of free beer and a proposed new road, a couple attempt to rejuvenate a country inn.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Eddie Larkin (Shaun O'Riordan) parades his Scout troop outside the house where he lives with his family. Cambridge Road in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

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The Scouts march away at speed when ordered by Ada Larkin after she appears at the door. Looking towards the junction on Cambridge Road with Franklyn Road and River Walk.

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With their belongings loaded onto the back of a Belchers Brewery wagon, Alf Larkin David Kossof) and his son in law Jeff Rogers (Ronan O'Casey) leave the house to begin their new life at Ye Earl Osbourne pub.

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Alf bids farewell to his drinking friends. Cambridge Road with Terrace Road in the distance.

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Seeing him take a drink with with his pals, Ada (Peggy Mount) tells her husband that Eddie is driving the car.

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With Jeff leading on his Lambretta, the convoy sets off. Cambridge Road in Walton on Thames with the corner of Franklyn Road in the right background.

The family arrive at The Earl Osbourne. This is the Black Swan public house at the junction of Old Lane and Ockham Lane at Martyr’s Green near Ockham in Surrey. Identification by Mark Scott. Also seen in "On the Fiddle".

image no 7

Clearly the "Larkin's" developed the business very well. (RL)

Alf, Ada and Eddie stand outside their new home and business. Looking towards the corner of Old Lane and Ockham Lane.

image no 8

A little busier crossroads these days. (RL)

Percy Pirbright (Frank Williams) rides towards the pub on his scooter. The corner of Old Lane and Ockham Lane with buildings on the curving Ockham Lane in the centre distance.

image no 9

If it is not the same gate it is the same design. (RL)

Arriving at the front door, Percy dismounts. The Black Swan has been greatly altered and is currently styled as a gastropub.

image no 10

Difficult to get a truly comparative shot given all the changes. (RL)

Waking Alf and Ada, Sir Hector Gore-Blandish (A. E. Matthews) and the hunt call for their Stirrup Cup. The Black Swan on Old Lane to the east of Ockham in Surrey. The location was also seen in 'On the Fiddle'.

image no 11

One does ones best given the greenery etc. (RL)

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In an effort to create more trade for the pub, Alf and Jeff prepare to divert traffic.

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After the main road is blocked, cars begin to head towards The Earl Osbourne.

Outside the pub, Jeff and Alf watch the traffic jam that they have caused.

image no 14

The Larkins take salty sandwiches out to the queuing motorists, causing them to leave their vehicles to quench their thirst in the bar. Oak Lane passing the front of the Black Swan.

image no 15

Not really the correct angle but otherwise difficult to achieve a meaningful shot. (RL)

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At the back of the pub. Local busy-body Percy Pirbright finds Silas Withering (Charles Hawtrey).

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When they discover that the locals are collecting free beer from Lord Osbourne, the family set off to investigate... the entrance to Ockham Park, on the B2039 Ockham Road North, recognised by nonagenarian alumnus Bill Langley who remembers the area with affection and recalls the scout room above the stables. (SJ)

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Percy alerts Sergeant Saunders (Willoughby Goddard) after finding that the Larkins are serving after hours.

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The Sergeant struggles to climb onto Percy’s scooter.

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Ada heads to the village Post Office where she hears some important gossip.