Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It

Date: 1941
Director: Walter Forde
Production Company: Twentieth Century Productions Ltd.

Stars: Gordon Harker, Alastair Sim, Phyllis Calvert, Edward Chapman
Location(s): London (Studio)

Region(s): ,


Hornleigh and his assistant join the army in an effort to uncover a gang of enemy espionage agents.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Article regarding the location of Capture 4 can be read here.

Also known as ‘Mail Train’ (US Title)


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After Inspector Hornleigh and Sergeant Bingham join the army, their platoon is addressed by Brigadier Lloyd (Allan Jeayes).

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A reverse point of view.

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Inspector Hornleigh and Sergeant Bingham drive through the gateway of the fictional Westgate Manor Hotel.

An atmospheric scene featuring a postman preparing mail bags to be collected by the express carrying the Inspector and Bingham.

image no 4

Sharp eyed Dave Buckley recognised this as a direct lift from GPO film 'Night Mail' and wonders whether royalties changed hands! He sends a comparative clip from that film. Dave has consulted a friend knowledgeable in the subject of the LMS railway and together they have given us their considered opinion regarding the location. The article can be viewed via the header section of this film. (RL)