Date: 1968
Director: Kevin Billington
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Domino Films

Stars: Oskar Werner, Barbara Ferris, Virginia Maskell, Donald Sutherland
Location(s): Berkshire, London, Sussex

Region(s): ,


A famous conductor begins an affair with a young reporter during an interlude from work but the difference in their ages and backgrounds begin to cause problems.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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TV Publicist Bevis (John Cleese) and reporter Sally Carter (Barbara Ferris) follow conductor Stefan Zelter from the television studios during a break in rehearsals. We need confirmation but this appears to be Associated Rediffusion’s studios, later Fountain Studios, at the corner of Wembley Park Drive, Empire Way and Fulton Road in Wembley.

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The famous conductor drives away, avoiding an interview with Sally.

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Stefan arrives home for lunch with his family. The gates of Binfield Manor in Berkshire.

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As his children run from the garden to greet him, Stefan Zelter (Oskar Werner) brings the car to a halt. Steve Cook advises Binfield Manor on Forest Road, Binfield near Bracknell in Berkshire. The building was also seen in 'The File of the Golden Goose' and 'Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter'.

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Antonia Zelter (Virginia Maskell) sees her husband off after the two lunch with Lawrence, a family friend. Binfield Manor was also seen in television's The Sweeney, episode Thin Ice and The Professionals episode The Rack as well as The Avengers. The gate posts are still visible and it's now owned by The Sultan of Brunei. With thanks to Steve Cook for the information. (SJ)

On a fine, sunny day, Antonia and the children take a canal cruise. Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge crossing the Grand Union Canal in Little Venice, London W2. The bridge makes an appearance in 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger', ‘The Blue Lamp’, ‘The Salvage Gang’, ‘Allez France’, 'Licensed to Kill' and ‘Blue Ice’.

image no 6

Tris provides this view of the bridge from the towpath.

Taking a break during work, Stefan phones home to be told that his family are out. Little Venice.

image no 7

Blomfield Road from across the Grand Union Canal by Tris.

Finding Lawrence unavailable, Stefan calls Sally and arranges to meet her. Looking along Garden Court from Fountain Court in Middle Temple, London EC4.

image no 8

Sally had gone by the time Peter arrived.

The Evening Standard journalist arrives a little late after going to the wrong end of the courtyard. Fountain Court was also seen in ‘Brothers in Law’.

image no 9

Peter noticed a new extension in the top background.

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Stefan and Sally talk as they walk together. Fountain Court in Middle Temple EC4.

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The two get along fine whilst having a drink at a riverside pub. Looking across the River Thames from Isleworth Eyot towards Church Street in Isleworth and All Saints Church to the right.

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Stefan drives Sally away in his Bentley Continental Convertible. Facing The London Apprentice public house on Church Street, Isleworth in Greater London. The pub was also seen in 'Sebastian' and ‘Her Private Hell’.

After an affair begins, the two spend more time together. The east side of Royal Avenue, London SW3, possibly No 30 says John Cobbett Maddy. Also seen in 'The Servant'. (RL)

image no 13

And Peter proves the location.

Stefan buys an antique lamp for Sally’s apartment. Angel Antiques on Islington High Street as seen from Camden Passage in London N1.

image no 14

A period lamp post replaces the 1960s one in Peter's view.

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At the Zelter’s home, Stefan’s wife looks down from the bedroom balcony...Back to Binfield Manor identified by Steve Cook (SJ)

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Antonia suggests that her husband spend some time away before his next season of concerts.

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Taking Sally with him, Stefan enjoys the suggested break. Approaching Mermaid Street from an unnamed side street in Rye, Sussex.

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The view turning into Mermaid Street.

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The car turns into the entrance of The Mermaid Inn. Looking west on Mermaid Street in Rye.

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The entrance to the courtyard of the medieval Mermaid Inn. The establishment was also seen in ‘Yellowbeard’ from 1983.

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The Bentley comes to a stand outside the door to the hotel’s reception. Outside the main entrance of the 600 year old Mermaid Inn, Rye in Sussex.

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The couple frolic in the woods and visit a castle during their stay. The Postern Tower at Bodiam Castle to the east of Bodiam.

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Before a sequence of close up shots, the camera tilts and pulls away to reveal more of Bodiam Castle, Bodiam near Robertsbridge in East Sussex.

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Sally enquires about Stefan's feelings about his wife.

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After driving back from the coast in silence, Sally takes her luggage from the car when they reach her home.

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Following stilted conversation, goodbyes are difficult.

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Without turning, Sally climbs the steps and enters the building.

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The lovers walk though Chelsea. This is Sloane Square SW1 continuing towards Cliveden Place to the top.

Stefan spots his agent, Humphrey Turnbull (Robert Lang). Looking across Sloane Square towards the War Memorial with the Royal Court Theatre in the right distance.

image no 29

Peter returns to the location seen in 'Match Point', 'Some Like it Sexy' and 'Twinky' to grab this view.

From a safe distance, Sally watches the men speak after Stefan urges her away. To the centre stands the Venus Fountain in Sloane Square, Chelsea.

image no 30

The square from another angle by Peter.

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Feeling discarded, Sally runs and hides in the doorway of a Post Office. The Post Office occupied No. 9 King’s Road SW1.

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In the intermission during Stefan’s concert, Sally walks on the balcony outside the Royal Festival Hall. In the distance, Waterloo Bridge spans the River Thames.

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After Antonia answers the phone when Sally calls Stefan’s dressing room, the young reporter walks away. Looking down from the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre off Belvedere Road in London SE1.

After catching sight of Mrs Zelter in a hair salon, Sally walks through the chairs set up for an outdoor concert by Stefan. RL advises that this is the Open Air Theatre at Kenwood House on Hampstead Lane in Hampstead NW3.

image no 34

Peter discovered that the 'Kenwood Bowl' is now a temporary structure which gets erected when needed.

Stefan drives towards his next concert venue. Kensington Gore in SW7 with the Royal Albert Hall to the left.

image no 35

The tree sprung from nowhere, though it has been 50 years. SJ

The camera follows the car. Kensington Gore with the Royal College of Art to the left. The area has made many appearances including in ‘The Ipcress File’, ‘Not Now Comrade’, 'The Mutations', ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ and ‘Mister Ten Per Cent’.

image no 36

A different season. SJ

Autograph hunters flock towards Stefan as he brings the Bentley to a stand. Kensington Gore with the Albert Memorial in the centre distance.

image no 37

Unchanged. SJ

Antonia leaves after walking in on a rehearsal and seeing her husband with Sally. Looking up at The Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington.

image no 38

Slightly off angle as the 2018 Baftas are being set up. SJ

Hailing a taxi, Antonia makes her way home. The steps running down to Prince Consort Road from Kensington Gore with Albert Court in the background.

image no 39

Very off angle with the Bafta setting up. SJ

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Soon after, at home, Antonia approaches Stefan.