Intruder, The

Date: 1953
Director: Guy Hamilton
Production Company: Ivan Foxwell Productions

Stars: Michael Ripper, Jack Hawkins, High Williams, Michael Medwin, George Cole, Dennis Price, Duncan Lamont, Susan Shaw, Dora Bryan, Patrick Barr
Location(s): London, Buckinghamshire

Region(s): ,


An ex-regimental commander Colonel Merton catches one of his former NCO’s burgling his house and sets out to investigate the reason behind this desperate act.

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Screen shots and uncredited now shots uploaded by Richard Lovejoy


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Film opens with Col. Merton (Jack Hawkins) playing golf, here with his caddy. Stoke Park House, Slough, Buckinghamshire. George Rooker confirms the location mentioning that it was also seen in Goldfinger.

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Col. Merton leaves the club house about to pay the money he owes to his friend and opponent Tim (Hugh Edwards). Stoke Park House, Slough, confirmed by George Rooker.

Tim gives the Colonel a lift home where he finds his house ransacked and comes face to face with the intruder his former NCO Ginger Edwards (Michael Medwin). SJ places this as Trevor Square, London SW7

image no 3

37 Trevor Square looks the same. SJ

An additional still to show Hawkins moving towards Raphael Street.

image no 4

But the address of his flat is 2 Trevor Square. SJ

Friend Tim comes to collect the Colonel and Ginger makes a run for it.

image no 5

This is the passageway between Trevor Square and Trevor Place. Note the new building which has replaced the long-closed Prince's Skating Club. SJ

A further shot of the escape to perhaps help with the location, that SJ places as Trevor Square, London SW7

image no 6

And the corner house on the left is still 37 Trevor Square. It appears that Medwin has run off down the passage and then simply turned around. SJ

In an effort to catch up with Ginger and find out why he has turned “bad” the Colonel goes to Covent Garden to find a mutual colleague. The corner of Southampton Row and Henrietta Street, London WC2

image no 7

A moment free of tourists.

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He finds John Summers (George Cole) who says that he has not seen Ginger since the end of the War. “Barneyman” was, at one time at least, in Centre Avenue (aka Grand Row), Covent Garden. Ginger was of course hiding there and escapes once again.

Col. Merton uses his military contacts to get a list of other regimental colleagues and where they might be. He sets off with his list. Looking down Portsoken Street, London E1

image no 9

At least some things don't change.......much.

The first meeting is with Capt. Leonard Pirry (Dennis Price) at his office in Ibex House, Minories, London E1

image no 10

A fine example of Art Deco.

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For the second meeting he heads off to “Winfield Secondary School for Boys” to meet ex colleague Bertram Slake (Arthur Howard). Unknown Location.

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As he leaves the school a boy seeks his autograph. Unknown location.

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The house opposite the school that might help with the identification. Unknown location.

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Tipped off by Pirry the Colonel is followed by the police supposedly to Dorset, With the subsequent back projection this is unlikely to be Dorset. Unknown location.

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Where ever it is, he meets up with Donald Cope (Duncan Lamont) at “Rye Hill Farm”. Unknown location.

In a flash back to Ginger's homecoming he sees his little brother playing war games. The “play area”, still not rebuilt today, situated between The Highway and Pennington Street London E1 with St Georges in the East towering in the background.

image no 16

The site remains undeveloped and much the same after all those years.

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They go to the boys guardian uncle’s house. Unknown location.

While Ginger goes to see his uncle Lowden (Edward Chapman) he sends Dickie to see Tina (Susan Shaw) to tell her of his homecoming.

image no 18

Ladbroke Crescent looking east towards Ladbroke Grove, W11. SJ

After visiting Tina himself and finding her with another man he leaves.

image no 19

The arch on Ladbroke Grove leads to Elgin Mews, which was seen in Hennessy. SJ

Making his way away, Coldharbour Lane at the junction with Herne Hill Road. The once Loughborough Park Congregational Church on the corner to his left. He soon sees that there has been an accident and that it is likely that it was Dickie who was injured.

image no 20

For a moment all the traffic lights worked in my favour.

Ginger takes a bus to a local hospital. East Dulwich Grove, London SE22 with Ward Block D of the Dulwich Hospital showing, demolished in 2006

image no 21

.......and not replaced.

He crosses the road and runs into the hospital to find that the boy had died. Now known as the Dulwich Community Hospital.

image no 22

I never saw one nurse.