Iron Petticoat, The

Date: 1956
Director: Ralph Thomas
Production Company: Hope Enterprises, London Film Productions, Remus

Stars: Bob Hope, Katharine Hepburn, Noelle Middleton, James Robertson Justice, Robert Helpmann
Location(s): London

Region(s): ,


A Russian jet lands in West German territory to the surprise of US forces who take the pilot prisoner.

Additional Information:

Screen captures by Phil Wilkinson


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USAF Military Police are alerted when a Soviet plane approaches an American Air Base in West Germany. We're actually in England but the location hasn't been ascertained yet . . .

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The MPs meet the MiG-15 fighter and escort the pilot to see Colonel Newton Tarbell.

This is the first of three second unit establishing shots that break up the studio work. Bright advertisements for Coca Cola, Guinness and Wrigley’s . . . it must be Piccadilly Circus in London W1.

image no 3

Unfortunately we all have to be content with shots from ground level here, including Peter. (RL)

Now over to Trafalgar Square in SW1.

image no 4

Peter captures the sprouting of ironwork. (RL)

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And finally, a view of the Victoria Memorial at the end of The Mall with Buckingham Palace glimpsed to the left.

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Back at Pinewood, the Doorman (Cyril Chamberlain) waits dutifully as Captain Charles Lockwood (Bob Hope) and Captain Vinka Kovelenko (Katherine Hepburn) leave London’s Pall Mall Hotel.

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‘Chuck’ Lockwood follows Captain Kovelenko into 'The Free World' Bookshop at the corner of Patrick Way . . . also at the studio.

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A car brings Dr. Dubratz, Colonel Sklarnoff and Captain Kovelenko to the airfield for the flight to Moscow. The design of the gate posts identify this as the entrance to RAF Northolt on West End Road, Ruislip in Greater London.

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Escaping from the hospitality of the Soviets, Chuck follows Dr. Dubratz to Air Base. RAF Northolt, in Middlesex at the time of filming.

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Dr. Anton Dubratz (David Kossoff) gets out of the car. Found by RL, this is RAF Northolt off West End Road in Ruislip.

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From behind a parked car, Chuck watches as Captain Kovelenko complains about the Soviet Pilot's papers before boarding the plane. RAF Northolt also features in 'You Must Be Joking' and 'The Duke Wore Jeans'.

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Captain Lockwood sends the Pilot, Major Osip Feodor Ganovich (Olaf Pooley), on a hopeless journey to get paperwork and vaccinations completed before taking his place. More of RAF Northolt located by RL.