Italian Job, The (1969)

Date: 1969
Director: Peter Collinson
Production Company: Oakhurst Productions

Stars: Michael Caine, Noel Coward, Benny Hill, Raf Vallone, Rossano Brazzi
Location(s): London; Torino, Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta (Italy)

Region(s): , ,


Comic caper movie about a plan to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam.

Additional Information:

Feltham, Middlesex. External shots of the distinctive curved front Traffic Control Centre were, in fact, at the now demolished “DER House”, at Apex Corner (the junction of the A316, A312 and A305 – now often referred to as “The McDonald’s Roundabout”). Matthew Savage.


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If you have any information regarding this film, any of the stills, or even better, some NOW shots please contact us.

Everybody's favourite nick. The Scrubs, see Constant Husband, Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, Wormwood Scrubs, West London.

image no 1

Yes indeed confirmed by Steve Edmonds, who also supplied the picture. Thanks Steve.

image no 2

Photo again from Steve Edmonds.

Not too obvious.

image no 3

Yes Lancaster Gate as well confirmed by Steve Edmonds.

But West Central London, near Hyde Park?

image no 4

Westbourne Street from the hotel. SJ. Seen in Carry on Doctor cod006, Jon Richardson.

Because this is the Royal Lancaster Hotel, north of Hyde Park.

image no 5

Redesigned frontage now. SJ.

Tall elegant houses, so same area, or Portobello Road? Yes, Centaur Gallery was on Portobello between Denbigh Close and Chepstow Villas, Adrian Grepnold.

image no 6

Taken again by Steve Edmonds, Thanks Steve.

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It's supposed to be real streets, remember, streets, not vans. Oh, you can't get the staff these days!!!

A mews, but which one? Denbigh Close, off Portobello Road. Confirm Denbigh Close, Adrian Grepnold.

image no 8

Steve took the picture in Portobello Road, West London, Thanks Steve. 18 Denbigh Street.

image no 9

Sharp eyed Steve again, well done.

Harley Street, London, W1.

image no 10

Yes indeed Harley Street, snapped by Steve Edmonds.

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Torino airport.

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An Italian Villa??..perhaps Palazzo Lascaris di Ventimiglia, Torino.

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image no 14

Steve snapped this one in Italy. Molto bene.He tells us that it is the Villa De Regina, the Queen's House. Torino.

Italy somewhere? Gran Madre di Dio, Torino, from Thanks. Steve Edmonds gives the location as The Parco del Valentino, Turin

image no 15

Having identified the location Steve now sends us this picture of the building, adding that in reality it was Paramount's head quarters used for 3 months whilst they filmed in Italy in July, August and September 1968. A good moment to plug Steve's own Website (RL)

??..and Italy, somewhere else!

image no 16

The Piazza Castello, Turin. Sent in by Steve Edmonds. Thanks Steve.

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Presumed Torino.

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Once more??..

??..and again.

image no 20

Shot by Steve in Torino, Turin for you who are still working in Farenheit.


image no 21

Side of the river Po, near The Piazzo Vittorio Venetto from Steve.