It’s Not Cricket

Date: 1949
Director: Roy Rich and Alfred Roome
Production Company: Gainsborough Pictures

Stars: Basil Radford, Naunton Wayne, Susan Shaw, Maurice Denham, Alan Wheatley, Nigel Buchanan
Location(s): Kent, London

Region(s): ,


When they’re kicked out of Army Intelligence, a pair of incompetent officers set themselves up as private detectives before becoming involved with an escaping war criminal.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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In post-war West Germany, an Army Motorcyclist nears his destination.

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The Motorcyclist arrives at Intelligence Headquarters.

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A Batman (Leslie Dwyer) on his way to accompany Major Bright and Captain Early is attacked by Otto Fisch. Rather than the expense of travelling to Germany for filming, could this be bomb damaged London?

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With Fisch having taken the place of their Batman, Bright and Early travel by boat-train to the coast.

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The cross-channel ferry sails, taking the pair homeward from Calais.

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Arriving in England, the two Officers join the boat-train for London.

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Having seen Bright and Early’s Batman board the boat-train, Brigadier Falcon (Edward Lexy) recognises him as Fisch when he sees his picture in a newspaper.

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The Brigadier alerts the guards and the train bound for London is searched. The coach is Continental Stock which was built by the SECR and the Southern Railway to a design dating from 1921. The vehicles originally featured inward opening doors and some lasted into the 1960s.

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Otto Fisch (Maurice Denham) gets off the train and makes his way to the ticket barrier. Don’t be fooled by the name-board in the background, this isn’t Folkestone Harbour.

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Looking to find an alternate means of travelling to London, Fisch leaves the station.

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An Orderley (John Warren) directs Major J.J. Bright (Basil Radford) and Captain D.H. Early (Naunton Wayne) to the demobilisation centre.

An establishing shot brings the film to London. The Valiant Trooper public house at 18 Goodge Street W1.

image no 12

Peter took this shot of the pub sporting it's current name.

Pondering what to do in civilian life, the two cashiered Officers walk the streets. The Valiant Trooper, currently known as The Fitzrovia.

image no 13

The establishment has seen several refurbishments. Image by Peter.

Going into the pub for a drink, the pair eventually decide to set up a high class private detective agency. The Valiant Trooper on the corner of Goodge Street and Whitfield Street in W1.

image no 14

Peter provides this view of the present entrance arrangement.

Having made it to the Capital, Fisch makes sure the coast is clear before entering a telephone box. Facing west on Grosvenor Road in Pimlico, just outside The White Elephant on the River restaurant which is seen in ‘Four in the Morning’.

image no 15

The buildings to the right have all been rebuilt, as Peter's comparison shows.

The wanted war criminal calls his contact Felix. Grosvenor Road in SW1 with Battersea Power Station across the Thames on the left.

image no 16

Peter captures the same Mark K2 phone box, along with the ever changing background.

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At the studio, Fisch enters the sports shop where Felix works.

Secretary Primrose Brown is driven to the offices of her new employers, Bright and Early. Peter advises that this is the Senate House on Malet Street in London WC1.

image no 18

Peter provides this comparison shot of the building that also appears in 'Blue Ice'.

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Gerald Lawson (Nigel Buchanan) and Primrose Brown (Susan Shaw) get out of the car and enter the building where the former Officer recognises his former comrades. Peter recognised the Senate House, administrative centre of the University of London in Bloomsbury.

Meeting with their first client, Bright and Early take a cab to The Dorchester Hotel. The junction of Park Lane and Deanery Street in W1.

image no 20

Peter had a problem with a tree......and the tree won. (RL)

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Having been invited for the weekend, Gerald takes Primrose, Bright and Early to his parents house in the country.

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The car is brought to a stand outside the stately home where Howard, the Lawson's Butler, meets the party.

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Gerald and his guests make their way into the house.

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Felix (Alan Wheatley) watches Fisch fall into the road as he attempts to get into their car that has been stolen.

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A Man chases after the two crooks when they steal his car to continue their journey to the film's Leatherham Park.

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J.J. Bright and D.H. Early finally get to play cricket.

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When Fisch turns up in disguise, the film’s finale chase ensues.