Jigsaw Man, The

Date: 1984
Director: Terence Young
Production Company: Evangrove, Nitemeg

Stars: Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier, Susan George, Robert Powell, Charles Gray, Michael Medwin, Vladek Sheybal
Location(s): Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Helsinki (Finland), London

Region(s): , ,


An MI6 defector has his appearance altered by the KGB and is sent back to Britain to retrieve top-secret documents.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Helsinki standing in for Moscow.

image no 1

A view looking along Nora Esplanaden towards Uspenski Cathedral at the right of the image. Image copyright Google Maps.

A car pulls up at 'party' headquarters.

image no 2

Nora Esplanaden, Helsinki. Image copyright Google Maps.

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Unidentified location.

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Nora Esplanaden, Helsinki. A reverse shot of image tjm002.

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Unknown location

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Jamie Fraser (Robert Powell) arrives at Penelope Kimberleys apartment.

Admiral Sir Gerald Scaith (Laurence Olivier) calls a policeman after a Thames side encounter with Philip Kimberly.

image no 7

Strand on the Green, Chiswick W4.

Police in pursuit of Kimberley along Strand on the Green, Chiswick.

image no 8

Further along Strand on the Green just under the railway bridge.

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Penelope (Susan George) enters an unidentified cottage.

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Kimberley arrives at a station in his mini. West Clandon railway station identified by David Campaign.

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West Clandon railway station on the Southern Region in Surrey as can be gathered by the type of train. Located by David Campaign.

Philip Kimberley (Michael Caine) about to get questioned by the police.

image no 12

The Broadway, Amersham. Image copyright Google Maps.

Reverse shot of image tjm011.

image no 13

The Broadway, Amersham again. Image copyright Google Maps.

Kimberley pulls up at the church where microfilm is hidden.

image no 14

St Mary Magdalene church, Squires Bridge Road, Shepperton near to the studios. Location photo replaces the Google image. SD

Panning shot of Kimberley entering the church yard.

image no 15

Entering the church yard now. SD

Approaching the church. St Mary Magdalene church was also seen in 'Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' and 'The Dock Brief'.

image no 16

And also in 'The Smashing Bird I Used To Know'. SD

Kimberley contemplates entering the church after talking with the priest.

image no 17

I didn't enter the church, too busy taking photos in the church yard. SD

Penelope arrives to meet her friend.

image no 18

Richmond Road, Twickenham. The Noble Dove laundrette still in business.

Bit of a giveaway you'd think but IMDB says filming was carried out at Windsor Safari Park.

image no 19

But the sign is correct. Park Street, Woburn. Image copyright Google Maps.

Panning shot from capture 19. The location also features in 'The Iron Maiden'.

image no 20

The lodge is on Park Street which runs along the northern perimiter of Woburn Abbey. Image copyright Google Maps.

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The Bedford Arms Hotel aka The Inn at Woburn in George Street, Woburn.

Heading for Admiral Sir Gerald Scaith's house.

image no 22

Thames Road, Chiswick.

Penelope gets out of the car.

image no 23

Thames Road, Chiswick again.

Looking from Thames Road along Strand-on-the-Green, towards Kew Railway Bridge in the background. The location was also seen in ‘The Third Secret’, ‘Father Brown’, ‘Four in the Morning ‘ and ‘Darling’.

image no 24

The same location with beautification.

Jamie and entourage drive along Church Street, Amersham.

image no 25

The church is St. Mary's in Old Amersham or even Amersham Old Town to separate it from Amersham-on-the-Hill, which is a good leg away. SJ

At the junction of Church Street and Market Square, Amersham.

image no 26

This corner was also glimpsed through Market Square in "Three hats for Lisa". SJ

The car enters a hotel car park.

image no 27

The Crown Hotel, Market Square, Amersham. Replacing the google image. SJ

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A stop to fill up. The pump prices look surprisingly expensive until you realise that was the price per gallon! David Campaign identifies this as 'Harry's' garage on The Street, near the corner of Dedswell Drive, in West Clandon, Surrey.

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Unidentified gateway.

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IMDB says Wellington Hospital, Hertfordshire.