Date: 1962
Director: Val Guest
Production Company: Figaro

Stars: Jack Warner, Ronald Lewis, Yolande Donlan, Michael Goodliffe, John Barron, Brian Oulton
Location(s): East Sussex, London

Region(s): ,


Local cops use tried and tested methods to hunt down a murderer.

Additional Information:

Stills by SJ.

Re jig022: Nick Flippard has established that whilst “2 Saxon Street” is now 3 Abinger Place there is clear evidence that re-numbering had taken place by 1971. The street had previously been numbered consecutively, “2 Saxon Street” then being 2 Milton Terrace, Abinger Place. The door clearly having a “2” on it when Jack Warner rings the bell.

Nick has also established that the Ford Anglia 382 VPU is still on the road and registered in the Sunderland area. For a good update, visit https://www.flickr.com/photos/hairyhippy/15034211645/

As result of further viewing Nick says that after Moira Redmond’s character meets her fate, there is a railway sequence with the screaming whistle.  There is the close-up of a loco in steam, then a long, wide shot of a railway. This shows the line to Lewes from Brighton as viewed high up from the (then) allotments at Hollingdean above the line.  Beyond the tracks are the buildings of Preston Barracks along the then A27, now A270, Lewes Road in Brighton.

In the distance, on the other side of Lewes Road, can be seen the Royal Hussar public house (now The Lectern) along Pelham Terrace.  The large blocks stretching behind are the factory buildings of CVA, which had originally been the diamond works built for Bernard Oppenheimer. Unfortunately, we still await a decision from the regencysociety.org to use their images in support.
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The seafront of Brighton, King's Road around the Odeon area.

image no 1

The kiosk/beach bar on the left helps to place this on King's Road. I'm standing in front of the Brighton Centre but this may be too far away. SJ

Lewis visits an estate agents called Restlin's which is a character's name.

image no 2

King's Road again. All that is left is the tower and the new building the Odeon has allowed more pavement. There's the kiosk again to the right. SJ

The murder scene: the sign where the policeman is digging says Providence House.

image no 3

Providence House, The Highway, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8XH. Located by Greg Mishevski. Google Maps Street View image replaced by an original pic from Guy Legge.

The house, another angle. The Highway, Peacehaven/Newhaven according to Max and SainT (Greg) in Britmovie.co.uk

image no 4

Providence House, The Highway, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 8XH. Greg Mishevski. Copyright: Google Maps Street View.

The murder house, The Highway at Peacehaven with Jack Warner in mid frame. Guy Legge

image no 5

Good photo sent in by Guy Legge.

George Biddle & Sons behind Warner.

image no 6

New Road, Brighton. Jo Gander.

Whilst we do not normally display updated "now" shots Lewes District Council recently showed this film as part of an ongoing program of film locations in their district. Such was the success of the evening, both for them and Reelstreets we are happy to add some newer "nows". (RL)

image no 7

An updated "now" from Nick Cannon. (RL)

Warner and Barron after the teashop interview. Church Street in Brighton, says S M Carey.

image no 8

The buildings to the right on the corner of Church Street and Jubilee Street were demolished in 1972 for road widening. Location photo replaces Google Street View image. SD

Warner and Barron down an alley. Fewell Antiques. I think this is The Lanes area possibly Meeting House Lane.

image no 9

The arched doorway in the background is a Quakers' Meeting House, hence Meeting House Lane. I think this is about right, though there have been redesigns here. SJ

Back to the seafront.

image no 10

Madeira Drive. SJ.

Brighton station.

image no 11

Brighton station now. SD

Lewis at Lewes station.

image no 12

Lewes station and it's not changed very much at all, although the brickwork is a lot cleaner now! Robert Sharp

Platform 3.

image no 13

Platform 3, or, to put it another way, Platform 2! (It is still the same platform but a few years ago the original Platform 1 was abolished and so the remaining platforms got renumbered.) Not many other changes in the odd 50 years. It is the platform for catching trains towards London. Robert Sharp

The approach to a police station, Sussex County Police, probably Lewes. West Street says S M Carey.

image no 14

Yes, West Street........little has changed but now in colour! Richard Lovejoy

For the reasons explained in jig005a we are happy to add this screen capture for an up dated now comparison. (RL)

image no 15

An up to date comparison from Carmen Slypen. That is a better angle than mine was! (RL)

Close up.

image no 16

The same shot in West Street,, but no longer a "cop shop". Richard Lovejoy

Visiting Gardners, given as "1 Church Street": there is a Gardners Street which runs into Bond Street. Does that sign say Bond Street? Yes this is the corner opposite the William the Fourth pub.

image no 17

A real mystery this one. The doorway from where I took this does not match the then. It is not angled as the other three of the intersection are. However it is Bond Street, even looks like the same street sign, and no doubts about the pub. SJ mystery solved: The building containing the shop door through which the still was shot was demolished for road widening in 1964. S M Carey.

Sgt Unwin (Geoffrey Frederick) visits Shaw's Garage to see if they have serviced a Grey A55 Saloon and talks to the Foreman (Charles Houston) and Maisie.

image no 18

Chris Flippard, after some serious sleuthing to match that in the film, homes down to 29-37 Albion Street, Southwick, W. Sussex. He sends a Google Image "mocked-up" to resemble how it would have appeared. (RL)

A corner in Brighton.

image no 19

The corner of Bartholomews and Little East Street. SJ.

Police station, possibly Little East Street, Brighton.

image no 20

It is. SJ.

That looks like the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London SE10.

image no 21

Cutty Sark still being restored. SJ.

Lee meets Donlan on King William Walk, Greenwich, also seen in What A Girl Wants (03).

image no 22

Hmmm, doesn't really match. SJ. However Alan Mitchell says; the photo is accurate,it is definately No.43 that Jack Warner enters. The approach shot shows the car comming from an incorrect direction, that leads straight out into the River Thames and not Brighton.

Reverse shot.

image no 23

Hmmm again, still not very convincing. SJ. It didn't convince Chris Flippard either so he sent this Google Image of just a little further along the road, all now convinced? (RL)

"Harris" telephones the police station to say that they have established the garage that may have serviced an A55 with a bent wing.

image no 24

Chris Flippard locates this as Mill Lane, Rodmell. The pumps have gone, although Chris advises the business remains in the Dean family. (RL)

Up from the corner in jig015.

image no 25

The town hall entrance on Bartholomews just up from jig015. SJ.

Opposite "2 Saxon Street, Lewes" as quoted in the film.

image no 26

Chris Flippard has found that Jack Warner and his team were parked in St John's Terrace, Lewes. An up to date shot from Carmen Slypen replaces the Google shot. (RL)

Approaching the above to interview Goodliffe ... Yvonne Johnson confirms Nick's research, 2 Milton Terrace (now 3 Abinger Place) as she was living there at the time of filming. (SJ)

image no 27

So, as Nick Flippard establishes, "2 Saxon Street" is really Abinger Place, Lewes. Nick has further researched the address and his findings can be read in the film header section. (RL) Location photo replaces the Google Street View image. SD

Approaching the police station.

image no 28

East Street. SJ.

Approaching the police station.

image no 29

Little East Street. SJ.

And bringing in Goodliffe under the coat.

image no 30

Much the same as jig016. SJ.