Joey Boy

Date: 1965
Director: Frank Launder
Production Company: Temgrange

Stars: Harry H. Corbett, Lance Percival, Reg Varney, Stanley Baxter, Percy Herbert, Bill Fraser
Location(s): London, Surrey

Region(s): ,


Busted for running an illegal gambling den during the Second World War, a gang of East End wide-boys choose conscription over prison and take their talents on a tour of duty.

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Original screen captures uploaded by Simon James with additional captures by Phil Wilkinson


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Returning from Billingsgate Market after meeting wide-boy Clancy, Katie (Maureen Crombie) returns to the fish and chip shop owned by Joey Boy's family. Princedale Road W11 with The Crown at the corner of Penzance Street on the left.

image no 1

Tris captures the former Crown public house, later Academy and since closed, to the left and Grenfell Tower in the distance.

The young girl enters the premises that hide an illegal gambling den to give Joey Boy's sister the latest black market takings. Looking northward on Princedale Road in Notting Hill with the fish and chip shop at number 58.

image no 2

Noting that the fish shop has since been converted into a private house, Tris avoids the parked cars to get a better view.

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Watched through the window of the Police Station, the funeral of Joey Boy's father, Arthur Thompson, takes place.

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When the gambling den is raided by Inspector Morgan, Joey Boy and his gang agree to be conscripted into the Army rather than serve time in prison.

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Kitted out in uniform, Joey Boy Thompson (Harry H. Corbett), Clarence Doubleday (Lance Percival), Mad George Long (Percy Herbert), Rabbit Malone (Reg Varney) and Benny 'The Kid' Lindowski (Stanley Baxter) are given latrine cleaning duties after being caught running a gambling club in the barracks.

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After Joey Boy makes a generous contribution to the Sergeant's Mess fund, Sergeant Major Dobbs (Bill Fraser) asks for volunteers for special transport duties.

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Discovering what the special transport unit entails, the boys get to know their donkeys.

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Joey Boy and his pals are sent on embarkation leave before being sent abroad. It's that shot again, Watford Junction station as seen in 'Brief Encounter' and 'Wrong Number'.

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Sergeant Major Dobbs and the gang arrive in Italy where they come under fire before almost capturing enemy Soldiers.

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Alerted by wolf whistles, Anna (Toni Palmer) and Gina (Vicki Woolf) look up from their work as the men pass by.

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Back in England, Colonel Grant encourages Joey Boy to open a club that caters for Privates. Just a small part of Littleton Park House at Shepperton Studios seen between studio based scenes.

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Colonel Bill Grant (Thorley Walters) is told by Brigadier Charles Chapman (John Arnatt) that he wants to see the club. Another corner of Littleton Park House at Shepperton Studios in Surrey. The location appears over and over again in productions that include 'The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery', 'The Dock Brief', 'The Earth Dies Screaming' and 'Three Men in a Boat'.