John and Julie

Date: 1955
Director: William Fairchild
Production Company: British Lion Films, Beaconsfield Productions

Stars: Colin Gibson, Lesley Dudley, Noelle Middleton, Moira Lister, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Sid James, Megs Jenkins
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, London

Region(s): ,


The heart-warming story of two children who run away from their Dorset home to visit the Queen in London.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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The summer of 1953 sees RMS Queen Elizabeth bring visitors to Britain. The Cunard passenger liner was once the largest ever built. She was launched in 1938, retired in 1969, caught fire and capsized in 1972 before being cut up in 1975.

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People are seen walking through the rain that fell that year. Western Esplanade in Southampton with the remains of the Town Wall as the background. The wall was seen from a distance in 'Alfie Darling'.

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A train carries passengers away from the port after they disembark from various liners. The north end of Southampton Ocean Terminal, Southampton in Hampshire.

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Despite the weather, visitors from all over the world have come to see the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The Gold State Coach at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace in London SW1.

A line of schoolgirls pass through a churchyard. St. Mary and All Saints Church, Windsor End in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire which was also seen in ‘Carry On Sergeant’.

image no 5

Have they been replanted upside down? (PW)

John Pritchett (Colin Gibson) and Julie (Lesley Dudley) make plans to visit London for the Coronation. The churchyard of St. Mary and All Saints in Beaconsfield.

image no 6

Little has changed. (PW)

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Standing by the gateway of the film’s St. Catherine’s School for Girls, John waits for Julie as she runs from the building.

The two children head to the station. This is Cheddington station on the West Coast Main Line in Buckinghamshire, identification assisted by Phil Bartlett.

image no 8

Looking across the same field on a crisp spring morning. (PW)

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Having been taken off the London train when John loses his ticket, the pair are taken home by Sir James, the local Magistrate and a Field Marshall in the Life Guards.

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In an effort to get closer to the Capital, John and Julie hide in the trunk of Sir James's car.

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Realising that the address given by John at the railway station was false, Police Constable Diamond (Peter Sellers) calls at the house where he and Mrs. Lundy (Barbara Cavan) the housekeeper look for the youngsters.

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As the adults continue their search, the children climb from the car.

John and Julie arrive in fictional Wilbury.

image no 13

Facing west on Gregories Road, Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. (PW)

The two watch as a troop of Girl Guides cross the road ahead. Facing north at the corner of Station Road and Burkes Road in Beaconsfield. The location was seen in ‘The Fast Lady’ and 'Brief Encounter'.

image no 14

From a similar position over sixty years later. (PW)

Miss Forbes (Jean St. Clair) calls her girls to a halt at the kerb. Facing the junction of Burkes Road and Station Road.

image no 15

The old café across the road has been replaced by a new café across the road. (PW)

When the road is clear, John and Julie join the line as the girls cross. Facing The Highway on Station Road, Beaconsfield.

image no 16

The same parade of shops. (PW)

Coaches for London wait in a side street as Miss Forbes hurries her girls along. This is Maxwell Road.

image no 17

Taken from the safety of the pavement. (PW)

Julie is mistaken for Mary Jones but John is directed to the boy's coach. The corner of Station Road and Maxwell Road in Beaconsfield.

image no 18

The same extremely busy junction. (PW)

Miss Forbes speaks with Police Constable Diamond as the girls board their coach. Looking across at the junction of Burkes Road and Station Road from Maxwell Road.

image no 19

Today's view. (PW)

John darts into an alleyway when he spots a Police Sergeant checking passengers onto the boy's coach. Maxwell Road again.

image no 20

More buildings have been added to the street. (PW)

PC Diamond and his Sergeant (George Rose) cross towards the alleyway after the coaches depart. Facing the junction of Station Road and Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield.

image no 21

The building to the far left appears in 'Press for Time'. (PW)

With John in earshot, the two officers talk about catching the children before they start pinching things. Maxwell Road.

image no 22

Alterations are visible across the road. (PW)

Writing a note to the shopkeeper, John decides to 'borrow' a bike and catch up with Julie. More of Maxwell Road.

image no 23

An extension has been added to the property. (PW)

A Driver (Bill Shine) gets out of his car after crashing to avoid colliding with John. Facing properties on Station Road from the end of Maxwell Road.

image no 24

The building is in there somewhere. (PW)

The Sergeant appears on the scene. with the rooftops of buildings on Station Road as the backdrop.

image no 25

The same roof line. (PW)

John rides away after being helped up by the Policeman. Station Road in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire with Burkes Road and Gregories Road to the left.

image no 26

A more accurate shot would have resulted in being run over. (PW)

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As John's parents head for London by train, the coaches continue on their way.

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Having escaped from Miss Forbes and the coach, Julie sits beneath a signpost after choosing to go on alone when reunited with a doubtful John. War Memorial on the corner of Church Road and Paul's Hill, Penn, Buckinghamshire with Crown Cottage in the background. Both can be individually seen in 'The End of the Line' Captures 12 and 29. (RL)

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John arrives in the village where Julie is resting. Church Road, Penn, Bucks and The Crown public house to the right also seen in 'The End of the Line'. (RL)

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The young boy looks up at the signpost. See Capture 28 (RL)

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With Julie on the crossbar, the companions set off together again. 2 and 3 Paul's Hill, Penn, Bucks to the right. (RL)

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Visiting from America for the Coronation, Judge Davidson and his wife get lost in the countryside. Peter Adams identifies this as is Clay Street at Penn near Amersham in Buckinghamshire with the car coming out of Penn Bottom. Marrods Bottom is to the right and Horsemore Lane runs to the bottom left.

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Having given John and Julie a lift, Mr. Davidson (Joseph Tomelty) and Mrs. Davidson (Constance Cummings) are questioned by a Policeman (Russell Waters) when they stop for petrol.

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The Policeman salutes as the Davidson's drive away with the children asleep on the back seat.

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At last, John and Julie arrive on the studio set that is London Town.

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The friends find their way to the last known address of John's Uncle Ben.

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Discovering that Ben had moved out three months ago, the pair set off in search of a soldier who may be able to help.

On the day of the Coronation, Mr. and Mrs. Pritchett arrive in London by the early train. Waterloo station in London SE1.

image no 38

The entrance to platforms 13 and 14 look very different in Peter's modern view.

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At Knightsbridge Barracks, Corporal at Horse Ben Martin (Andrew Cruickshank) inspects one of the Life Guards.

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Corporal Martin announces parade in five minutes.

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Whilst inspecting his troops, the Captain (Peter Coke) turns to see what one of the men is looking at.

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Ben Martin turns as John and Julie walk into the parade ground. Knightsbridge Barracks in London SW7.

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After Corporal Rogers take the children into the mess, a Police Sergeant (Philip Stainton) is brought to the Captain.

Sir James makes arrangements for John and Julie to see the Coronation after the adventurous pair are reunited with John's father at the barracks.

image no 44

Peter was on Birdcage Walk in London SW1 and took this shot of Wellington Barracks.

Crowds line the streets and the children are given a grandstand view. The south face of Marble Arch at the north end of Park Lane in London W1.

image no 45

An up to date shot of the landmark by Peter.

The State Coach departs from Buckingham Palace. The processions and parades featured in the film are actual footage from 2nd June 1953.

image no 46

From not quite so high, Peter captured the carriageless gates.

The newly crowned Queen leaves Westminster Abbey.

image no 47

Peter captured the location from street level.

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After the Coronation, Sir James (Wilfrid Hyde-White) is present when Mr. Pritchett (Sidney James) is united with his son. Knightsbridge Barracks, Knightsbridge SW7.