Johnny English

Date: 2003
Director: Peter Howitt
Production Company: Universal Pictures, StudioCanal, Working Title Films

Stars: Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, John Malkovich, Natalie Imbruglia
Location(s): Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Hertfordshire, Kent, London

Region(s): , , ,


After an attack on MI7’s officers, Johnny English, Britain’s most confident yet unintelligent spy, becomes the country’s only spy.

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During darkness, a daring inteligence officer makes his way towards a large house. Mentmore Towers, Mentmore near Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire.

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Johnny English (Rowan Atkinson) turns to distract the dogs running towards him and enters the house where he finds a beautiful woman . . . . before being woken from his fantasy. Mentmore Towers, Buckinghamshire.

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Johnny attends the funeral after his incompetence causes Agent One to be killed in action. Hughenden, north of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire.

The church's flag is lowered to half mast. The tower of the Church of St Michael and All Angels, Hughenden.

image no 4

Was the flag pole a prop? (RL)

All of Britain's remaining intelligence officers attend the funeral. The Church of St Michael and All Angels, Hughenden. The location was used in 'A Dandy in Aspic'.

image no 5

I hope that we have more intelligence officers than this today. (RL)

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English assures Pegasus, the head of MI7, the that the area is secure just as a bomb wipes out every officer. Hughenden, Buckinghamshire.

At 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister is told by Pegasus that one agent survived. John Adam Street, London WC2. The location was seen in 'The Iron Lady' and 'The Boat that Rocked'.

image no 7

Not quite as white as it was and no policeman standing guard. (RL)

Johnny English and his sidekick Bough arrive at the Tower of London to take over Agent One's investigation of a plot to steal the Crown Jewels. Outside the Maughan Library in King's College London off Chancery Lane WC2.

image no 8

They refused to put the red carpet out for me today! (RL)

After attending the unveiling of the newly renovated Crown Jewels at the Tower and then looking on as they are stolen, Johnny and Bough are called to MI7 headquarters. Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2.

image no 9

Also seen prolifically in TV's Spooks. Here without shiny golden plaques. SJ

Tasked with finding and returning the Jewels, English and Bough head back to the Tower. Abingdon Street Car Park on Great College Street, London SW1.

image no 10

A car obliged for me too. (RL)

The camera follows the car. Great College Street at the corner of Little College Street SW1.

image no 11

Now, not much changes around this area. (RL)

English drives the gadget laden Aston Martin into the Tower of London. The entrance to the Maughan Library with Chancery Lane in the background.

image no 12

No gates open today. (RL)

Angus Bough (Ben Miller) accompanies Johnny English into the Tower where their investigation uncovers a tunnel. The Maughan Library in King's College London.

image no 13

The rubbish bins just don't do it for me. (RL)

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Lorna Campbell watches on her motorbike as the two officers set of in pursuit of a hearse when it leaves the lock up at the end of the tunnel.

The hearse makes it's escape. Lime Street in EC3 with The Grapes public house centre left.

image no 15

Peter noticed that The Grapes pub sign has vanished and that there's a bit of refurbishment going on to the right.

Johnny and Bough run back to their car. King's College London, Chancery Lane.

image no 16

At least the "tardis" is still there. (RL)

When they find the car being removed for being parked on double yellow lines, the two officers take the truck. The Maughan Library in King's College London.

image no 17

No yellow lines now......where's my car? (RL)

Johnny and Bough chase after the hearse. Facing east in Leadenhall Market off Gracechurch Street, London EC3.

image no 18

No changes from the screen capture. Image from Peter.

The pursuit continues through London's streets. Lindsey Street in Clerkenwell.

image no 19

No such excitement today. (RL)

A group of nuns are almost rundown by the hearse as it takes a corner. The junction of Long Lane and Lindsey Street EC1.

image no 20

They clearly wore the zebra crossing out. (RL)

English and Bough catch up. Lindsey Street, London EC1.

image no 21

Life just carries on. (RL)

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The hearse maneuvers through traffic.

English attempts to overtake slower traffic. London Wall EC2. The area was also seen in 'Three Hats for Lisa' and 'Go To Blazes'.

image no 23

....and to the "Ladies Who Do" area. (RL)

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With the hearse in sight, Johnny notices the mysterious motorcyclist following as he climbs out of the truck and into the Aston Martin.

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When English is spotted, the hearse driver takes evasive action.

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The Aston Martin swings out as a corner is taken.

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A traffic camera takes Johnny's picture as the truck and it's load approach at speed.

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Johnny launches a missile at the camera, destroying it.

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Along a dual carriageway, the hearse is gained on.

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Whist stopped at traffic lights, Johnny signals for the car to be lowered to the road.

But Bough didn't notice the trailer that was being towed standing next to the truck! Ahead is the junction of West Smithfield with Long Lane in London EC1. The location was used in 'Go To Blazes'.

image no 31

Peter found an extra scyscraper in the left background!

After reversing from the trailer, English spins the car around and sets off after the hearse.

image no 32

West Smithfield, Clerkenwell by Peter.

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Johnny speeds through quieter streets in search of his prey.

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A hearse is spotted crossing a junction ahead.

The hearse approaches the cemetery with English not far behind. Old Brompton Road, London SW5.

image no 35

You don't find parking places here now. (RL)

The intrepid officer leaves his car and enters the cemetery. Outside Brompton Cemetery on Old Brompton Road. The location features in 'Afraid of the Dark'.

image no 36

The intrepid officer is not issued with such a luxury car these days! (RL)

Johnny appears as the Priest (Neville Phillips) conducts a funeral service. Brompton Cemetery in London SW5 and SW10.

image no 37

Brompton Cemetery, London, Mark O'Neil.

Not realising that this is a real ceremony, English attempts to arrest those gathered at the graveside. The colonnades at the Fulham Road end of Brompton Cemetery.

image no 38

Another ident from Mark, excellent.

Bough appears, making out that Johnny has been released prematurely from an institution to cover for his actions. Brompton Cemetery in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

image no 39

.....and one more. Couldn't be better.

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An establishing shot of Pascal Edward Sauvage's London base where the Crown Jewels have safely arrived as part of his plan to claim the throne of England. 1 Canada Square E14.

Sauvage explains to his henchmen that the Archbishop of Canterbury (Oliver Ford Davies) will be replaced in order to carry out the coronation.

image no 41

Temple Church at the Pump Court end, EC4. Also seen in Buster, The Da Vinci Code and The Medusa Touch. Photo added 25/2/15 but unpublished for over a year! SJ

English finally catches up with the elusive Lorna Campbell in a sushi bar but finds out nothing about her. Belvedere Road, London SE1.

image no 42

And an orange BMW sets the scene in front of Yo-Sushi (still there) nicely. SJ

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Johnny and Bough prepare to parachute down to Sauvage's headquarters that stands next to the Royal London Hospital. 1 Canada Square, London E14 . . . . . twice!

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Johnny exits from the hospital after gaining entry to the wrong block. Canada Square in Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs.

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Waiting for a suitable opportunity, Johnny enters the right building. Canada Square E14.

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After discovering Sauvage's plans to become King, Bough and English infiltrate a party being given for the French Ambassador. 1 Canada Square E14.

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Johnny is suspended after insulting the Foreign Secretary at the party and the case is reassigned to interpol. Canada Square in London's Docklands.

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At Sandringham, the Queen is held at gunpoint and signs her abdication. IMDB and others claim Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire but this is Brocket Hall, Lemsford in Hertfordshire which was also seen in 'Night of the Demon'.

Henchman Dieter Klein (Steve Nicolson) returns the Crown Jewels to a police station prior to Sauvage's coronation. Wood Street Police Station on Wood Street EC2.

image no 49

Now. (RL)

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English heads for Dover and the ferry to France with Lorna, who is revealed to be the interpol agent who has been given the case. The A20 road, Aycliffe near Dover, Kent.

The entrance to Dover Eastern Docks with Athol Terrace in the background.

image no 51

And now. SJ

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The pair drive through northern France towards Sauvage's château.

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The château is observed through binoculars before the two make an unsuccessful attempt to apprehend the pretender to the throne. St Michael's Mount near Marazion, Cornwall.

Preparations for the coronation begin and crowds descend on the capital. Grand Avenue in Smithfield Market seen from from West Smithfield.

image no 54

Peter took this shot from memory and captured the clock that was behind the poster.

West Smithfield facing Long Lane and Smithfield Market in EC1.

image no 55

The same location now from Peter.

After Sauvage's plan is eventually foiled and English is crowned in error, the intelligence officer is called to Buckingham Palace to receive the Queen's thanks and a knighthood. London SW1.

image no 56

Peter on the case with this comparison shot.

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Sir Johnny English drives through France with Lorna Campbell.

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As things begin to get romantic in the car, Johnny moves over to kiss Lorna.

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Before their lips touch, Lorna is ejected from the Aston Martin as Johnny leans on one of the car's many gadget buttons.