Johnny On The Spot

Date: 1954
Director: Maclean Rogers
Production Company: E.J. Fancey Productions

Stars: Hugh McDermott, Elspet Gray, Paul Carpenter, Jean Lodge, Ronald Adam, Valentine Dyall, Ronald Leigh-Hunt, Conrad Phillips
Location(s): London, Littlehampton, West Sussex, Chipperfield and Radlett, Hertfordshire

Region(s): ,


A framed ex-convict struggles to clear his name.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and un-credited now shots by Richard Lovejoy

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Johnny Breakes (Hugh McDermott) walks along a beach having just finished his prison sentence in a South American jail. West Sussex coast looking east towards Littlehampton.

image no 1

There is no sign of the groyne and the contours have changed completely.

He is here to visit Mr Lewis Osborne who had had him imprisoned on a “trumped up” charge. A wide view of the coastline. West Sussex coast looking east towards Littlehampton.

image no 2

Coastal change.

Johnny approaches the house, Osborne was clearly not alone as he was hoping. What was Climping Mill, Near Littlehampton, Sussex The height was reduced to two stories not long after filming.

image no 3

I believe this is now a college but whatever its use work is being undertaken and closer access is not possible.

He waits and sees Joan Ingram (Elspet Gray) and Walter Tyler (Valentine Dyall) leaving hurriedly.

image no 4

The drive as now seen.

Upon entering the house he finds Osborne dead, slumped over his desk and loses no opportunity to start looking for the diary that might clear his name. Having found the diary and the body of a woman he is attacked by a blind man and he also makes a hurried escape from the house.

image no 5

Best possible comparative view.

Johnny makes his way to the “local” village to rest and enjoy a “double scotch”. The Two Brewers, Chipperfield, Herts.

image no 6

Fortunately some important things in life do not change.

He then makes his way back to his hotel.

image no 7

Geoff Dodd swiftly establishes the location as Common Wood House, Sarratt, Herts and provides this Google Street View as a comparison shot.

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When he sees the car he saw earlier being cleaned by mechanic (Patrick Connor) he seeks to find out more about the owner.

  • 'Now' required

Joan drives Walter to the station where they say goodbye. It looks like Radlett station to me, also seen in 'The Password is Courage'.

The police “invite” Johnny to the local police station where they propose to confront him with Lewis Osborne’s “heavy” Otto Dessau (Frederick Schrecker).

image no 10

Another view of Common Wood House, Sarratt, Herts provided by Geoff Dodd and Google Street View.

As he arrives in town he sees Sgt. Walsh (Conrad Philips) with Otto approaching the police station. High Street, Bushey, Herts

image no 11

All happily retained and cared for.

Keeping his head down he drives off. High Street, Bushey, Herts

image no 12

Well yes, another bank closed. The blue plaque says "This building was the first Metropolitan Police Station in Bushey 1840-1884". So presumably they were making their way to that seen in 'Innocent Meeting' Capture 22, rather further than "approaching" they were walking in the wrong direction!

Johnny telephones Joan to tell her what he saw and that Otto would have recognized him.

image no 13

Bushey House to the left in the screen capture and here hidden by growth became The Bushey House Beaumont, Bushey Park, care home in 1996.

His friend Paul Carrington (Paul Carpenter), following an earlier telephone call, collects some of Johnny's belonging from his home. 62 Marborough Place, London NW8

image no 14

Now with the provision for off road parking.

Meanwhile he is being watched by Steve (Graham Stark) and Bert (Larry Taylor) Marlborough Place, London NW8

image no 15

The same scene today.

At a junction they overtake him. Marlborough Place approaching the junction with Abbey Road, London NW8

image no 16

Traffic lights take over from "Slow Major Road Ahead".

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Johnny pulls into a garage asking for a quick service with a “view to selling the car”, basically to hide it! Unknown location.

The police appear to be following him but as a result of Capture 17 they lose him. Chipperfield, Herts.

image no 18

Pity about the cars spoiling the scene, it remains tranquil.....until school comes out!

He looks to catch a bus outside The Fishmongers Arms. Believed to have been 132 High Street, Bushey.

image no 19

The properties have been demolished in favour of development.

Meanwhile Paul returns to his home with the items he has collected for Johnny. Ryder Terrace, London NW8. Roy James (the Weasel) was the uncoupler and getaway driver of the Great Train Robbers in 1963 and used 14 Ryders Terrace as an hideout when he was on the run. With thanks to John Disson for the further information.

image no 20

Mews will always be desirable places to live.

Johnny arrives to find Paul “roughed up” and two packages stolen whilst the house is unobtrusively watched from the other side of the Terrace by a plain clothes policeman.

image no 21

And conversions effected to accommodate even more living space.

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In order to escape the watchful of the policeman, Sally Erskine (Jean Lodge) Paul and Johnny exit via the fire escape to go and visit Joan Ingram at her apartment.

Exiting the other end of Ryder’s Terrace where they would certainly had been seen by the policeman.

image no 23

The waste bins unfortunately still have to be on show.

Ducking into Blenheim Passage.

image no 24

Why were the bollards changed?

Emerging into Carlton Hill and Sally’s waiting car.

image no 25

No cars waiting during my visit.

They arrive at “Hamilcar House”. Sally and Paul leave Johnny in the car in case the police are waiting for him there. 29 Abercorn Place, London NW 8 also seen in 'Assignment Redhead' and 'Behind the Headlines'.

image no 26

There is no Restaurant there now but that feature of the time is retained at Oslo Court in Charlbert Street.

Not content to sit in the car Johnny wanders off but soon sees Paul leave the apartment block with Walter, Steve and Bert.

image no 27

I waited for similar activity to subside.

Sally exits the building to see Johnny drive off giving chase.

image no 28

I certainly did not want the embarrassment of capturing a resident.

With somewhat delayed continuity she sees Paul’s car turning right into Abbey Road whilst Johnny is still parked behind the camera.

image no 29

Similar parking during my visit.

The two cars speed along Abbey Road, London NW8

image no 30

The pedestrian crossing remains.

Both cars turn into Hamilton Terrace from Carlton Hill, London NW8. With thanks to John Disson for directing me to the location

image no 31

Cars can still and do, whip round that corner!

And race down Carlton Hill, London NW8

image no 32

Orderly motoring.

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Into the countryside where Steve shoots at Johnny’s tyres to force him to a standstill. Unknown location.

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In the dark he walks to a local house called “Mallards”, having learnt that it is the home of Diana Townley (Vanda Godsell) who sends a grey Humber car to collect a blind man who plays in the local pub. Does that plaque help identification? The film concludes in studio sets.