Johnny You’re Wanted

Date: 1956
Director: Vernon Sewell
Production Company: George Maynard Productions

Stars: John Slater, Alfred Marks, Garry Marsh
Location(s): Hampshire, London

Region(s): ,


A long-distance lorry driver returning to London gives a lift to a woman who later turns up dead.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson.


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Johnny (John Slater) pulls over at a transport cafe to make a phone call whilst the hitch-hiker he has picked up waits in his lorry. The film starts at night but the building can just be made out.

A launderette is watched by police during their investigations into the hitch-hikers murder. Queensway in London W2. The location is advertised as the first coin operated launderette in the UK and is still in business washing clothes!

image no 2

The same location now from Peter.

Marks (Alfred Marks) makes his way from the launderette. Queensway in W2 with Inverness Place to the left.

image no 3

Peter captured the easily recognised corner.

The police follow Marks as he crosses the road to enter Bayswater underground station. Queensway, London W2.

image no 4

The station awning has been replaced. Picture by Peter.

Johnny is taken into custody by Inspector (Frank Thornton) before Marks is arrested. Queensway facing the junction with Westbourne Grove and Bishop's Bridge Road with the former Queens Cinema right of centre.

image no 5

Peter found the partly rejuvinated Queen's cinema.

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Now on the trail of a drugs dealer named Balsamo, the police and Johnny race to the station to board the Southampton train. We end up in the dark again for these last few unidentified locations.

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The train carrying Balsamo approaches the station. A station somewhere south of the Thames due to the conductor rail and the Southern Railway Merchant Navy class locomotive seen passing through in later frames. This is almost certainly Walton-on-Thames, a few frames earlier the police certainly pull up there, the roof struts are similar to those seen in Tiger by the Tail that is also Walton-on-Thames. (RL)

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Johnny and the police arrive to arrest Balsamo, joining the train as it slows down whilst passing through the station. The sign reads Otterbourne but the film makers research is a little suspect as there has never been a station at Otterbourne! See Capture 7. (RL)