Jokers, The

Date: 1967
Director: Michael Winner
Production Company: Adastra, Gildor Productions, Scimitar Productions

Stars: Michael Crawford, Oliver Reed, Harry Andrews, James Donald, Daniel Massey, Michael Hordern
Location(s): Berkshire, London

Region(s): ,


Michael is always living in his brother David’s shadow and when Michael is forced to resign from the army the two plot and succeed to steal the Crown Jewels.

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Screen captures and uncredited now images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Michael Tremayne (Michael Crawford) leaves his barracks after being forced to resign from the army.

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Michael's old barracks. The Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich in London SE18.

Michael arrives in London and is met by Inge (Lotte Tarp) at Waterloo station. York Road, Lambeth, SE1.

image no 3

The current no 11 platform at Waterloo. SJ

The pair leave Waterloo station.

image no 4

There are two exits like this at Waterloo, but differently decorated: this one is opposite platform 11 and now has an unsympathetically incorporated pedestrian walkway to Waterloo East built on an upper level while a new structure prevents my getting much further to the right. SJ

Michael and his brother David (Oliver Reed) outside 10 Downing Street in London SW1.

image no 5

Access not quite so easy nowadays. Taken by G. Horridge (SJ)

Michael, David and Inge walk away from 10 Downing Street in SW1.

image no 6

Thanks Glenn: nice match. (SJ)

Michael and David make plans at the base of the Queen Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace. London SW1.

image no 7

Now. SJ

The brothers enjoy a visit to The Tower of London with Eve. London EC3.

image no 8

A similar view by Peter.

Walking around The Tower of London. Various parts of the Tower are seen in 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow', 'No Place for Jennifer' and 'Two Weeks in September'.

image no 9

Peter captured the Innermost Ward with the Shard towering over the wall.

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A photo opportunity at The Tower of London. Unconfirmed location.

Michael and David drive through London to deliver letters that explain their deed.

image no 11

Lower Park Lane between Curzon Street and Pitts Head Mews, just before the Hilton Hotel but after redevelopment. (RL)

Michael visits his solicitor.

image no 12

Peters Hill Steps on Queen Victoria Street, London EC4.

The brothers drive through London. Horse Guards Avenue, which also appears in 'The Sexplorer', 'The Day the Earth Caught Fire', 'Make Mine a Million', 'Tomorrow at Ten' and 'Two Weeks in September'.

image no 13

A lovely now shot of Horse Guards Avenue in SW1 from Richard Lovejoy.

Michael and David drive through London again.

image no 14

Richard Lovejoy found the location. Buckingham Palace Road and the corner of Grosvenor Gardens. Balls Brothers was Clydesdale Bank in the screen shot.

Peter advises that this is is Fetter Lane in London EC4 . . . .

image no 15

. . . and provides this comparison as proof. Scenes from 'Herostratus' was also shot here.

A bomb is planted at the Albert Memorial as part of the plot and the bomb squad arrive to defuse it. The Royal Albert Hall in the background. London SW7.

image no 16

The memorial under restoration. SJ

Superintendent Marryatt (Harry Andrews) and Colonel Gurney-Simms (James Donald) discuss tactics as Sergeant Catchpole (Brian Wilde) looks on.

image no 17

Prince Albert is under wraps, probably sheltering from the bitter weather. SJ

Lieutenant Sprague (Edward Fox) watches a cricket match with Inge, Michael and Michael's parents. Identified by Simon James' book London Movie Guide as Burton's Court, where Ormonde Street meets St. Leonard's Terrace in London SW3.

image no 18

The ivy has gone: in fact the pavilion looks re-windowed at the least. This replaces RL's fine effort (15/11/12) from outside the private area. SJ

Sprague talks with Michael. Burton's Court SW3.

image no 19

Different fence minus roses but same style. SJ

The robbery plans are put into action. David enters Chelsea Barracks in disguise.

image no 20

Chelsea Bridge Road, London SW3.

Inside the barracks gate. Chelsea Bridge Road.

image no 21

The buildings in the background of image jok021 were demolished in 2008.

Michael returns to the Tower of London.

image no 22

And this is what's behind Michael . . . . and the tree. Picture by Peter's granddaughter Luna.

The brothers drive past St. Stephens Church on Walbrook, London, EC4.

image no 23

A lot of construction work going on opposite.

Turning off Walbrook into Bond Court, London, EC4.

image no 24

The area has been redeveloped and Bond Court no longer exists as a road.

David attends a party as part of his cover for the robbery. North Terrace, London SW3.

image no 25

Looks like there's a lot of rubbish left over from the party.

Having stolen the Crown Jewels, Michael returns to the party. The morning after the guests read about their activities but miss the headline. Peter recognised Victoria Embankment above Westminster Pier, looking towards Hungerford Bridge.

image no 26

And here's Peter's proof.

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The plot is discovered after the letters are opened and the police set off to arrest Michael and David. Unidentified location.

The police arrive outside Davids flat. Cornwall Gardens, London SW7

image no 28

Street level. SJ

Having seemingly lost the Crown Jewels, Michael and David await arrest in Davids flat. Cornwall Gardens SW7.

image no 29

Now. SJ

The police gather on Cornwall Gardens SW7.

image no 30

Looking towards Gloucester Road. SJ

David is released from New Scotland Yard after outwitting his brother and the police.

image no 31

Richard Lovejoy identified this place as The Economist Building and steps leading down to St. James's Street SW1 adding 'The lone bronze figure found my filming rather less exciting compared to The Jokers'.

The police are suspicious and send Sergeant Catchpole to follow David.

image no 32

Where Melbury Road, London W4 is joined by Ilchester Place. Trees now cover most of the scene. (RL)

David parks the car.

image no 33

A very nice house in Abbotsbury Road on the corner of Ilchester Place, London, W4 (RL)

David shakes off the Sergeant by changing cars.

image no 34

David was opposite 2b Melbury Road, London W4, the Blue Plaque home of Sir Hamo Thornycroft. (RL)

Sergeant Catchpole realises that he has lost David whilst tailing him.

image no 35

The opposite corner of Ilchester Place and Abbotsbury Road. As can be seen in jok033 the hedge in the foreground has grown somewhat even had I been able to gain access. (RL)

Eve (Gabriella Licudi) meets David. John MC identifies this as opposite the old main entrance to the Old Bailey looking south. He knows, because he helped to arrange the blacking out of the hoarding in the background as it was before the newspaper report came out. The City of London Collage No 48675 provides even more evidence. (RL)

image no 36

Peter found the rebuilt location.

Superintendent Marryatt with De Winter (Kenneth Colley) in Trafalgar Square, London WC2.

image no 37

Now. SJ

Sir Matthew (Michael Hordern) arrives in Trafalgar Square WC2.

image no 38

Looking towards Northumberland Avenue. SJ

Superintendent Marryatt in Trafalgar Square with Riggs (Daniel Massey) the photographer who helped uncover Michaels ploy. The Canadian Embassy is in the background.

image no 39

And New Zealand House peeping around the corner. SJ

Michael is taken into custody after returning the Crown Jewels by placing them on the Statue of Justice on top of the Central Criminal Court. John MC places this as Old Bailey facing north towards Newgate Street, St Sepulchre's Church is top left and the Viaduct Tavern top right.

image no 40

And Peter confirms with this shot full of greenery and clutter.

Eve takes a photo of Michael before he is arrested. Steve Cook identifies this as outside the Central Criminal Court on Old Bailey, London EC4. It's usually the dome and doorway of the building that appear on film, such as in 'Seven Days to Noon', Dr. Crippen' and Brothers in Law'.

image no 41

A nice comparison from Peter showing that the building beyond the three basement windows from the left has been replaced.