Date: 1978
Director: Derek Jarman
Production Company: Whaley-Malin Productions, Megalovision

Stars: Jenny Runacre, Nell Campbell, Toyah Willcox, Jordan, Hermine Demoriane, Linda Spurrier, Adam Ant
Location(s): Dorset, London, Wiltshire

Region(s): ,


Queen Elizabeth I travels forward in time to a futuristic 20th Century England where she discovers a tawdry and depressing landscape.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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At John Dee's house in Mortlake, a Lady in Waiting (Helen Wellington-Lloyd) leads three Great Danes through the garden while inside, Queen Elizabeth asks her adviser to summon up an angel.

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The spirit Ariel shows the Queen a vision of the future.

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Social and physical decay pervades the land.

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A car crash victim is robbed as a group of youths fail to react. The gas holder of the former East Greenwich Gas Works dominates derelict houses standing on Greenfell Street in this view from Blackwall Lane SE10.

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Chased by Bod, Queen Elizabeth II runs across waste ground in Deptford.

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Queen Elizabeth (Jenny Runacre) and Ariel (David Brandon) travel in time with John Dee to the despotic, post-industrial wasteland.

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John Dee (Richard O'Brien) stands over the body of Queen Elizabeth II as machine-gun fire sounds in the distance.

Kid (Adam Ant) makes his way up the steps of The Albert Memorial. Kensington Gardens W2 with South Carriage Drive to the left.

image no 8

Gates are now closed so I had to stick my camera over the railing. SJ

The camera follows the young musician. The Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.

image no 9

Albert is now gilded. SJ

Kid sits on the memorial's steps and looks across South Carriage Drive and Kensington Road towards the Royal Albert Hall.

image no 10

The Proms have just started. SJ

The Albert Memorial has been seen in many productions including 'The Assassination Bureau Limited', '30 is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia' and 'The Holly and the Ivy'.

image no 11

Now. SJ

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After killing Happy Days, Mad (Toyah Willcox), Crabs (Nell Campbell) and Bod (Jenny Runacre) carry his body from their warehouse home. David Neicho found St. Saviour's Dock in Bermondsey SE1.

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Mad and Bod listen as Crabs tells them that she thought she was in love with Happy Days. St. Saviour's Dock alongside the River Neckinger with New Concordia Wharf in the background. The area was seen in 'A Fish Called Wanda' and 'Circus of Fear'.

Crabs tells Kid that Buckingham Palace has been converted into Borgia Ginz’s recording studio.

image no 14

Now. SJ

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After spending the night together, Angel (Ian Charleson) and Sphinx (Karl Johnson) pick a rose for Viv (Linda Spurrier) before deciding to visit Max.

Max (Neil Kennedy) says goodbye when Viv and the boys leave with Bod after meeting her at the house. Identified by Richard Avison as Rotherhithe Street SE16.

image no 16

Richard also provides this shot of the house now adding "It was well known because it was crammed full of gnomes, plaster birds and animals, plastic flowers and all sorts of toys covering every inch of the garden. Kids used to love stopping off to look over the fence".

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Kid is taken onto a high roof where Sphinx shows him where he and his brother Angel were born.

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Sphinx tells Kid about his childhood.

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The girls run to their motorbikes before riding off to find Lounge Lizard.

Sphinx and Angel greet guests to the palace of delights that was once a Cathedral. The tower of Westminster Cathedral in Victoria. The building was used in 'Foreign Correspondent' and 'A Thousand Kisses Deep'.

image no 20

Couldn't work in the foliage. SJ

The camera tilts down the West Front of Westminster Cathedral, which has become a decadent discotheque. Ashley Place in Victoria SW1.

image no 21

The day after the Thomas Beckett bit of elbow service. SJ

Borgia Ginz's Rolls Royce approaches the Cathedral. Looking towards Carlisle Place from Ashley Place in SW1.

image no 22

Very tricky to replicate with new trees and wrong lens. SJ

When the car comes to a halt, the door is opened by an Escort for Borgia Ginz (Jack Birkett) to get out. In front of Westminster Cathedral on Ashley Place.

image no 23

A more up to date view along the same street by Kurt Roberts.

Angel announces the arrival of the club's owner to the crowd. The corner of Ashley Place opposite Westminster Cathedral, SW1.

image no 24

The same corner now. SJ.

Borgia tells his Escorts (Prudence Walters and Luciana Martínez) that "Progress has taken the place of heaven".

image no 25

The same location from Kurt Roberts.

The camera pans as Borgia heads to the music venue.

image no 26

In front of the Cathedral with Ambrosden Avenue in the background. SJ

With an Escort on each arm, the media magnate walks towards the entrance of Westminster Cathedral.

image no 27

The West Front of the Cathedral with renovation work in progress. SJ.

Inside the disco, naked guests gyrate as police officers dance with the clergy. The West Door of Westminster Cathedral in London SW1.

image no 28

Kurt Roberts captures the detail around the door.

One of Borgia's Escorts is tied to a lamp-post with barbed wire as punks dance around her. Found by David Neicho, this is Mill Street at the junction with Jamaica Road and Dockhead in Bermondsey SE1.

image no 29

David also provides this shot of the same spot.

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A Special Branch Officer (Donald Dunham) smiles, then laughs at the violent street scene that greets him.

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Girls wreck a car parked on the derelict road.

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Angel, Sphinx, Viv and Kid head off to play bingo at Max's Bingo Palace.

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Amyl Nitrite (Jordan) and Mad creep up on one of the two Special Branch Officers who raided Max's Bingo Palace, killing the boys.

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Mad breaks down after fatally injuring the Officer. Looking across St. Saviour's Dock towards New Concordia Wharf in SE1.

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Two motorbikes travel along a suburban road.

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The bikes are parked and Bod takes something from the top box.

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Shouting "No future", Bod throws a petrol bomb at the house where the other Special Branch Officer is in bed with Crabs.

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The Officer is killed.

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Ariel speaks . . . "I am the mirror, the fire that consumes all that is created. I bring the winter of thy flowers and the frost that secretly destroys the temple".

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In the future, the destruction and chaos continues. Looking across Boord Street and Greenfell Street towards the remaining gas holder of East Greenwich Gas Works in Greenwich SE10.

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Borgia Ginz is driven out of the city accompanied by the girls.

The Rolls Royce reaches Dorset, now a seperate state and a safe haven. Longleat House near Warminster in Wiltshire. Also see in 'The Missionary', 'Scandal', 'Blue Blood' and 'Libel'.

image no 42

Robin Wareham captured the same scene but without a Rolls Royce (RL)

Borgia and his guests approach the stately home that he has requisitioned. The south aspect of Longleat House in Wiltshire.

image no 43

Robin proves that the House still slants. (RL)

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Back in their own time, John Dee and Queen Elizabeth enjoy spending time by the sea. The stone quarry at Winspit on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

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The philosopher and his Queen continue their walk along the cliffs above the shore. The quarry caves of Winspit on the Isle of Purbeck.