Date: 1974
Director: Richard Lester
Production Company: David V. Picker Productions, Two Roads Productions

Stars: Richard Harris, Omar Sharif, David Hemmings, Anthony Hopkins, Shirley Knight, Ian Holm
Location(s): Hampshire, London, Middlesex

Region(s): , ,


An unidentified maniac threatens to blow up a luxury transatlantic liner with 1200 passengers on board unless he is paid £500,000.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Terror on the Britannic’ (French Title)

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A band plays on the quayside as the 'SS Britannic' prepares to leave. James identifies this location as the Mayflower Cruise Terminal at Southampton Docks.

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The ship's Social Director, Mr Curtain (Roy Kinnear) hands out streamers to the passengers. The place is the Mayflower Cruise Terminal at Southampton Docks in Hampshire, the ship is SS Maxim Gorkiy, chartered from it's Russian owners. The ship was sold for scrap in 2009. James recalls the Southampton press advertising a free voyage for volunteers as 'extras'.

Lieutenant Commander Anthony Fallon (Richard Harris) and Charlie Braddock (David Hemmings) leave University College, Gower Street, London.

image no 3

Peter sends this now shot to support. (RL)

The two experts leave the building as Nicholas Porter, the Sovereign Line shipping company's director, receives a phone call from a man calling himself 'Juggernaut', who claims to have placed seven barrels of high explosive aboard the 'SS Britannic'. University College, Gower Street, London.

image no 4

Peter with an up to date shot. (RL)

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Nicholas Porter (Ian Holm), discusses the situation with Superintendent John McLeod (Anthony Hopkins). Through the window of St. Thomas' Hospital can be seen the former County Hall across Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1.

A special operations centre is set up in a school. St Stephen's School on Winchester Road, Twickenham in Middlesex.

image no 6

I found this when investigating Ringo's pub in A Hard Day's Night which is very close by. SJ

McLeod rushes from the building when a call from 'Juggernaut' is traced.

image no 7

Some changes here, and not particularly convincing but bear with (see below). King Street looking east towards St. James's Square, SW1. This building is Cleveland House, 19 St. James's Square. SJ

A police car speeds away towards 50 Grosvenor Street with the Superintendent.

image no 8

The brickwork on the left matches and so would the trees in a winter shot, perhaps to follow. I am indebted to Christopher Matheson whose sharp eyes spotted the statue of William III in the square, thus proving my earlier shot of Grosvenor Square was wrong. SJ

The car dodges traffic en route to the phone call's source. Arlington Way in EC1 with the Shakespeare's Head public house on the left.

image no 9

It's still a one-way street but the other way. Pub still going strong. Taken just to the west of Sadler's Wells Theatre. SJ

Police cars converge outside a fashion house. Low and behold, the film's address really is 50 Grosvenor Street in W1.

image no 10

Superintendent McLeod enters the 'House of Worth' to search the building. Grosvenor Street in Mayfair.

image no 11

Unchanged, despite untidy builders' signs on the door. SJ

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When a redirected telephone is discovered, the Superintendent steps out onto the building's fire escape.

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Detective Skinner (Howard Southern), Superintendent McLeod and Detective Brown (Kenneth Colley) leave the special operations centre. Winchester Road, Twickenham.

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After collecting two suitcases from the left luggage office at Waterloo Station, two officers prepare to pay the ransom to 'Juggernaut'. London SE1.

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Sidney Buckland (Freddie Jones) leaves a call box after phoning Nicholas Porter posing as his alias, 'Juggernaut'.