Jungle Street

Date: 1961
Director: Charles Saunders
Production Company: Theatrecraft

Stars: Jill Ireland, David McCallum, Kenneth Cope, Brian Weske, Vanda Hudson, Edna Doré
Location(s): London, Middlesex

Region(s): ,


After accidentally killing an old man during a robbery, a mugger is blackmailed by a witness.

Additional Information:

Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

Also known as ‘Jungle Street Girls’ (US Title)


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During the titles a number 12 bus makes it’s way towards Shepherd’s Bush. To the right can be seen an illuminated sign and arrow, pointing right, giving direction to a Lex Garage.

image no 1

Notting Hill Gate, London W11 looking east, the "Lex" sign is long gone but that is the junction with Camden Hill Road. (RL)

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The bus comes to a halt on Uxbridge Road at the east end of Shepherd’s Bush Green in London W12 with the former Entrance Arch to the White City Exhibition site in the background. The position of the arch is now occupied by the entrance to Ariel Way.

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An old man makes his way from the bus through darkened streets, where he is mugged by Terry Collins.

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As the following morning dawns, milk and newspapers are delivered on the road where Terry lives.

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Following the Old Man’s death from his injuries, Joe Lucas from the Adam & Eve Club is questioned by Inspector Bowen.

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Johnnie Carpenter (Kenneth Cope) is released from prison. Wormwood Scrubs on Du Cane Road, London W12. Also seen in ‘The Italian Job’, ‘The Horse’s Mouth’, 'Black Orchid', ‘Hot Millions’ and many more.

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The small time criminal makes his way to see his accomplice, Terry.

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Looking for suspects, Inspector Bowen and Sergeant Pelling cruise the streets.

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Hearing the car Johnnie turns, allowing the Sergeant to recognise the crook as the car passes.

When he finds that Terry isn’t at home, Johnnie sets out to find him. St. Margaret’s Road with St. Margaret’s station entrance in the left background. The area was seen in ‘Strongroom’, ‘The Vault of Horror’ and ‘The Lodger’.

image no 10

The bus stop has been moved and finally those sad premises are being done up. (RL)

Johnnie stops in his tracks when he sees a Police Officer outside the garage where Terry is employed. Facing the corner of St. Margaret’s Road and Amyand Park Road.

image no 11

A more colourful shot of that same location. (RL)

The Officer catches sight of Johnnie across the road. The garage stood on St. Margaret’s Road.

image no 12

The cottages are still there, hidden by greenery. (RL)

Johnnie slips into a café and writes a note for Terry. Near the corner of St. Margaret’s Road and The Barons, opposite the junction with Crown Street.

image no 13

The café was demolished in favour of the Studio grounds some years back but 116 is definitely being refurbed. (RL)

Making his way to work, Terry Collins (David McCallum) walks onto the road opposite the café. St. Margaret’s Road with the alleyway serving Park Cottages to the right.

image no 14

There is no longer a dropped kerb or room to drive a vehicle in front of the cottages. (RL)

The Policeman (Joe Wadham) turns and looks at Terry. Facing the corner of Crown Road from St. Margaret’s Road with the railway station in the centre distance.

image no 15

The pumps have given way to pub car park access. (RL)

After pausing momentarily, the young tearaway walks causally past the Officer and into work. Looking south-east on St. Margaret’s Road in St. Margarets with gardens belonging to properties on The Barons to the left.

image no 16

No tearaway's during my visit, a far too select area now. (RL)

After receiving the note, Terry heads to Johnnies flat that evening. This is the corner at the northern end of Queen’s Road, Twickenham.

image no 17

The best that could be achieved from ground level. (RL)

Terry enters to find Johnnie, the friend he double crossed. The building still stands on Queen’s Road.

image no 18

The best possible angle given cars, trees, and posts. (RL)

Inspector Bowen sends his men out in an effort to find the Old Man's murderer. Facing south-west on Amyand Park Road with St. Margaret’s railway station on the right.

image no 19

All well maintained. (RL)

The Detectives make their enquiries. Amyand Park Road, St. Margarets.

image no 20

What did we do with rubbish before coloured bin collections? (RL)

While Terry and Johnnie make plans to rob the Adam & Eve Club, more Detectives question local shopkeepers. St. Margaret’s Road, just around the corner from Twickenham Studios.

image no 21

The post box remains in place as a landmark. (RL)

As Terry and Johnnie crack open the safe at the Adam & Eve Club, a Policeman (Richard McNeff) checks locked doorways whilst on his beat. This is Crown Road with the corner of Beaconsfield Road to the left.

image no 22

I am still not sure how they achieved that angle shot but the pavement has certainly been reduced in width. (RL)

The Constable spots one of the Adam & Eve Club’s cats and wonders why it is out on the street. Crown Road in St. Margarets once again, this time with the corner of Beaconsfield Road to the right.

image no 23

That pavement remains as an excellent landmark. (RL)

Inspector Bowen (Martin Sterndale) and Sergeant Pelling (Howard Pays) arrive outside the building where Terry is hiding out. Queen’s Road in Twickenham.

image no 24

The best that could be achieved without a drone. (RL)

Terry is captured and bundled into a waiting Police car. Queen’s Road continuing into Station Road on the left.

image no 25

No, I wasn't prepared to step backwards and trespass. (RL)

The Wolseley squad car is driven away. Looking along Station Road from Queen’s Road in Twickenham, Middlesex.

image no 26

It looks as if another petrol garage has gone since filming but the pub remains. (RL)