Junket 89 (Children’s Film Foundation)

Date: 1970
Director: Peter Plummer
Production Company: Balfour Films, Children's Film Foundation

Stars: Stephen Brassett, John Blundell, Linda Robson, Mario Renzullo, Freddy Foote, John Barrow
Location(s): Dorset, London

Region(s): ,


Mayhem is caused when a teleportation machine runs wild.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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The bell sounds at an inner city school. The Hugh Myddelton Secondary School in London EC1.

image no 1

Peter visited the location and took this image.

The Headmaster (Christopher Benjamin) makes his way across the playground.

image no 2

The former schoolyard captured by Peter.

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Boston (John Barrow) and Burns (Freddy Foote) watch as Junket bumps into Mr. Potter the science master, knocking him down a stairway.

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The Headmaster appears at his office window when a fight breaks out between Burns, Boston and Junket. The former Hugh Myddelton School on Sans Walk in Clerkenwell.

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When he's trapped in his office, Dot (Caroline North) and Molly (Pauline Quirke) hold a ladder as the Headmaster climbs through the window.

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The Head spots the well-to-do Mrs. Trowser-Legge and her son Thomas as they arrive at the school.

Junket (Stephen Brassett) stands in the schools gateway. The building is now known as Kingsway Place.

image no 7

Another comparison from Peter.

After talking with Junket, Dot cycles away. Looking along St. James's Walk EC1 from the gates of Hugh Myddelton School.

image no 8

Peter grabbed this shot from outside the, now, widened gateway.

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Boston and Burns watch as the children pick on Thomas Trowser-Legge (Mario Renzullo) after learning that his nickname is Boofles.

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The children follow Thomas through the playground. Many of the young actors were from the Anna Scher Children's Theatre in Islington.

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Sprocket the Butler (Robert Lankesheer) meets Thomas on a beach after the young lad is transported by Mr. Potter's machine. IMDB mentions Dorset as a location . . . . . is this Chesil Beach?

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Mrs. Trowser-Legge (Fanny Carby) arrives back at the school when her son can't be found.

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The Headmaster and Mrs. Trowser-Legge hunt for Thomas.

As Thomas enjoys his time on the remote beach, his Mother and the Headmaster continue their search.

image no 14

The best possible angle now, by Peter.

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Thomas is eventually transported back to school and is chased by his Mother. The school was opened in 1893 and closed in 1971 to become the Kingsway Princeton Further Education College before being sold for conversion to apartments in 1999.

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The youngster runs through the playground. In the background stands part of Northampton Buildings at the corner of Corporation Row and Rosoman Street.

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Dot and Molly sort through old furniture before Thomas appears, looking for a hiding place. In the distance is Sans Walk with the Clerkenwell Workshops on Clerkenwell Close in the distance. Clerkenwell Workshops were previously the London School Board stores.

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Junket waits as Mr. Potter attempts to deactivate his teleportation machine. Buildings to the south-west of the playground that were once the cookery and laundry centre.

Mr. Potter (Richard Wilson) runs from the building after the machine explodes, causing the cricket ball shaped retrieval device to create mayhem. Looking towards St. James's Walk at the junction with Sans Walk outside the gate.

image no 19

A picture of the street beyond the now firmly closed gates from Peter.

The school turns out to pursue the ball as it escapes and heads for town.

image no 20

Facing the former Hugh Myddelton Primary School from St. James's Walk EC1. Image by Peter.

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The sign says Lord's Cricket Ground which stands on Saint John's Wood Road, London NW8.

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Junket, Thomas, Daisy (Linda Robson) and Mr. Potter follow the ball into the cricket ground.

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Lord's Cricket Ground, Saint John's Wood Road.

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Potter and the children stop when they see the ball come to a halt at the feet of a cricketer. Lords Cricket Ground in St John's Wood.

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Gary Sobers (Himself) picks up the ball . . . . and vanishes. Lord's Cricket Ground was also seen in 'The Common Touch' from 1941.

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Everyone else disappears as the teleportation device wreaks havoc. The Pavilion at Lord's Cricket Ground in London NW8.