Knack . . . and How to Get It, The

Date: 1965
Director: Richard Lester
Production Company: Woodfall Film Productions

Stars: Rita Tushingham, Ray Brooks, Michael Crawford, Donal Donnelly
Location(s): London



The film depicts the sexual competition among three roommates — the aggressive, womanizing drummer Tolen; the shy, paranoid schoolteacher Colin and the neutral artist Tom – when a young woman from out of town enters their world.

Additional Information:

Screen captures and uncredited ‘now’ images uploaded by Phil Wilkinson


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Nancy Jones (Rita Tushingham) arrives at Victoria Coach Station, London SW1.

image no 1

Now. SJ

Tolen (Ray Brooks) rides off with a girl riding pillion.

image no 2

Melrose Terrace, Hammersmith W6.

Tom (Donal Donnelly) writes on the wall of the building from where he's been evicted.

image no 3

Colville Gardens, London W11. Number 5 until the terrace was remodelled amid a conversion to flats and when numbering changed. One property retains the original entrance architecture. Location identified by Christopher Matheson and a joint venture establishing the exact property. (RL)

Nancy outside Victoria Coach Station in Buckingham Palace Road, SW1.

image no 4

Rearrangement of street furniture, otherwise unchanged. SJ

  • 'Now' required

Colin (Michael Crawford) chases after his bus to work. Don't be fooled by the bus - it's green!! At the time of filming, route 301 was a London Country service between Watford Heath and Aylesbury via Watford, Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted. Kings Langley and Berkhamstead can be made out on the blind. It appears that at least two country buses were used during shooting. Looking north along Shepherd's Bush Road towards Shepherd's Bush Green in W12. Identified by Patrick Brown.

Life Guards leave the barracks in SW1.

image no 6

This is the Hyde Park Barracks, also known as Knightsbridge Barracks. The then shows the old building, replaced by Spence's effort in 1970. SJ

Feels like St James's Gardens, W11, to me. SJ

image no 7

Yep, on the west side, SJ

Harrods in the background is a bit of a giveaway. Georgy Girl was here.

image no 8

Brompton Road, Brompton, Kensington and Chelsea, London SW1.

Tom arrives at the house.

image no 9

The corner of Melrose Terrace and Melrose Gardens in, Hammersmith.

Nancy crosses Clifton Villas at the junction of Warwick Avenue, W9.

image no 10

Greenery abounds now.

Colin shouts down at Tolen.

image no 11

Similar shot.

An unknown location possibly in the Marylebone area. Roland-François Lack resolved this long outstanding location; Queensway, London W2 and further advises that the Golden Egg restaurant, where directions are asked, was at No 110.

image no 12

This is the street now, looking toward Bayswater Road. (PW)

Lancaster Gate found by SJ.

image no 13

Tushingham is phoning by Christ Church, Lancaster Gate W2. But the church had to be largely demolished in the late 70s and changed into apartments called Spire House. SJ

Could that be a Fire Brigade garage?

image no 14

Whatever it was, we now know, thanks to Roland-François Lack, that it is on Dovehouse Street, London SW3. This shot from Peter replaces an earlier Google image.(RL)

This is the same surveyor as in image 013, so perhaps across the road. Are those cellar flaps for a pub? Yes and Yes, looking down Dovehouse Street to Fulham Road and the pub was The Prince of Wales at No 145, now a restaurant.

image no 15

Peter captures the scene with the cellar flaps closed. (RL)

Further down Dovehouse Street, London SW3 at the junction with Dudmaston Mews. The Royal Marsden stands to the left. (RL)

image no 16

A further modern comparison of the area by Peter.

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The 'National' filling station's sign reads 'Kenning Car Hire'. 115 Scrubs Lane, London NW10 also seen in 'The Salvage Gang (CFF)' salg017 as identified by Roland-François Lack. (RL)

image no 17

I should be a bit further to my right to match the roof by Tushingham's head. SJ

Looking along Aubrey Walk from Aubrey Road in W8 with the tower of Campden Hill Water Works rising on the right. The tower was demolished in 1970.

image no 18

Clive confirmed the location with Google, now replaced. SJ

Heading down Aubrey Road towards Holland Park Road, W8. That Suitable Case for Treatment, Morgan, was close by.

image no 19

A very similar view now except for the obligatory parked cars.

The Mitre public house on Holland Park Avenue opposite Aubrey Road. Again the bus is green - its London Country RMC 1457.

image no 20

Try taking a bed across the road today - the traffic was never ending.

Holland Park Road almost opposite The Mitre pub.

image no 21

The junction with Aubrey Road is just to the left of the shot.

The junction of Addison Avenue and Queensdale Road in London W11 identified by Simon James in his book London Movie Guide.

image no 22

The junction isn't that busy but seems to require a mini roundabout these days.

The Portland Arms at the junction of Penzance Place and Portland Road in London W11 found by Simon James.

image no 23

The pub is currently known as The Cowshed and was also seen in 'Operation Third Form'.

Colin, Tom and Nancy in St. George Street, Westminster W1.

image no 24

Looking towards Conduit Street. No parking in the middle of the road allowed now.

A park with a distinctive building in the centre background. Roland-François Lack advises that this is looking across Barnes Pond with Church Road, Barnes, London SW13 and refers us to in support (RL)

image no 25

Brilliantly spotted. Even the trees match. That distinctive building was also glimpsed in The Plank (1979). SJ

  • 'Now' required

Unknown location.

Maybe Campden Hill Square, see 'Morgan, A Suitable Case for Treatment'. Yes, look at the block on the building at the end of the street, behind the tree.

image no 27

Clive's Google Earth shot now replaced. SJ

Christopher Matheson tells us that this is Pembroke Road, London W8 having been identified by Alan F of Britmovie Forum. (RL)

image no 28

In providing us with the now shot Christopher says that they were approaching the junction with Warwick Gardens, Pembroke Gardens and Cromwell Crescent. (RL)

  • 'Now' required

Twickenham Bridge in Richmond. Visible through the arches is the railways Richmond Bridge

Westbourne Park Passage running between Hampden Crescent and Westbourne Park Villas with the tower of St Stephen's Church in the background.

image no 30

The church is still there from the passage but only in winter. SJ

A blurred Colin leaving the footbridge in image tk029. The former northern end of Westbourne Park Passage in W2. The sign to St. Pauls Church is pointing along Torquay Street but everything, including the church, was swept away when the Westway ploughed through the area.

image no 31

The white building was The Great Western public house on Hampden Crescent . . . This is how it looks now. SJ

The Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7, wher a scene in the Ipcress file was filmed. Brassed Off crew were also here.

image no 32

From one level too low. SJ

Melrose Gardens, Hammersmith, W6.

image no 33

Looking east towards Shepherd's Bush Road. SJ

Tolen rides away with Nancy along Melrose Terrace, Hammersmith.

image no 34

Someone forgot to prune the trees.

This is Cirencester Street, which has since become Rowington Close, looking towards the junction with Clarendon Crescent in W2. To the centre is Delamere Terrace and on the right is the bridge crossing the Grand Union Canal from Lord Hills Road to Formosa Street in W9. The location appears in 'The Boys', 'The Blue Lamp', 'Secret Ceremony', 'Robbery' and 'Innocent Meeting'.

image no 35

Same leaning tree in the centre background. SJ

The pair walk along Penzance Place to the junction with Pottery Lane in London W11. Pottery Lane, also seen in Blow Up.

image no 36

I came across this location by accident. It's the opposite side of the road to image otl040 in Otley.

Colin and Tom try to catch Tolen.

image no 37

Looking along Pottery Lane from Penzance Place in London W11.

James Bedford identifies this as Kensington Square, W8. (RL)

image no 38

Patrick Brown could not resist trying out his new camera to show that the teacher training college has not changed at all. (RL)

Colin and Tom searching for Nancy. The Tabernacle, Powis Square, London W11. Saw this in Performance.

image no 39

Built in 1887 as a church the grade II listed building in the heart of Notting Hill is now in use as a cultural arts and entertainment venue.

Patrick Brown identifies this as Kensington High Street, the north side between Hornton Street and Campden Hill Road, W8.

image no 40

And Patrick supports with a shot taken with one of his birthday presents. The pedestrian crossing is still there. (RL) Loaded in 2015

James Bedford identifies this as Kensington Square, W8. (RL)

image no 41

Patrick took this further shot of Kensington Square, showing that little has changed on this side of the square either. (RL)