Last Journey, The

Date: 1936
Director: Bernard Vorhaus
Production Company: Julius Hagen Productions

Stars: Godfrey Tearle, Hugh Williams, Judy Gunn, Mickey Brantford, Julien Mitchell
Location(s): Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, London

Region(s): , ,


The last journey of a railway engine driver before his retirement is disturbed by his distress at leaving his employment and suspicions about the relationship between his wife and his fireman.

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Screen captures uploaded by Phil Wilkinson

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Engine driver Bob Holt brings his train into the terminus after an early morning run to the capital. Paddington station in London W2.

image no 1

A change here in that platforms now occupy the former carriage road. (PW)

A tank engine arrives to remove the coaches allowing Bob to take his main line engine to the shed. Paddington station with Westbourne Bridge in the distance.

image no 2

With alterations to the layout taking place over the years, this comparison from the end of Platform 6 can only be an approximation of the screen capture. (PW)

Bob Holt (Julien Mitchell) and his fireman Charlie (Michael Hogan) climb down from their engine after reaching the shed. The depot was located opposite Royal Oak station on the south side of the line between Ranelagh and Lord Hill's Bridges. The buildings top left stand on Harrow Road.

image no 3

With acknowledgement to Huw Jackson for assistance in gaining access to this location. (PW)

Before he settles down to sleep, Bob looks through his bedroom window onto the locomotive depot. Looking down on the GWR's Ranelagh Bridge Depot and the back of buildings on Gloucester Terrace from the rear of properties on Porchester Road W2.

image no 4

With thanks to Huw Jackson and Flanagan Lawrence, this was taken from the fire escape of the former British Railway records offices. (PW)

Later that day, the station pilot engine brings in the coaching stock for Bob's final journey before retirement.

image no 5

The 'country' end of Platform 3. (PW)

Hoping to catch up with his girlfriend Diana after learning that she is eloping with Gerald Winter, Tom races to the station. The approach to Paddington station that runs parallel with London Street with Praed Street in the background.

image no 6

All still there. (PW)

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Tommy (Mickey Brantford) runs to platform 1's ticket barrier as the train to fictional Mulchester departs. Paddington station in London W2.

Bob opens the regulator and the train gathers speed. Platform 1 at Paddington. Incidentally, a number of engines are used to portray Bob's charge including 2980 Coeur de Lion, 5004 Llanstephan Castle, 4953 Pitchford Hall and 6005 King George II.

image no 8

From a similar position. (PW)

Tom runs alongside the train as the last carriages leave the platform. Paddington station is seen in many films including 'The Bank Job', 'Fool's Gold: The Story of the Brink's-Mat Robbery' and 'The White Bus'.

image no 9

Platform 1, taken from the footbridge. (PW)

As the train gathers speed, Tom runs back to his car. Westbourne Bridge crosses the line whilst the goods station stands on the extreme right.

image no 10

From ground level. (PW)

The train passes Bob's house and the loco shed. Across the background runs Ranelagh Bridge with properties on Harrow Road beyond.

image no 11

Taken from ground level from what is now a car park. With thanks to Huw Jackson and Flanagan Lawrence who now occupy the former railway building. (PW)

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With the thought that Charlie is having an affair with his wife eating away in his mind, Bob concentrates on driving. This is the line between Goring & Streatly and Pangbourne stations in Berkshire with Shooters Hill running between the railway and the River Thames. Location identified by Craig Macready.

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Tom swings his AC around a corner as he chases after the train. At the corner stands an AA telephone box with a Patrolman on the pavement.

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As Charlie begins to worry about Bob's behaviour, the engine is urged to go faster.

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A curve is taken at high speed causing passengers to fall over and the guard to be knocked unconscious by falling luggage.

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Tom races on towards the next station that the train will call at. This is Bath Road in West Drayton, Middlesex with the White Horse public house to the right. Located by Howard Berry.

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At Filby station, passengers get ready to board the express to Mulchester. Slough railway station in Slough, Berkshire.

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The train speeds through the station which causes passengers and luggage to fall about the platform. Looking towards the west at Slough station with the bridge carrying William Street crossing the railway.

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Tom approaches a level crossing after driving alongside the railway and catching up with the train. Approaching Bramley level crossing on The Street in Bramley, Hampshire. Location found by Jonathan Horswell.

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The crossing gates are closed and Tom stops, watching as the express passes.

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At the following station, passengers look expectantly up the line. West Ealing station on the line out of Paddington identified by Jonathan Horswell. The bridge carries Drayton Green Road W13.

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Staff remark at the speed of the approaching train. The platforms at West Ealing station advises Jonathan.

Tom races towards the station. The corner of Mackenzie Street and Station Approach outside Slough station. Together, both roads are now styled as Brunel Way.

image no 23

The area looks so much better these days . . . . doesn't it? (PW)

The camera follows Tom as he drives past the frontage of Slough station on Station Approach. The location was seen in 'Take a Girl Like You'.

image no 24

The station remains largely the same behind the greenery. (PW)

Coming to a stand in the station yard, Tom sees the train hurtle through. The west end of Slough station with the loading bay next to the Windsor bay platform on the left.

image no 25

Taken from a little further back to show the design of the station building. (PW)

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Waiting passengers watch the last carriage disappear.

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The alarming journey continues with Bob holding a gun to Charlie, forcing him to fuel the engine's fire. Bramley Crossing to the north of Bramley station on the Reading to Basingstoke line, identified by Jonathan Horswell.

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With Bob intending to kill himself and his passengers by crashing the train, a tunnel is passed through as the coast is reached. This is the sea wall between Dawlish and Teignmouth as the railway snakes along the Devon coast between Newton Abbot and Exeter. Recognised by Jonathan Horswell.

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At an airfield, Tom leaves his car and takes to the sky. The plane is an Avro 594 Avian IV with registration G-AAAT. And the airfield proves Christopher Matheson is the London Air Park, Hanworth Park, now TW13. (RL)

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The bi-plane takes off with Tom aboard and flies after the runaway train. See Capture 29 and the houses in the background bear a striking resemblance to those on the Uxbridge Road today. (RL)

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A signalman urges a slow moving goods train to speed up as the express approaches. Bramley Crossing and station in Hampshire, located by Jonathan Horswell.

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Charlie escapes from the cab and makes his way to safety over the carriages. The approaches to Laira Junction seen from Embankment Road in Plymouth, Devon. Location identified by Craig Macready.

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Psychoanalyst Sir Wilfred Rhodes risks his life to join Bob on the footplate.

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Sir Wilfred speaks with Bob, reassuring him about his wife. Passing over the Royal Albert Viaduct which links Devon with Cornwall across the River Tamar.

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Bob comes to his senses and brings the train under control. Passing the landward end of Trinity Pier in the Outer Basin of Great Western Docks in the West Hoe area of Plymouth.

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The train slows approaching the terminus at Mulchester. The last passenger trains ran over this line in 1963 with goods traffic ceasing eight years later.

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Multiple angles are used as the train enters the platform. The platform stands adjacent to Princess Royal and Millbay Piers in the West Hoe area of Plymouth.

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Passengers get ready to alight at the end of their nightmare journey. The stores and warehouses forming the background front Great Western Road, Plymouth.

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Steam is released as the engine's buffers comes to a halt just inches away from the stop block. Looking across what is now know as Millbay Docks from the railway passenger facilities with Princess Royal Pier visible in the centre.

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Tom and Diana are reunited after con-man and bigamist Gerald Winter is arrested while pickpockets Pip and Daisy set sail from the harbour. We've identified trains, planes and automobiles but the ship remains a mystery.