Last Man on Earth, The

Date: 1964
Director: Ubaldo Ragona, Sidney Salkow
Production Company: Produzioni La Regina, Associated Producers (API)

Stars: Vincent Price, Franca Bettola
Location(s): Rome



Vincent Price is the last man alive on earth, or is he? JT

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Dead bodies adorning a modern looking block, possibly the EUR area south of central Rome.

More dead bodies with Price as the upright one.

image no 2

I need to pan to my left as I did this from an ailing memory but I'm standing in the right place, i.e from the Piazzale Ferruccio Parri. This building is also seen from the other side in Hudson Hawk. SJ

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A close-up of Price. The west side of the Palazzo della Civilità e del Lavoro, Roma.

image no 3

Now here's a change not necessarily for the good I fear: a shot at night to match to capture the Palazzo della Civilità Italiana. SJ

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Curious structure to the right.

image no 4

See next one for identification. SJ

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A flying saucer on stilts? ... no, ok, a water tower... Yes the same one seen in L'Eclisse two years earlier and two years later in Divorce Italian Style. It stands on Piazza Pakistan in the EUR, and is known as il Fungo on account of its shape. (SJ)

image no 5

The steps look less steep now, and the greenery has shrouded the mushroom. SJ

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Not easy: a hillside in the Cinecittà area possibly.