Leather Boys, The

Date: 1963
Director: Sidney J. Furie
Production Company: Raymond Stross Productions

Stars: Colin Campbell, Rita Tushingham, Dudley Sutton, Gladys Henson
Location(s): Edinburgh (Scotland), London, Surrey, West Sussex

Region(s): , ,


An immature teenager marries a young biker but becomes disenchanted with the realities of working class marriage and her husband’s relationship with his best friend.

Additional Information:

Story line and replacement screen captures added by Phil Wilkinson


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Outside her school, Reggie Wilcox (Colin Campbell) waits for his girlfriend Dot. In the background stands St. Luke's Girl's School on Elm Road in Kingston upon Thames, once in Surrey. Location identified by Paul Rho.

Dot (Rita Tushingham) clings to Reggie as the pair ride away. Elm Road Playground, now restyled as Elm Road Open Space, lies to the right of Elm Road in Kingston.

image no 2

Peter Bywaters and Paul Rho both confirm the location adding that "St Luke's primary school on Elm Road has since been replaced.

The young lovers arrive outside Reggie's home. Michael Garfield identifies this as Harbut Road in Wandsworth SW11.

image no 3

Harbut Road just off Plough Road. SJ.

Harbut Road in Wandsworth located by Michael Garfield.

image no 4

And again. SJ.

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Reggie and Dot go inside the house where Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox prepare for their tea. Detail above the door and windows of the Harbut Road property.

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The pair head to house that Dot shares with her mother. The west side of the railway viaduct on Roydon Street in SW8.

A train passes over the viaduct as the bike is brought to a stand. George Smith recognised this as Roydon Street and Southolm Street which were demolished in the latter part of the 1960s and this is confirmed by Michael Garfield.

image no 7

George and Michael are on the ball. This is where Roydon Street ran to the left and Southolme Street to the right, all gone apart from the arches. Southolm Street also lost its 'e' but still exists beyond the arches. SJ.

Dot and Reggie get married. The camera begins a tilt shot down Bethel United Church on Kohat Road SW19. Location identified by Mark Wilsmore from the Ace Café.

image no 8

50 years of growth to obscure the view. SJ

Friends and family wait outside the church. Bethel United Church, Kohat Road in SW19.

image no 9

The location now by Brian Smith.

Well wishers look on as the Photographer readies his camera. Kohat Road in Wimbledon.

image no 10

Same houses opposite. SJ

The happy couple leave the church. The entrance to Bethel United Church on Kohat Road.

image no 11

No longer a main entrance as a fence prevents road access. SJ

Dot's Mother spots the bus approaching that will take everyone to the reception. Kohat Road, Wimbledon.

image no 12

The view east along Kohat Road. SJ

With the family aboard the bus, biker friends follow. Kohat Road looking towards Haydons Road in SW19.

image no 13

This is the spot captured by Brian Smith.

Reggie's Uncle buys 43 single tickets from the Conductress. Looking south on Haydons Road, Wimbledon identified by Brian Smith.

image no 14

And Brian also provides this comparison.

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Leaving their guests at the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox head to Bognor Regis for their honeymoon. The junction of Upper Felpham Way and Upper Bognor Road.

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Reggie tells Dot that they should hurry up and get to their chalet. The then four year old Butlin's Bognor holiday camp in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

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Dot turns at her new husband's comment as she touches up her make-up. Butlin's holiday camp on Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis.

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The newly weds are escorted to their chalet. Butlin's Bognor as highlighted during the film's titles. The location also appears in 'The Beauty Jungle'.

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Dot sees games and activities that she wants to take part in whereas Reggie only has one thing on his mind. More of Butlin's Bognor in West Sussex.

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After changing her hair colour whilst on honeymoon, Dot visits her local hairdresser. Haydons Road in London SW19 identified by Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace Café.

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Dot leaves the salon. Haydons Road in Wimbledon located by Mark Wilsmore.

The young woman makes her way along the street. Outside Park Motor Services with its streetside petrol pumps. 290 Haydons Road in London SW19 identified by Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace Café.

image no 22

The same location by Brian Smith.

Dot nips into and out of doorways as she does her shopping. Haydons Road in Wimbledon SW19.

image no 23

Next to the former Park Auto Services. SJ

At a newsagent, a magazine is purchased. Haydons Road with the corner of Cromwell Road to the left of centre.

image no 24

Another from Brian, shame about your thumb over the lens!

Children ask for "A penny for the guy". Haydons Road located by Mark Wilsmore. The bridge carries the road over the Wimbledon to Tooting railway line at Haydons Road station.

image no 25

Now. SJ

Dot browses through her magazine before crossing the road. Haydons Road at the junction of Kohat Road and Cromwell Road with St. Peter's Church, now the Apostolic Church, in the background.

image no 26

The same church as seen earlier. SJ

Engrossed in her magazine, Dot heads to a grocery shop to buy a tin of beans before catching the bus home. Haydons Road in Wimbledon, identified by Mark.

image no 27

Brian Smith provides this comparison.

Dot gets off the bus and crosses the road to the building where she and Reggie have a one room flat. St. John's Hill SW11 says Michael Garfield.

image no 28

Not entirely convinced by this but certainly a possibility. SJ.

Inside the flat, Reggie is waiting for his tea. St. John's Hill, Wandsworth. Michael Garfield.

image no 29

And this was opposite which is close as well. Can anyone do better? SJ.

As the marriage turns sour, Reggie spends time with his mate Les (James Chase) at the Ace Café when Pete (Dudley Sutton) approaches him. Outside the Ace Café on the North Circular Road in Stonebridge NW10.

image no 30

This is the new Ace Café, which was seen in 'Gun of the Black Sun'.

Pete challenges Reggie to a race and the two set off from the café. The North Circular Road looking towards the West Coast Main Line railway bridge.

image no 31

The Ace Café forecourt now. The North Circular Road has been rerouted some 100 metres to the right.

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The pair speed through North London. Ian Stevens, who claims to have been conceived at the Ace Café, is a member of the "59" Club and his dad John, who may have been in the original film, was one of the tearaways who would put on a 45 rpm record, do at least a ton to a local roundabout and be back before the record ended.

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The race continues with Pete leading on his Norton Dominator. This is looking to the north-east on the A406 North Circular Road between the Grand Union Canal and Piccadilly Line bridges.

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A little further along the westbound carriageway of the North Circular Road with the now demolished Abbey Terrace to the left and Waverley Gardens on the right.

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Passing beneath the A406s since reconstructed bridge that takes the Piccadilly Line between Park Royal and Alperton stations in NW10.

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Pete keeps the lead over Reg's Triumph Speed Twin as the two take an easy bend.

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This is the A40 Western Avenue as it passes through Perivale, Ealing with properties on Welland Gardens trailing into the distance.

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Western Avenue with the background railway bridge carrying the Greenford Branch Line between Ealing and Greenford.

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Another corner. Facing the south-west on North Circular Road as it runs between Dryfield Close and Wright Place in NW10.

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The camera moves with the riders as they streak past. North Circular Road with the junction of Normans Mead on the far side of the road.

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Pete eventually pulls over. Facing north-east on the North Circular Road under railway bridges carrying lines through Wembley Yard with the arched bridge taking the Bakerloo and 'DC' Lines between Stonebridge Park and Harlesden.

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Reggie slows as he approaches his opponent. Beyond the bridges is Stonebridge Park station.

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Looking the other way, the background bridge carries goods lines between Brent Sidings and Wembley Yard.

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Pete asks his new pal to go for a drink with him. North Circular Road in NW10, just 200 yards from the Ace Café.

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Reggie is told that his grandfather has passed away and he goes to visit his Gran.

That evening, Reggie and Dot arrive late at the Ace Café. Ace Corner on the North Circular Road in London NW10.

image no 46

The modern version of the Ace Café.

At the funeral Gran (Gladys Henson) is supported by Dot, Reggie and his Mother (Avice Landone) and Father (Lockwood West). Steve Legg advises "I remember them filming this at Kingston Cemetery on Bonner Hill Road, Kingston and they had a wake in the nearby Grove Tavern public house."

image no 47

This comparison picture of the location is also provided by Steve Legg.

Reggie and Pete take a trip to the seaside. This is Bognor Regis in West Sussex according to Michael Garfield.

image no 48

Bognor Regis Esplanade, looking towards what remains of the pier. SD

The two bikers ride along the almost deserted seafront. Stephen Dean advises that the Theatre Royal stands on the extreme right.

image no 49

Bognor Regis Esplanade without the theatre that was demolished in 1975 to be replaced by the Regis Centre in 1980. SD

Bognor Regis. Michael Garfield.

image no 50

Bognor Regis Esplanade, with (then) the Theatre Royal and (now) the Regis Centre to the left. SD

The two boys follow two girls into an amusement arcade. Bognor Regis Esplanade between York Road and Lennox Street identified by SD. The location was also seen in 'The Punch and Judy Man'.

image no 51

Since demolished and replaced with flats. SD

Pete and Reggie run across the beach with the girls.

image no 52

Bognor Regis beach and pier. The full length pier also featured in 'Summer Holiday' and 'The Punch And Judy Man'. SD

As a weak November sun starts to shine, the two young women look for Pete and Reggie. The Esplanade, Bognor Regis was also seen in 'Wish You Were Here'.

image no 53

Now, Bognor Regis Esplanade on a much sunnier November day. SD

While Reggie spends time with Pete, Dot visits her Mother. Roydon Street in SW8 identified by Michael Garfield.

image no 54

Just the bridge and, beyond it, houses on Southolm Street survive. SJ.

Dot glances at Reggie as he arrives at the café. Dating from 1949, the Ace Café stood at the corner of the North Circular Road and Heather Park Drive, this end of which has become part of Beresford Avenue.

image no 55

Mark Wilsmor, owner of the Ace Café, stands outside his establishment.

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Reggie and Pete prepare for an endurance race to Scotland. The Lex Garage next to the Ace Café has long since been demolished.

Riders prepare to run to their machines.

image no 57

The Ace Café closed in 1969 but was reopened in 1997.

The bikers set of from the Ace Café. Looking south-west along the North Circular Road.

image no 58

The Ace Café taken from the near to the railway bridge.

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Reg rides his Triumph Bonneville alone as Dot pairs up with Brian on the road north.

A misty Edinburgh greets the racers. Looking down on Johnston Terrace from the castle walls.

image no 60

Dull but not misty today. SD

The camera pans with the bikers along Johnston Terrace.

image no 61

No bikers came past. SD

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Emerging from Castlehill, the first bike reaches the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle in Lothian, Scotland.

image no 62

Now with the ticket office which was under construction during my visit in 2016. (SD)

The machines are ridden towards the Gatehouse of castle. Esplanade in Edinburgh.

image no 63

No motorbikes but plenty of tourists at the gatehouse today. SD

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On the way back, the atmosphere lightens between Dot and Reggie.

image no 64

Michael Garfield provides this shot of the Devil's Punch Bowl Café, Hindhead, Surrey. (RL)

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Hoping to rekindle their relationship, Reggie approaches the flat that he shared with Dot. Looking along St. John's Hill in SW11 with the junction of Spencer Road to the left of centre.

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Reggie comes to a stand outside the building but when he enters the flat, he finds Dot in bed with Brian. St. John's Hill in Battersea.

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At work, Pete looks round as he hears a motorcycle approach.

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Looking for his friend, Reggie crosses the reclamation site on his bike.

Reggie meets up with Pete and the two discuss leaving for America. This is the entranceway to the Post Office that once stood on Tidal Basin Road, London E16.

image no 69

A detail showing the wall and part of the Tidal Basin Tavern entrance, seen to the left of the "then": taken in 2007. SJ

Pete goes off to arrange passage for the two by working on a ship while Reggie waits in a bar. Tidal Basin Road in East London identified by Mark Wilsmore, Manager of the Ace Café.

image no 70

The derelict pub before demolition.

Discovering that the pub is a gay bar and that his friend is gay, Reggie leaves the pub followed by Pete. Tidal Basin Road off Silvertown Way.

image no 71

A composite of two shots taken by George Manning.

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Pete and Reggie walk in silence. Looking towards Royal Victoria Dock from Tidal Basin Road.

Fog horns sound in the distance as Reggie slows to a stop. Tidal Basin Road in Canning Town.

image no 73

Taken by George Manning before redevelopment.

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Still silent, Reggie turns to see Pete smile back. Facing Silvertown Way from Tidal Basin Road. The area was also seen in 'The Monster of Highgate Ponds'.

Pete watches Reggie walk away. Looking east on Tidal Basin Road in E16.

image no 75

This picture of the changing location is another from George.

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Silvertown Way in London E16.