Date: 1962
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Production Company: Cineriz, Interopa Film, Paris Film

Stars: Monica Vitti, Alain Delon, Francisco Rabal, Mirella Ricciardi
Location(s): Rome, Verona



Woman breaks off engagement but finds little better awaits her romantically. SJ

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Vitti leaves Rabal's house having broken off her engagement. 8 Via dell’Antartide at the corner with Viale dell’Esperanto in the EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma) suburb of Rome, location of much of this film.

image no 1

Difficult to see now with all the subsequent growth. SJ

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Turning west brings the Water Tower (il Fungo), also seen in 'The Last Man on Earth', into view.

image no 2

I should be further back but that would have obscured the tower as a new residence has since sprung up. SJ

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The former Palazzo dello Sport, now the PalaLottomatica, from Via dell’Antartide just before it reaches Viale dell'Umanesimo.

image no 3

Not quite so many changes here. SJ

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Rabal catches her up and escorts Vitti to her apartment at 307, Viale dell’Umanesimo. This is north-west of Rabal's house. I reckon a quicker route would have been to cut along the Viale dell'Esperanto but then maybe they felt like the walk.

image no 4

Easy to spot as it's so unchanged and conveniently numbered. SJ

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Vitti arrives at the Borsa (Stock market), Piazza di Pietra, in the centre of Rome near the Pantheon. But this is the east side on Via de'Burrò.

image no 5

East side confirmed. SJ

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The Borsa is housed inside the remains of the Tempio di Adriano. Here Vitti remonstrates with the impatient driver (Delon?) behind her as she pays the taxi fare.

image no 6

Looking south as opposed to the above. SJ

Vitti emerges from north side of the Borsa into the Piazza di Pietra.

image no 7

The Piazza di Pietra looking west. SJ

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Looking for a runaway dog, Vitti stumbles across this statue in the EUR. Probably the PalaLottomatica area.

image no 8

Not a now but a snap taken of a display near/by the Borsa of Rome back in Aug 2011, but I can't find it now. SJ

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A trip to Verona: Aeroporto di Boscomantico, Via di Boscomantico, Verona.

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Vitti follows a man who has lost his shirt in a money market crash. The corner of Via di Pietra and Via de'Burrò and it's still a Farmacia.

image no 10

Now with shallower-looking entrances. SJ

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On the Viale Umberto Tupini, Vitti and Delon watch Delon's car being towed out of the Lago dell’ EUR. Note construction is near completion on the Palazzo Eni on the east side. Vitti notes that Delon is more concerned about his car rather than the drunk thief's life.

image no 11

Taken from the west end of the Lago dell' EUR. SJ

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This is south of the west end of the Lago. The Giolitti restaurant from close to the Viale Oceani with the basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolio towering above.

image no 12

Very tricky to match with all the growth, and the basilica is hidden behind trees.

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Delon and Vitti outside Ricciardi's apartment at 315 Via dell'Umanesimo.

image no 13

The "315" has changed but not a lot! SJ

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Ricciardi shoots a balloon released by Vitti.

image no 14

Today. SJ

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Vitti heads west along the Viale del Ciclismo approaching the intersection of Viale della Tecnica. The building under construction is on the left.

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The view from Delon's apartment in the middle of Rome. Piazza Campitelli just north of Teatro Marcello.

image no 16

From ground level. SJ

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Via Cavaletti on the corner with Via del Funari.

image no 17

Off-angle but there's the window in the middle of the shot. SJ

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Vitti and Delon: looks like the church between Viale della Scultura and Via Laurnetina, EUR.

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Vitti leaves Delon's office. 50 Via Po north-east of the Borghese Gardens.